lessons learned putting them to work at pnnl n.
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Lessons Learned: Putting Them to Work at PNNL PowerPoint Presentation
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Lessons Learned: Putting Them to Work at PNNL

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Lessons Learned: Putting Them to Work at PNNL - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lessons Learned: Putting Them to Work at PNNL. Patti Ammonet Lessons Learned/Operating Experience Program Manager. September 14, 2010 Operating Experience Committee Meeting. Our vision started in FY07… imagining the future role for LLs.

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Presentation Transcript
lessons learned putting them to work at pnnl
Lessons Learned: Putting Them

to Work at PNNL

Patti Ammonet

Lessons Learned/Operating Experience Program Manager

September 14, 2010

Operating Experience Committee Meeting

our mission became to deliver value and service as staff perform work
Our mission became…”to deliver value and service…” as staff perform work

Established four guiding principles

  • Make compliance transparent
  • Focus on the reader
  • Offer high-value services / tools
  • Monitor effectiveness and results
ll oe content types
LL/OE Content types
  • Internal sources
    • Managers (events, critiques, concerns, good practices, staff experiences)
  • External sources
    • DOE events
    • Hanford LLs
    • Industry (e.g., CSB)
  • Recalls / SCI / DI / Safety / Software quality


results growth in business value with pull from pnnl managers for lls to address broad themes
Results…growth in business value…with pull from PNNL managers for LLs to address broad themes


website demo show types of functions and content on the website
Website Demo – SHOW types of functions and content on the website
  • Home page – show main functions
    • Main views, search / tags, left nav links)
  • “View by” lists – access specific LLs
    • (HoF – click on plagiarism, procurement good practices, Dave’s OE story
    • Good practices – click on carboy, AOs
    • Discuss key elements of a LL article
    • Short summary (reusable in subscription notices, emails, HDI)
    • Event details with context
    • Role-specific LL statements
    • Reference to HDI


what s ahead for us
What’s ahead for us…
  • Expand high-value content
  • Closer partnership with functional organizations
  • Interactive tools for staff to capture / share experiences
  • Continued innovation -- learning from shared experiences leads to innovation across the Laboratory performance



Short summary

Event details with


Reference to Lab process

Role-specific LL statements

Related articles (based on tags, topic)


how we make compliance transparent
How we…make compliance transparent
  • No separate requirements / procedures for LLs
  • DOE 210.2 requirements built into Lab processes –
    • Event reporting
    • Issue management
    • Recalls (SCI / defective items / safety alerts)
  • Cognizant SMEs review each LL before publishing
  • LLs incorporated into Lab processes / systems
    • Training (hazards, PM, security, travel, etc.)
    • Policies/requirements
    • Event reporting, issue management
  • LLs disseminated through multiple channels
    • Line manager Central (new website portal)
    • Weekly PNNL newsletter
    • Targeted distributions


keys to success how we work with managers staff
Keys to success – how we work with managers / staff
  • Partner with requestors
    • Understand / deliver what they need and value
  • Build relationships with Research
    • Expanded / timely business topics with pull from managers / staff
  • Deliver LL content to staff when they need it
    • Job planning (risk-based)
    • Training (formal, reading assignments) (PM, compliance, etc.)
    • HDI links in each LL; HDI work flow activities will link to LLs
    • Custom requests (e.g., monthly LL reports to Fac Ops)
    • Reports (e.g, research requests for data analysis)
    • Weekly LL announcement to Lab
    • LLs targeted distributions to SMEs


delivering lls to staff at the point of need through
Delivering LLs to staff at the point-of-need through….
  • Work plans
    • (hazards analysis in F&O and research labs)
  • Training
    • (on-line, classroom, technical work group)
  • Project management
  • Procurement
    • (recommended hotplate models)
  • Lab communications
    • (LLs part of plans / strategies)
  • Lab policies / work controls
    • (LLs as real-life stories)
  • First-line safety
    • (new ‘First Take’ tool/process)


how we focus on readers
How we…focus on readers
  • Relevant to their jobs
  • Well-written and easy to understand –
    • right balance of details
    • sufficient business context
    • important, insightful LL messages
  • Structured for quality and consistency –
    • Quick-read Summary (reusable content element)
    • Reference Lab process - link to PNNL online policy/req’ts
    • Address LL points to targeted PNNL roles
  • Announce a new LL each week in PNNL newsletter
  • Easy website navigation / access tools


results success stories feedback1
Results…Success stories / feedback
  • Feedback from directorates
    • ‘NSD Research staff appreciate LLs and find them useful’ (QM)
    • “I love your process” (operations manager)
  • Feedback from line managers
    • “Good lessons learned - this is another example of how application of project management principles help ensure the success of any complex task…” (R&D mgr)
    • “Great lesson learned and article regarding project management and implementation.” (ALD)
    • “Great suggestion to move to plastic pipette” (scientist)
  • Feedback from internal I/O study & manager interviews
    • ‘LL value has significantly progressed -- enabling managers to reinforce safety culture across Lab’
  • Management reinforces correct staff behaviors in --
    • Radiological safety, respiratory protection, pressure systems, project management
  • Pyrophoric LL an ISM success story prompting new guidelines and industry standards


how we work offer contemporary services tools to help managers leverage lls for greater staff value
How we work…offer contemporary services / tools to help managers leverage LLs for greater staff value
  • Treat LL development process as a partnership with shared goals –
    • Team with requesting manager – hold scoping meeting to discuss facts, key staff messages, applicable Lab reqts
    • Discuss how LL can help manager reinforce expectations of safety, quality, performance culture and “right” behaviors (e.g. “unexpected eruption”)
    • Cover timely business issues for target audiences – e.g., PMs, MSOs-- not addressed elsewhere
    • Assure LL is valuable / actionable for their staff (e.g., “avoiding pitfalls that lead to cost overruns”)
    • Maximize LL for reuse in training, as reading assignments, future access by other staff / projects


contemporary services tools cont
Contemporary services / tools cont.
  • Stay service-based, friendly, hassle-free for staff
    • Search services – help staff locate relevant LLs for their work
    • Dynamic website – easy tools to search, find ‘related articles,’ share, comment, rate, tag, etc. (future ‘quick-add wiki tool, more videos)
    • Provide LL views by – Hall of Fame, highest rated, good practices, most discussed, most viewed, most recent
    • Variety of topics covering Lab business areas
    • Use LLs to highlight correct staff actions (e.g., researcher identifies over-pressurization hazard in vendor equipment)
    • Include links to Lab process / procedure steps and other resources


simple keys to pnnl ll oe program growth and success
Simple keys to PNNL LL/OE Program growth and success …
  • Partner with requesting managers to understand what they need and value
  • Understand our readers’ perspective and deliver LLs that inform them, relate to their work, save them time
  • Keep LLs “top of mind” through regular dissemination and interactive web tools