deep ocean circulation l.
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Deep Ocean Circulation PowerPoint Presentation
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Deep Ocean Circulation

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Deep Ocean Circulation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Deep Ocean Circulation. Effect of Solar Radiation on Sea Surface Temperature. Sunlight. Modified image from Windows to the Universe, Sea Surface Temperature. Surface Currents.

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Deep Ocean Circulation

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deep ocean circulation
Deep Ocean Circulation

effect of solar radiation on sea surface temperature
Effect of Solar Radiation on Sea Surface Temperature


Modified image from Windows to the Universe,

sea surface temperature
Sea Surface Temperature

surface currents
Surface Currents

Sea to Air

Heat Transfer

deep ocean currents driven by density of seawater
Deep Ocean Currents Driven by Density of Seawater

  • What effects water density?
  • Colder water Denser (to 4°C)
  • Saltier water Denser
deep water forms when
Deep water forms when:

● Surface water flows to the poles and gets colder

● When seawater freezes it leaves salt behind, increasing salinity

● Water becomes denser and sinks


Global Conveyor Belt

Sinking Cold,

Salty Water


Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech

global conveyor belt
Global Conveyor Belt

Thermohaline Circulation

  • Thermo = temperature
  • Haline = salinity
why is thermohaline circulation important
Why is thermohaline circulation important?
  • Major influence on climate
  • Transfers heat from equator to poles
  • Nutrient cycling
  • Brings oxygen to deep ocean organisms

Warmed and lit by sun



PRODUCED in surface ocean

Mixed with atmosphere





O2 O2


Less Nutrients




Cold, Dark, No Photosynthesis, More Nutrients

Oxygen (O2) USED

O2 O2

how will global climate change affect thermohaline circulation
How will global climate change affect thermohaline circulation?
  • Melting of sea ice
  • Increased precipitation
    • Decrease in salinity
    • May alter thermohaline circulation