Staff emis best practices
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Staff EMIS Best Practices. OAEP Mary Knicely Myers May 6,2013. Agenda. Definition of Staff Data Staff Software Tips (USPS) Student Software Tips Error Correction Reports Questions. What is Staff Data?. Staff Demographics Staff Employment One record for each job

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Staff emis best practices

Staff EMISBest Practices


Mary Knicely Myers

May 6,2013


  • Definition of Staff Data

  • Staff Software Tips (USPS)

  • Student Software Tips

  • Error Correction

  • Reports

  • Questions

What is staff data
What is Staff Data?

  • Staff Demographics

  • Staff Employment

    • One record for each job

  • Contractor Staff Employment Record

    • One for each job per entity assigned

  • Course Master

    • Staff Course Record

Staff software tips
Staff Software Tips

  • Key is Staff ID

    • State Staff ID from certificate

    • Assigned Z-ID

      • Blank ID is assigned when

        • USPEMS/USPEMX option

        • SIF collection run from Data Collector

  • All staff employed by the district

  • All staff contracted by outside agency to serve students

    • Includes staff from non-EMIS reporting entities where students are placed

Staff records to report
Staff Records to Report

  • One job for each position

    • Includes if teach in multiple buildings

  • All Supplemental Contracts

  • Contractor Staff Employment Records

    • Staff assigned to/works with another EMIS-reporting entity

    • Other entity does not report staff demographics/employment records

Student software tips
Student Software Tips

  • Staff linked through

    • Staff Course Record

    • Program Code

      • Itinerant PS 220100

      • Gifted 206xxx

      • Career Assessment 305003

  • Key is State Staff ID

  • Contracted courses from another EMIS-reporting entity

    • Must have Provider IRN

Error correction
Error Correction

  • Level 1 Errors

    • Missing Value for Highly Qualified Teacher

      • Each subject code must have HQT definition assigned

    • Teacher must have at least one course master

      • Teacher is Position Code 230

        • Is this correct?

      • Is State Staff ID same between staff and student software?

Level 1 errors cont
Level 1 Errors (cont.)

  • Warnings

    • Staff member over 70 years old

    • Semester Hours low for position code and education level

    • If in Title I Schoolwide Building, Paraprofessional Code is Invalid

    • Correct, if necessary

Missing staff
Missing Staff

  • Fatal Error on Level 1 Validation

  • Missing Data

    • Reported previous period with no separation date/reason and position status C

    • Not reported this reporting period

    • Make sure staff record is being reported

    • If State Staff ID changed

      • Post helpdesk for ITC to post override request

Missing staff cont
Missing Staff (cont.)

  • Reported last reporting period, not now

    • If separation date prior to last day of last school year

      • need staff override file submitted to data collector

    • If after last day of school

      • enter in separation date and reason

      • leave job and employee Y report to EMIS

Excluded records
Excluded Records

  • No Corresponding LCC in the Staff Course Record

    • Who is employing staff member?

    • If ESC, does course have Provider IRN?

    • If district

      • Does State Staff ID match staff and student files?

      • Is staff reported to EMIS?

Level 2 validations
Level 2 Validations

  • 2.x Errors Contracted Staff

    • Contracted Staff Provider pointing to you, no course master pointing back

      • Are both using the same State Staff ID?

      • Is Provider IRN on the course?

    • Provider IRN pointing to provider, no contracted staff record pointing back

      • Are both using the same State Staff ID?


  • Staff Demographics

    • Verify all staff on the reports

    • Contracted staff pointing to your district will be on the report

  • HQT Reports

    • Verify all reports

    • Make sure all courses are marked correctly

Reports cont
Reports (cont.)

  • Early Childhood

    • Make sure all staff that should be on this report have a fund source of Z

    • Verify course enrollment counts by teacher

  • CTE

    • Teacher errors include invalid certification

    • Make sure fund source is L

Reports cont1
Reports (cont.)

  • Invalid Certification

    • Generic Error

      • Is staff member certified in that subject code?

      • Does staff member have correct position code?

      • Is student population correct?

      • Look up staff certification

        • SAFE Account

        • Ohio CORE Educator Profile

      • Look up valid subjects

        • EMIS Page Certification/Licensure Search