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  2. WHO IS REG MOMBASSA? • Born in New Zealand in 1951, • immigrated to Australia with his family in 1969 • is a musician, painter, writer, poet, humanist, sage, dispenser of arcane wisdom, buggerer of sacred cows and much loved national treasure. • Since 1986 Mombassa worked closely with Mambo clothing company as he created t-shirts for; Greenpeace, the Rock Eisteddfod, Circus Oz, the Opera House Trust, the Surrealist Exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW, Redfern Legal Aid, the Wilderness Society, Westmead Children’s Hospital, The Powerhouse Museum, The Paralympic Arts Festival etc

  3. The Creatures and Animals present in the Artworks.WHAT CAN YOU SEE? HOW DOES MOMBASSA DO TO MAKE THEM LOOK DIFFERENT?

  4. The Great Aussie BBQ • An exaggeration of the Australian home and backyard environment. • HOW? • Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge are there to demonstrate that the setting is in Australia. • We have the stereotypical bbq in the background and empty beer cans. • By there being no houses in the distance Mombassa portrays Australia’s free country and vast, outback land. • IS TEHRE ANYTHING ELSE MOMBASSA HAS EXAGGERATED TO CREATE AN AUSTRALIAN BACKYARD?

  5. THE Temptation • Looks at society from a Christian view. Mombassa has portrayed Christianity’s (A religion) faults being the reason for our “corrupt” society. • HOW? • The snake like character in the centre represents the devil. And then on either side we have “Adam and Eve.” • The devil (Which represents a mistake or the bad side in Christianity) is handing and tempting mankind,(which is Adam and Eve), bad things that will cause chaos in society- thins like; guns, power/ electricity (in the background), machinery (cars; lead to car accidents). All things dangerous! • WHAT ELSE CAN YOU SEE?

  6. TITLE: (Unknown) • WHAT DO I THINK MOMBASSA IS TRYING TO PORTRAY? WHAT DO I SEE? • I see a bushfire in the background and I see houses running, I also see that it’s night time. From this I have come up with the following conclusion: • The scene is set out in an outback/ bush area. Someone has set a fire and because its night time everyone’s asleep. Therefore no one’s aware of the bushfire, the house takes on the responsibility to save the sleeping humans.

  7. What do you think this paintings about? And why? • I like to think that this piece is RegMombassa having a go at the state of origin, he’s actually allowing the cockroaches to be on top- the winners for once!!!!