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Consultative Collaboration PowerPoint Presentation
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Consultative Collaboration

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Consultative Collaboration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Consultative Collaboration. “If you find yourself collaborating by yourself, seek professional help.” Marilyn Friend. Iowa’s Consultative Model. Co-teaching. Collaborative Consultation. Effective Instruction. Effective Behavior Supports.

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Consultative Collaboration

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Consultative Collaboration

Iowa Department of Education 2006


“If you find yourself collaborating by yourself,

seek professional help.”

Marilyn Friend

Iowa Department of Education 2006


Iowa’s Consultative Model


Collaborative Consultation

Effective Instruction

Effective Behavior Supports

Iowa Department of Education 2006


A systematic process in which we work together, interdependently, to analyze and impact professional practice in order to improve our individual and collective results.

DuFour, DuFour, and Eaker

Iowa Department of Education 2006

collaboration as a tool
Collaboration as a Tool

Collaboration –

is a style for interaction

between co-equal parties

voluntarily engaged

in shared decision making

as they work toward a common goal

Marilyn Friend

Iowa Department of Education 2006

bridge builders
Bridge Builders
  • Supportive beliefs and values
  • Mutual trust
  • Mutual respect
  • Establishment of a sense of community

Iowa Department of Education 2006


You are never alone, and whether you have a six-mile climb up an alp and a cadre of attackers behind you, or a round of chemo in front of you, that’s extremely reassuring.

Lance Armstrong

Iowa Department of Education 2006


Collabortive Consultation

Interaction in which school personnel confer, consult, and collaborate as a team to identify learning and behavioral needs and to plan, implement, evaluate, and revise as needed the educational programs that are expected to serve those needs.

Dettmer, Thurston, Dyck

Iowa Department of Education 2006

collaborative consultation is not
Collaborative Consultation IS NOT:
  • Counseling for the consultee(s)
  • A teacher with more free time
  • Supervisory or judgmental
  • A money saving mechanism

Iowa Department of Education 2006


Collaborative Consultation as an Option

Mutual ownership

Specific content instruction

Pooled resources

Joint accountability

Iowa Department of Education 2006



Collaborative Consultation Model:


Iowa Department of Education 2006

  • Fewer referrals for special education
  • Strategy expertise accessed by a broader range of students
  • Students have access to a broader range of general education classes
  • Sharing of knowledge increases the skills of all parties involved (Increase in student achievement.)

Iowa Department of Education 2006

collaborative consultation key components
Collaborative ConsultationKey Components
  • Individual prerequisites
  • The professional relationship
  • Planning, implementing and evaluating
  • Concerns

Iowa Department of Education 2006

1 individual prerequisites h ighly q ualified t eacher roles
Core Content Teacher

Content Expert

Assigns grade/teacher of record

Assures progress in course

Certifies student has met course requirements

Special Education Teacher

Strategy expert

Ensures student makes progress toward his/her goals

Ensures appropriate accommodations

1. Individual Prerequisites(Highly Qualified Teacher Roles)

Iowa Department of Education 2006

2 the professional relationship
2. The Professional Relationship


  • Focus on what is best for each student
  • Open communication skills
  • Positive interpersonal traits
  • Compatibility of perspective on effective teaching
  • Identification of needed supplemental materials
  • Problem solving
  • Ongoing assessment of student progress
  • Collegial exchange of teaching strategies

Iowa Department of Education 2006

2 professional relationship continued
2. Professional Relationship (continued)

Responsibility of general educator

  • Clearly defined content outcomes
  • Consistent behavioral expectations

Responsibility of “other” educator

  • Curriculum adaptation
  • Skills deficit remediation
  • Assessment modification
  • Effective behavior supports
  • Strategies instruction

Iowa Department of Education 2006

  • Planning process
    • Problem solving process
    • Multidisciplinary team input
  • Planning content around learning objectives
    • Accommodations/modifications
    • Reteaching/preteaching
    • Skills acquisition
    • Strategy needs
  • Planning actions
    • Division of tasks

Iowa Department of Education 2006


Planning PyramidA way of thinking about planning instruction for all learners

  • Degrees of learning (helps teachers consider the importance of the concepts to be taught)

-What do I want ALL students to learn?

conceptually broader; most important; big ideas; concepts should be made explicit to students; ample opportunities for learning concepts

-What do I want MOST students to learn?

additional facts, extensions of main concepts; majority of students should be able to grasp and retain this information; important, but not critical

-What do I want SOME students to learn?

incidental to the content; generally detailed/more complex information; student-directed experiences

***Students should have access to all levels.

Iowa Department of Education 2006

  • Macro
  • Micro

Iowa Department of Education 2006

base planning
BASE Planning

Building a Strong BASE of Support for All Students Through Co-planning

Hawbaker, Balong, Buckalter, Runyon

Big ideas

Analyze difficulty

Strategies and supports


access online at:


Iowa Department of Education 2006


Visits to schools featured in the Iowa video

Norwalk High School Miller Middle School, Marshalltown

Washing High School Mount Ayr High School

Cedar Falls High School Holmes Junior High School, Cedar Falls

Ottumwa High School

Collaborative Conversations with Iowa School Administrators and Teachers - DVD Resource

Segment #1: Descriptions of collaborative teaching models

Segment #2: Implementation of collaborative teaching models

Segment #3: How do you know this model is working for students

Segment #4: Impact on curriculum

Segment #5: Scheduling collaborative teaching models

Segment #6: Planning time for teachers

Segment #7: Addressing conflicts in the classroom

Segment #8: Communication needs

Segment #9: System supports

Segment #10: Additional considerations

Iowa Department of Education 2006