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Deep Ocean

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Deep Ocean. Sea Turtle. Sperm Whale. By Morgan W. and Jackson M. Location. Pacific Ocean.

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deep ocean

Deep Ocean

Sea Turtle

Sperm Whale

By Morgan W. and Jackson M.

  • Pacific Ocean,r:0,s:0,i:69&tx=159&ty=35

Latitude & Longitude

  • 20N 160W
genus and species name
Genus and Species Name
  • The Sea Turtle- Species: TestudoMydas
  • Sperm Whale- Genus:Physeter/Species:P. Macrocephalus
portion of ocean
Portion of Ocean

The portion of the ocean that we studied is the Epipalegic zone. This zone is located about 200 meters below the surface. The different sections of the ocean are shown in the picture.

adaptaions sperm whale
Adaptaions- Sperm Whale

The sperm whale has adapted to it’s environment in many different ways. One way that it has adapted is by having a lining in the mouth that can filter out food from things that are not beneficial. The large mouth and ability to suck in water allows the whale to catch its small prey when it is so large. Travel in groups to avoid attack from predators such as sharks. They can adapt to changes in temperature depending on how hot r cold the water is.

adaptations sea turtle
Adaptations- Sea Turtle

Sea Turtles have adapted to the environment as well. Since the Sea Turtle babies are born on land and must crawl to the water, they are very susceptible to predators. Because of this, 100s of babies are born at a time. Also, Sea Turtles are very fast swimmers in order to escape from prey. The Shell provides protection from predatory fish.