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Top Shot . By Abigail Hoffman. Why I Choose This. I chose Top Shot because it’s my dad’s dream that when I grow up that I’ll be the first girl to win Top Shot. . What is Top Shot?.

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top shot

Top Shot

By Abigail Hoffman

why i choose this
Why I Choose This
  • I chose Top Shot because it’s my dad’s dream that when I grow up that I’ll be the first girl to win Top Shot.
what is top shot
What is Top Shot?
  • Top Shot is a competition where there is 16 tributes that compete to see who the best shot is. At first they are divided into two teams, the red team, and the blue team. To see who really is the best shot, they have a course that is designed to take them out of any comfort zone that they have. The team that loses must choose two tributes to be in elimination until only two tributes remain in all. Then the finale comes and you get to see who the best shot is.
  • In Top Shot, when there is only three contestants left, they play a game of horse. There is a lot of targets, like a jar of gumballs or honey and five guns. They can be pistols, riffles, shotguns, they can be any kind of gun really. Your first shot gives you one point and your last gives you two. The person with the least points is eliminated.
season 1 tributes
Season 1 Tributes
  • Adam Benson
  • Andre Robinson
  • Bill Carns
  • Blake Miguerg
  • Brad Engmann
  • Caleb Giddings
  • Chris Cerinor
  • Denny Chopman
  • Frank Campana
  • Iain Harrison
  • James Sinclair
  • Kelly Bachand
  • Mike Secklander
  • Peter Palma
  • Simon Racaza
  • Tara Poremba
season 2 tributes
Season 2 Tributes
  • Chris Reed
  • Chris Tilley
  • Daryl Parher
  • Eric Anderson
  • Gorge Reins
  • Jamie Franks
  • Jary Lim
  • Jermaine Finks
  • John Guida
  • Joe Serafini
  • Kyle Frasurre
  • Maggie Reese
  • Travis Marsh
  • Ashley Spurlin
  • Athena Lee
  • Brian Zins
season 3 tributes
Season 3 Tributes
  • Alex Charcat
  • Amanda Hardin
  • Billy Rogers
  • Chris Collins
  • Cliff Walsh
  • Drew Shprinty
  • Dustin Ellerman
  • Garry Quesenberry
  • Jake Zweig
  • Jarrett Grimes
  • Mark Schneider
  • Michael Marelli
  • Mike Hughes
  • Paul Marinaccio
  • Phil Morden
  • Sara Ahrens
season 4 tributes
Season 4 Tributes
  • Augie Malekovich
  • Chee Kwan
  • Chris Cheng
  • Colin Sallagher
  • Craig Buckland
  • Dylan Fletcher
  • Eric Keyes
  • Forrest McCord
  • Frank Melloni
  • Gabby Franco
  • Gary Shank
  • Gregory Littlejohn
  • Keith Sibson
  • Kyle Sumpter
  • Michelle Wiscusi
  • Terry Vaughan
  • Trina Trefren
  • William Bethards.
season 1 winner
Season 1 Winner
  • The winner to first season in Top Shot was Iain Harrison.
season 2 winner
Season 2 Winner
  • In the 2nd season of Top Shot, Chris Reed was the winner.
season 3 winner
Season 3 Winner
  • The winner of the 3rd season was Dustin Ellerman.
season 4
Season 4
  • The 4th season is currently going on and has about five tributes left.
descriptive paragraph
Descriptive Paragraph

There is a man named Colby in the sitting in front of a wooden wall. He has no gun and there is grass behind him.



colby donaldson
Colby Donaldson
  • Colby Donaldson is the host for Top Shot. He is a record-breaking-runner up for Survivor. He owns a hot rod restoration business and enjoys water- skiing and mountain biking.
websites i used
Websites I Used