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Dehumanization in Brave New World

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Dehumanization in Brave New World - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dehumanization in Brave New World . By Olly, Luke, Ben and Kieran. Removing/Controlling Emotions. Loss of Humanity Loss of Intimacy Loss of Morality Loss of Individuality – N o meaning behind creation

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Dehumanization in Brave New World

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dehumanization in brave new world

Dehumanization in Brave New World

By Olly, Luke, Ben and Kieran

removing controlling emotions
Removing/Controlling Emotions
  • Loss of Humanity
  • Loss of Intimacy
  • Loss of Morality
  • Loss of Individuality – No meaning behind creation

The use of Soma encourages solely positive emotions that allow the user to escape reality and subsequently their problems

reproduction predestined role within society
Reproduction – Predestined Role within Society
  • Genetically modified embryos specifically engineered to suit the needs of society– includes altering ones physical traits and intellectuality subsequently morphing them into a perfect member of society.
  • Doesn’t allow for one to excel in society – move or progress forward – gain status ect.
  • Removes the need for the human to better themselves – seek further gratitude.
  • Life becomes repetitive – predictable – loss of experience in different aspects – no risk to life

Humanity becomes more so predestined and robotic, losing all potential room to improve and better themselves.

death hospitals
Death – Hospitals
  • The members of society are conditioned from early childhood to perceive death as the proverbial ‘end of production line’
  • Death is emotionless – numb – inescapable
  • Hospitals – are perceived not as a place of healing, but as a place of dying

John is visiting his mother in hospital, Linda, when the children approach they are relatively perplexed by the woman on her deathbed, this is a good example of the conditioning as if we parallel this to society today death is perceived as an experience of mourning and grievance.

liberation of sexuality
Liberation of Sexuality
  • Purpose and meaning of sexual intercourse has become more of a recreational physical act rather than an act of love and intimacy.
  • An individual can choose from a plethora of sexual partners – it is perceived as immoral in society if the individual concentrates it to one person.
  • Contraceptive pills – prevention of procreation – thus controlling population growth.

The children are conditioned from birth to commit sexual acts with each other from a very young age.


The purpose is to gain insight not only into what it is to be human but what it would be to lose humanity. Huxley portrays this through various methods of dehumanizing strategies therefore controlling society and prohibiting growth of humanity.

manipulation in brave new world

Manipulation in Brave New World

Paul, Jamon, Steph, Eliza, William and Maddi


The citizens of Huxley’s Brave New World are manipulated to ensure the smooth operation of society as a whole. Individual freedoms and passions are forfeited in favour of the greater communal body.


Manipulation begins from the very beginnings of an individuals creation. A perfect ‘formula’ for society has been created and embryos are pre-destined for specific roles. The evolution of technology has allowed the manipulation of these embryos to best suit what the community requires of them. Heat conditioning, oxygen deprivation, and differences in nutritional allowance are just some of the ways the embryos are pre-categorized into the community.


This manipulation continues through hypnopaedic influence throughout the individual’s infancy. Hypnopaedia, or sleep-teaching, further instills the values of society into the individual, from basic morals to views on others. This is dramatically reinforced through almost sickening scientific methods involving electric shocks, harsh noises and other such unpleasant phenomenon.


This conditioning/manipulation ultimately seeks to raise ‘individuals’ whom are a product of the state, the perfect ingredient to maintaining social stability.


The product of this manipulation is ultimately the caste system. Alphas, Betas, Deltas, Gammas and Epsilons are each manipulated in different ways, to produce different individuals suited to the different requirements of the community.


Propagandist techniques enforce the preconditioning of individuals by continuing to manipulate society, to the extent that the individuals do not have the mindset to question it. Those who question society or refuse to conform are seen as ‘decanted differently’ and have the potential to be removed to prevent further harm to the social stability


Individuals are conditioned to continuously stimulate the economy. The people are more products of society, encouraged to embrace consumerism, such as the partaking of activities of which require complex apparatus and the investment of the global economy.


Through these methods of manipulation Huxley has created a society which ultimately functions explicitly, only at the expense of individuality and a deprived free will humanitarian body.



Power is achieved through happiness

Ellie, Jess, Caitlin, Mikaela, Emma and Isabelle Rose

held by
Held by?
  • Power is held by the World State Controllers
  • Specifically Mustapha Mond and the Director of Hatcheries
  • Power through caste systems
    • Epsilons are powerless against Alphas, and have no choice or individuality
    • Decanted with or without power (based on need)
  • Manipulators of decanting process
  • Conditioners
    • Affect how the children respond to life
  • Alpha Plus – highest caste
    • Most choice with their lives
    • Society is based around them and are, thus, looked up to
    • Control society
  • Soma controls all of society
good bad
  • Power is not always evident in this society
    • It undermines everything
    • Needs are fulfilled
      • No need to question power
  • Needs fulfilled through
    • Leisure activities
    • Soma consumption
    • Liberal activities
    • Be riddance of family and relationships (no grief)
implemented by
Implemented by…
  • World Controllers
    • Hypnopaedia
    • Conditioning
  • Soma
  • Consumerism creates artificial happiness so that peoples immediate needs fulfilled
  • Distractions
    • constant entertainment
    • never being alone
summative statement
Summative Statement
  • Power is a common trait of a dystopic text, although Huxley inventively uses power to undermine his seemingly ‘Utopic’ society.
  • People’s immediate needs are fulfilled within this society, therefore they have no reason to question power.
  • Through the use of hypnopaedia, soma and conditioning, power is implied without the peoples knowledge.