Multiple care of address registration
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Multiple Care-of Address Registration. WGLC completed. WGLC for -05.txt. After WGLC, we published -06.txt and –pre07.txt(ML) We did several editorial updates and applied received comments Binding Unique Identifier is renamed to Binding Identifier

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Wglc completed
WGLC completed

  • WGLC for -05.txt.

  • After WGLC, we published -06.txt and –pre07.txt(ML)

  • We did several editorial updates and applied received comments

    • Binding Unique Identifier is renamed to Binding Identifier

    • New Status Code [MCOA NOTCOMPLETE], the home agent uses this status code in BA when not all the bindings are accepted in the bulk registration.

    • [MCOA FLAG CONFLICTS] are now merged with [MCOA MALFORMED]

    • Add care-of address verification issue in the Security Consideration, the text is proposed by Benjamin Lim.

    • Support DSMIPv6

    • Support simultaneous foreign and home location. (Section 5.5)

Remaining issues
Remaining Issues

  • Sequence number for the bindings. Should we maintain the sequence number for each binding separately or not?

  • In the simultaneous home and visited link operation, how does the HA delete the state about forwarding packets to the mobile node's home address on the home link? When the does the state expire?

    • We added some text, but might require further discussion

  • On whether we should consider enhanced RO for this draft. Not sure if there are any issues

Sequence number issue
Sequence Number issue

  • MN manages an individual sequence value per binding. The problem is when MN changes the registration mode from individual to bulk. Which sequence number should be picked for BU?

  • MN should manage the single sequence value for all bindings.

Enhanced ro
Enhanced RO

  • MN can register its binding to CN with Return Routability procedure (RFC3775).

  • We need to investigate whether MCoA is compliant with the enhanced RO (RFC4886) or not.

  • We will get additional review

Simultaneous home and foreign attachment
Simultaneous Home and Foreign attachment

  • HA intercepts all packets meant for MN and decides to send the traffic directly to HoA on the link or tunnel to CoA.

  • For the scenario on the left, MN learns L2 address of default router and constructs outgoing packets w/out NDP. Likewise HA learns MN’s L2 address and delivers packets to MN w/out NDP.










Simultaneous home and foreign attachments
Simultaneous Home and Foreign Attachments

  • MN sets the ‘H’ flag in the BID option of the deregistration BU for the interface attached to the home link.

  • MN will know whether it can operate NDP or not by the status value in BA

    • “MCOA RETURNHOME WO/NDP” status code

  • While MN is attached to both home and foreign links, MN sends BU with H flag set in BID option for CoA.

    • When H flag is explicitly unset, the HA stops delivering packets to the HoA on the home link.

    • If all the bindings have expired for HoA, HA delivers all the packets to the HoA on the home link. (Returning home)

  • H flag is required to keep the state of MN’s attachment to both home and foreign links at the home agent

Next step
Next Step

  • Will publish the updated version

    • draft-ietf-monami6-multiplecoa-07.txt

  • second WGLC right after this IETF.