cell cycle mitosis review chapter 12 campbell reese n.
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Cell Cycle & Mitosis Review Chapter 12 Campbell & Reese PowerPoint Presentation
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Cell Cycle & Mitosis Review Chapter 12 Campbell & Reese

Cell Cycle & Mitosis Review Chapter 12 Campbell & Reese

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Cell Cycle & Mitosis Review Chapter 12 Campbell & Reese

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  1. Cell Cycle & MitosisReviewChapter 12 Campbell & Reese

  2. Binary fission Cell division in bacterial cells is called ________________ Phase of the cell cycle in which DNA is copied S (synthesis)

  3. Type of cell division in eukaryoticcells that results in 2 identical diploid daughter cells. mitosis Imaginary plane in a cell where chromosomes line up during metaphase Metaphase plate

  4. This network of fibers that attach to and guide the chromosomes apart is called the ______________ Mitotic spindle

  5. telophase Phase of mitosis that followsanaphase Phase of the cell cycle that follows G2 Mitosis (prophase)

  6. anaphase Phase of mitosis that followsmetaphase Phase of the cell cycle that follows G1 S

  7. These structures at the poles seen in animal cells to which the spindle fibers attach = __________________ centrosomes meta The cell above is in ______phase

  8. interphase G1, S, and G2 make up this phase of the cell cycle. This is also called the “microtubule organizing center” centrosome

  9. Shortest phase of the cell cyclein which sister chromatids separate and begin moving to opposite poles anaphase Plant cells can’t form a cleavage furrow during cytokinesis due to their cell wall, instead they form a _______________ to divide. cell plate

  10. anaphase This phase of thecell cycle is_____________ Part of interphase in which thecell grows to mature size and carries out its job. G1

  11. centromere Region where the two chromatid copies are most closely attached =______________ kinetochore The _________ is a structureof proteins associatedwith DNA in this region to whichthe spindle fibers attach

  12. Phase of mitosis in which two nuclei are visible, the nuclear envelope returns, spindle fibers disappear, and DNA becomes less condensed telophase Shallow groove in an animal cellmembrane near the old metaphase plate that forms during cytokinesis Cleavage furrow

  13. 4 How many chromosomes are shown in the figure at the right? How many chromatids? 8 Campbell Concept check 12.2

  14. Dividing wall that forms during cytokinesis in a plant cell to separate the 2 daughter cells Cell plate During which of the phases of Interphase does cell growth occur? All phases G1, S, G2

  15. Area next to the nucleus in which the centrioles are found that organizes the formation of the spindle centrosomes Phase in which the nuclear membranedisappears and the spindle fibers attach to the kinetochores prometaphase

  16. Phase in which the chromosomesline up at the equator of the cell metaphase Phase after S in which cells make the molecules and organelles needed forcell division G2

  17. Cleavage furrow This is called a _____________ This cell is _____________ cell. an animal a plant an animalPlants don’t have cleavage furrows.

  18. histones The proteins around which DNA wraps to from a chromosome arecalled ____________ One of 2 identical armsthat make up a chromosome chromatid

  19. Phase of mitosis that followsprophase Prometaphase/metaphase Phase of the cell cycle that follows S G2

  20. telomerase What enzyme replaces telomeres and is elevated incancer cells? Humans with an XY karyotype are________ male female male

  21. The protective tips at the ends of chromosomes that prevent loss of information during replication are called _______________ telomeres What happens to telomeres ascells age? They shorten

  22. metaphase This phase of the cell cycle is ________________ Phase of the cell cycle cells spend most of their time in. G1 of interphase

  23. telophase This cell is in__________ The cell above is a _________ cell. animal plant Plant You can see the cell plate forming in center insteadof a cleavage furrow.

  24. Phase of the cell cycle where cells spend most of their time. They grow bigger and do their job as body cells. G1 List the phases of mitosis in orderstarting with interphase Interphase, prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase, cytokinesis

  25. cancer Disorder in which body cells lose their ability to control cell division The spread of cancer cells to locations distant from their original site metastasis

  26. Cyclin dependent kinases (CdK’s) _________________________________ are enzymes that give the go ahead signals for cell division which are present in cells in inactive forms until they bind with a cyclin. A ________________ is a critical control point where stop and go-ahead signals can regulate the cell cycle. Name the phenomenon in which crowded cells stop dividing due to availability of growth factors and nutrients. checkpoint Density dependent inhibition

  27. chromatin DNA and attached proteins which is less tightly wound in an interphase nucleus is called________________ Phase of mitosis in which nucleolidisappear and chromatin begins tocondense into chromosomes, centrosome is visible, andmitotic spindle begins to form prophase

  28. The proteins whose concentration fluctuates in cells which bind with cyclin-dependent kinases (CdK’s) to control the cell cycle Proteins released by certain cells which stimulate other cells to divide cyclins Growth factors

  29. In this part of interphase following S cells make the molecules and organelles needed for cell division G2 The 2 copies of each chromosomeare called ______________ chromosomes because are the same size,same shape, and carry genes for the same traits. homologous

  30. Phase of mitosis in which nuclear envelope fragments and microtubules attach to the chromosomes anaphase Phase of cell division in whichthe nuclear envelope reforms andchromosomes begin to spread out into chromatin. telophase

  31. Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase Interphase INTERPHASE ________________ DNA is all spread out as chromatin and nuclear envelope & nucleoli are visible ________________ Chromatin condenses and chromosomes are first visible ________________ Made up of G1, S, G2 ________________ Chromosomes line up in middle of cell PROPHASE INTERPHASE METAPHASE

  32. Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase Interphase INTERPHASE _______________ DNA is copied and cell prepares to divide _______________ Chromatid arms separate and move to opposite ends of the cell _______________ Chromosomes unwind into chromatin & nuclear envelope returns _______________ Nuclear envelope fragments & microtubules attach to chromosomes ANAPHASE TELOPHASE PROMETAPHASE

  33. Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase Interphase TELOPHASE PROPHASE __________________ Two nuclei are visible __________________ First dividing phase __________________ Spindle begins to form & centrosomes move toward poles _________________ Cytoplasm is split between two cells __________________ Spindle fibers and centrosomes disappear PROPHASE CYTOKINESIS TELOPHASE

  34. Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase Interphase METAPHASE __________________ longest dividing phase __________________ shortest dividing phase __________________ overlaps with telophase __________________ Could also be called “reverse prophase” __________________ Nonkinetochore fibers elongate the cell ANAPHASE CYTOKINESIS TELOPHASE ANAPHASE

  35. G0 _______ Phase of the cell cycle most body cells are in ________ DNA is copied ________ centrosomes are copied ________ Cells leave the cell cycle and stop dividing ________ Division of chromosomes happens ________ Growth happens S G2 G0 M G1, S, G0

  36. C _______ Division of cytoplasm happens _______ Follows S and cell makes the molecules and organelles needed for cell division _______ Made up of telophase, anaphase, prophase, prometaphase, and metaphase G2 M

  37. From end of S in interphase through the end ofmetaphase of mitosis During which stages of a cell cycle would a chromosome consist of two identical chromatids? Compare and contrast cytokinesis in animal cells and plant cells. Campbell Concept check 12.2 Both form two identical daughter cells but mechanism is differentAnimal cells occurs by cleavage, which divides the parent cell in two using a contractile ring of actin;In plant cells a cell plate forms in the middle and grows until its membrane fuses with the parent cell plasma membrane; A new cell wall is produced from the cell plate Campbell Concept check 12.2

  38. Phase of mitosis where the cytoplasm is split between two cells CYTOKINESIS Radial array of short microtubules that extends from each centrosome aster

  39. mitosis Type of cell division used by organisms to grow bigger, repair injuries, and replace worn out cells. Mass of abnormal cells Kinases work by transferring a _________ group from a high energy donor molecule to another molecule. tumor phosphate

  40. cyclin Cdk’s are inactive unless_________ proteins areattached 2 matching chromosomes that are thesame size, same shape, and carry genes for the same traits. HOMOLOGOUS

  41. Type of nuclear division that produces 2 diploid daughter cells that are genetically identical to the parent cell mitosis Type of division used by bacteria to reproduce Binary fission

  42. Name the proteins that becomeactive when attached to cyclins which allow cells to proceed past cell cycle checkpoints Cdk’s Cyclin dependent kinases

  43. metastasis The spread of cancer cells from the original site to a new distant location is called ___________________ A researcher treats cells with a chemical that prevents DNA synthesis. This treatment traps the cells in which part of the cell cycle? Proteins released by certain cells that stimulate other cells to grow are called ________________________. G1 Campbell Concept check 12.3 Growth factors

  44. Disease in which body cells lose their ability to control cell division cancer Repeating sequence of events that cells go through during their lifetime Cell cycle

  45. mitosis Phase in which the nucleus divides Phase in which cells grow and matureand where they spend most of their life G1

  46. Which complex (a cyclin + a Cdk) is acts as the go-ahead signal for a cell to pass the G2 phase checkpoint and enter mitosis? MPF “maturation promoting factor” or “M-phase promoting factor” is the signal to enter mitosis Campbell Concept check 12.3

  47. Phase in which the DNA is copied S or SYNTHESIS Phase in which cells leave the cycle and stop dividing all together G0

  48. Phenomenon in which crowded cells stop dividing Density dependent inhibition Most animal cells must be attached to a substrate such as a culture dishor extracellular matrix. This iscalled ______________ anchorage dependence

  49. Somatic _____________ cells or body cells have 2 copies of each chromosome. A cell’s genetic information is called its _____________ Reproductive cells like sperm and eggs which have one copy of each chomosome are called ___________ or germ cells. genome gametes

  50. interphase A cell takes the longest time going through _______________. A. prophase B. prometaphase C. metaphase D. anaphase E. telophase F. interphase