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Analytics: What to Track. NTEN Conference March 20, 2008. About emotive. Full service agency approach: online direct marketing, design and advertising Exclusively serving non-profit and political clients

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Analytics what to track

Analytics: What to Track

NTEN Conference

March 20, 2008

About emotive
About emotive

  • Full service agency approach: online direct marketing, design and advertising

  • Exclusively serving non-profit and political clients

  • Over 50 years experience in offline direct response and over a decade in online development

  • Provide easy to use tools that empower clients with everything they need to run a successful online campaign

  • Emotive has successfully built communities, cultivated donors and raised millions of dollars online for nonprofits and political candidates and campaigns

  • Our long term relationships are a result of our service focus

  • Our tools and service offerings:

    • E-mail management with full tracking

    • CRM database

    • Analytics

    • Online advocacy

    • Online donation solutions

    • And much more…

The traditional model
The Traditional Model

Appeal is returned with money

Send an Appeal

Non delivery? Circular filing cabinet? Vacation?

Online e mail metrics
Online E-mail Metrics

Send an Appeal

Message was Read

Message was Delivered

Links were Clicked

Online Donation

  • Additional Data

  • Delay in reading

  • Time of day

  • # of Times read

  • Additional Data

  • Hard bounce

  • Soft bounce

  • Additional Data

  • How often links clicked

  • Which links were clicked

Website metrics
Website Metrics

  • Visitors

  • Hits

  • Pageviews

  • Time on site

  • Bounce rate

  • Pages / visit

  • New vs. returning

  • Referring sites

  • Keywords

  • Demographics

  • Location (Country, Region, State, City)

  • To name a few…

Online metrics
Online Metrics

Overwhelmed Yet?

First things first know yourself have a plan
First Things First: Know Yourself – Have a Plan

  • Start with a Goal: What do you want?

    • Money

    • Sign-ups

  • Who is your audience: ripe target

    • Demographics

    • Macro/Micro Targeting

  • Message

    • Why does your issue matter?

    • Why do you matter?

  • Brand awareness

    • Who are you?

    • Who knows you now? Who should?

Myths about online fundraising
Myths About Online Fundraising

  • The Internet is a giant ATM

  • Online fundraising doesn’t cost anything

  • Anyone can create a Ron Paul money bomb

  • The message I use in my offline messages will work online

How do i get started database
How Do I Get Started? Database

  • A connected database enables your campaign to run more effective fundraising campaigns

  • Essential in tracking all of your marketing outreaches

  • Offers real-time reporting ability

  • Allows personalization of appeals and the ability to communicate on a more individual level to your supporters

  • A platform for running reports, tracking source codes and appeals in a centralized location

Sifting through the data
Sifting Through the Data

  • Linking your database with an analytics package can help visually make sense of the data

  • Many advertisers offer free analytics tools as part of their offering

  • Google Analytics is a free service that offers a complete tracking package that can integrate into most database systems

  • Get it free at

I m ready for data how do i track now
I’m Ready for Data! How do I track now?

  • Open Tracking

  • Link Tracking

    • Track which links were clicked

    • Compare and test efficiency of linked elements

    • Effective for analyzing email alone

  • Source Coding

    • Mates link tracking to a user

    • Lets you analyze behavior relative to demographic info

    • Effective for analyzing email to conversion process

    • Hierarchy

      • Campaign

      • Series

      • Appeal

      • Individual Codes

Breaking down the e mail elements to test
Breaking Down the E-mail: Elements to test

  • From Name

    • Human beings are better

    • Consistency breeds familiarity

  • Subject Line

    • Short

    • Familiar

    • Interesting

  • Preview Pane

    • Sum it up at the top

  • Above the fold

    • Graphics – Good and Bad

  • Full content

    • Messaging


  • Communications should not always be fundraising focused

    • News updates, follow-ups, newsletters are a great way to build affinity with your supporters to make them feel “connected”

    • Volunteer requests, polls and surveys can help “prep” your file for a fundraising appeal

  • Urgency is key

  • Recipe for Success

    • Urgency

    • Enticement

    • Personalization

    • Follow-up

Best practices sequential e mail
Best Practices: Sequential E-mail

  • Average person receives roughly 60 e-mails a day

  • Lots of competition for attention

  • Power in threes

  • Caveat: sequencing can have a negative effect if you do not recognize past action

E-mail 2Sent 10-7 days from deadline

Average response rate: ~20%

E-mail 1Sent 20-30 days from deadline

Average response rate: ~45%

E-mail 3Sent 72-24 hours from deadline

Average response rate: ~20%

Testing models when how much and why
Testing Models: When, How Much, and Why?

  • Test Ratio: 50/50

    • Best for eliminating statistical irregularities

    • Spot trends over multiple tests

    • Establish successful control/baseline

  • Test Ratio: 80/20

    • Use against a successful control

    • Insulate against risk by only gambling 20%

  • Test Ratio: 10/10/80

    • Rapid response message testing

    • Split test to 20% of list first, analyze short term results

    • Use winning message for the remaining 80%

Email Response Times

Source: Jupiter ResearchEmail Automation Best Practices Report

(Retail Focused)

Taking it to the next level
Taking it to the Next Level

  • Video e-mails

    • Compelling personality

  • Personalization

    • Profile information merge

    • Dynamic content

      • Activities

      • Donation levels

      • Segmentation by demographic

  • Integrating past action acknowledgement

    • Intelligent follow ups

    • Cater to known interests

  • Viral marketing

    • “Emotiv”e content

    • Sharing Tools

Jumpstart e mail append
Jumpstart: E-mail Append

  • Easiest and often lowest cost way to acquire e-mail addresses

  • Matches e-mail addresses to files from major credit agencies

  • Typical match rates 18-22%

  • Mandatory permission with a 7 day opt-out process prior to mailing

Best practices direct mail coordination
Best Practices: Direct Mail Coordination

  • Packages can include:

    • Pre-mail: E-mail reminders to check your mailbox

    • Post-mail: Direct mail follow-up appeals through e-mail

    • Post-phone: “We tried to call you”

  • Messages should be e-mail specific, not just a cut and paste of the direct mail message

  • Analytics can determine if you can cut costs by converting someone to an online-only donor

  • Offers another “touch point” for brand-awareness

  • Leveraging USPS Planet Codes you can deliver e-mail the same day it goes out for residential delivery

National non profit background
National Non-Profit: Background

  • New memorial which had no brand or constituency

  • Great major donor fundraising, no individual fundraising

  • Needed to build awareness and fundraise

  • Integrated rebranding campaign

  • Focused on “”

  • Goal: recruit donors, brand organization, increase awareness

  • Worked together to establish messaging across all media

  • Brought donors online through educational process (ticket RSVP, newsletters, educational e-mails, non monetary asks)

  • Repurposed PSAs for use on the web as recruitment videos

National non profit analysis
National Non-Profit: Analysis

  • Working with direct mail vendor encouraged opt-ins on all reply forms

  • Used website as primary news outlet for updates on Memorial construction

  • Released rich media on website for live coverage of events

  • Worked with media buyers to ensure web was ready for major media events

    • April 4

    • Groundbreaking

    • Dr. King’s Birthday

    • Black History Month

  • Appended email and carried out acquisition campaigns online and in direct mail at a profit

  • Used online channel to connect with a different part of the audience

  • Used online channel to generate donors we could solicit through multiple channels

National non profit conclusion
National Non-Profit: Conclusion

  • In 12 months we generated over 100,000 email addresses online and 30,000 e-donors

  • Nearly 30,000 donors came to us from our direct mail program and about 7,500 supplied an email address

  • We have had great success in capitalizing on landmark achievements in the civil rights area and creating urgencies around these events

  • The tailoring of content and segmentation has been a central part of our success

  • We are now in a position to recruit significant numbers of online activists and donors