gulf war i operation desert storm n.
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Gulf War I— Operation Desert Storm

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Gulf War I— Operation Desert Storm - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gulf War I— Operation Desert Storm. April 11, 2008. Post Midterm Review. Framing—interpretive schema for analyzing news coverage , what is the nature of the story being told, going beyond simple facts, what is the narrative

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post midterm review
Post Midterm Review
  • Framing—interpretive schema for analyzing news coverage , what is the nature of the story being told, going beyond simple facts, what is the narrative
  • Indexing—helps to explain how the media, without direction from government, tends to favor policy positions held by government and newsmaking elites…ex. The Surge
  • Agenda Setting—theory to explain public opinion and knowledge
gulf war i historical background
Gulf War I—Historical Background
  • Prior US/Iraq relationship—Rumsfeld meets with Saddam in December 1983
  • Proximate Cause—Iraq invades Kuwait or Iraq claims Kuwait is stealing Iraqi oil
  • Justification for invasion—stabilize oil, stop butchery, defend the peace-loving Kuwaitis
  • Air campaign precedes ground war—Iraqi Air Force escapes to Iran
  • We stop short of finishing off the Republican Guard on the road to Baghdad, Highway of Death
gulf war i timeline
Gulf War I Timeline
  • August 1990—Iraq invades Kuwait, immediate UN condemnation
  • December 1990—Sadam declares Israel is the first target if war breaks out
  • January 16, 1991—Desert Storm begins
  • January 17, 1991—First SCUD hits Israel
  • January 19, 1991—US sends Patriot missiles to Israel
  • February 22-25—Iraq set Kuwait oil fields ablaze in retreat

Feb 28—it’s over!

obstacles to effective press coverage in gulf war i
Obstacles to Effective Press Coverage in Gulf War I
  • Briefness of the Fight
  • Dominance of air war more difficult to cover
  • Coverage is consciously managed by a system of pool coverage, most reporters cover the war from Saudi Arabia
  • Motives for censorship include:
  • high percentage of friendly fire incidents: 23% of the dead and 15% of the wounded caused by “friendly fire” (especially true early in combat) and a vow not to repeat the mistakes of Vietnam
john macarthur second front
John MacArthur: Second Front
  • Devastating critique of pool reporting and the spinelessness of major news organizations in opposing it
  • Hill and Knowlton, planted Congressional testimony, and the myth of trashed incubators
  • The myth of smart munitions (so you shouldn’t worry about civilian deaths)
a word about test scaling
A word about test scaling
  • Why scale exam results? Criterion referenced versus norm referenced grading
  • Validity issues for new exams
  • 94-98 A 63-69 C
  • 88 A- 58-61 C-
  • 84 B+ 52-54 D
  • 79-80 B 47 and below F
  • 74-76 B-
  • 72-73 C+