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Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy. Presentation created by Mag. Maria Peer based on the lecture BBM1 – Marketing Mag. Andreas Zehetner FH Steyr. First, those who make things happen Second, those who watch things happen Third, the rest who wonder what happened

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Marketing strategy

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  1. Marketing strategy Presentationcreatedby Mag. Maria Peer based on thelecture BBM1 – Marketing Mag. Andreas Zehetner FH Steyr

  2. First, thosewhomakethings happen • Second, thosewhowatchthings happen • Third, therestwhowonderwhathappened • The firstgroupdetectedwhatstrategicmarketingmeans. Thereare 3 kindsofcompanies Mag. Maria Peer

  3. Meanstoindentify a groupofcustomersforwhomthe firm has a differential advantageandthenpositioningitself in themarket. Strategy Mag. Maria Peer

  4. Geographic:locationofheadquarter/subsidiaries; accessibilityoflocation, placestodeliverproducts • Demographics:industry, companysize • Operating variables: technology, userstatus, customercapabilities, sizeof order • Purchasingapproach: centralized, dezentralized, internal power structure, purchasingcriteria • Personal characteristics: focus on companieswhosepeople/valuesaresimilartothebuyer‘s, risktaking/riskavoidingcustomers; high/lowloyaltycustomers Target groupsegmentationforbusinesscustomers Mag. Maria Peer

  5. Single-segmentstrategy • Selectivespecialization • Productspecialization • Market specialization • Fullmarketcoverage Five different targetmarketstrategies Mag. Maria Peer

  6. = concentratedstrategy: onemarketsegmentisservedwithonemarket mix; • The choiceforsmallercompanieswith limited resources Single-segmentstrategy Mag. Maria Peer

  7. Multiple segmentstrategy = differentiatedstrategy • Different marketingmixesareofferedto different segments • The productitselfmayormay not be different • In manycasesonlythepromotionalmessageorthedistributionchannelvary Selectivespecialization Mag. Maria Peer

  8. The firm specialises in a particularproductandtailorsitto different marketsegments Productspecialization Mag. Maria Peer

  9. A firm specializes in serving a particularmarketsegmentandoffersthatsegment an arrayof different products Market specialization Mag. Maria Peer

  10. Massmarketingstrategyoffering a singleundifferentiatedmarketing mix totheentiremarket • Differentiatedstrategyoffering a separate marketing mix toeachsegment Fullmarketcoverage Mag. Maria Peer

  11. The marketing mix istailored on an individual customerbasis Individual marketing Mag. Maria Peer

  12. SMART • = specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely Targetingandgoalsetting Mag. Maria Peer

  13. Is a coreelement in eachmarketingstrategy • Definesthebenefitof a productorservicethatcansatisfytheneedsofthetargetgroup in thebestpossibleway • Itsresultisthepositionitoccupies in customers‘ minds relative tocompetingproducts • The positioninghastobeunique (=differentiating) andoriented on needsanddemands Positioning Mag. Maria Peer

  14. Unique: there must beenoughdifferencebetweenyourproductandthecompetitors‘ ones (USP) • Orientation on customer‘sneedsanddemands!!! Terms Mag. Maria Peer

  15. 1940 Ludwig von Misessaid: • A companycanbeat ist competitorsonlybyconsideringtofulfilcustomer‘sneedscheaperandbetter Lookingfor a competitiveadvantage Mag. Maria Peer

  16. A searchingprocess, whichtriestodevelopnewsolutionstofulfildemandsbetter, cheaperor quicker (thanthecompetitors) in order togain an economicadvantage out ofthat. Competition Mag. Maria Peer

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