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SEO Myths to Forget

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SEO Myths to Forget - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There are several myths which can be very useful for your website as it will help you in improving the website visibility in all the search engines.

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'SEO Myths to Forget' - anthonyscoble

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SEO Myths to Forget

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in SEO, it’s always useful to compile all

the myths you read about, so that you can work out for yourself for the ones

you actually need to be worried about. The recent changes in the SEO world

have worried a lot of people as the things that used to work well in the past

are not reliable today for them. Since Google is constantly changing its search

algorithm, all SEO analysts feel that they are trying to hit a moving target and it

is very difficult for them to focus.

A very few people understand the working of search algorithm in comparison

with others. Due to that lots of myths and misconceptions are spreading about

SEO, by which SEO companies and other regular website owners are freighted.

There are several myths which can be very useful for your website as it will

help you in improving the website visibility in all the search engines.

Here are the top myths About SEO:

SEO is dead again:

SEO become more complicated and competitive with each google

algorithm update, but it never dies.

SEO is all tricks:

“Tricks" that boost your page ranking quickly are considered as black hat

techniques that are not allowed and accepted by Google.


SEO is a onetime effort:

SEO is a thing that needs to be consistently worked on due to link

degradation, evolving the search engine algorithms, competitor sites

ranking improves and content becomes outdated.

Great Content Is All You Need:

Great content is considered as the foundation of a successful online

marketing campaign, but without SEO, your great content will not get

the right exposure it deserves.

Google hates SEO:

Google doesn't hate SEO but google depends on it to help in matching

better high quality content to user search intent.

You'll lose traffic and visits if you link to other websites:

Linking to other websites will help in boosting your web ranking, which

in turn bring in more organic and natural traffic to your website.

Meta tags don't matter:

Without using meta-tags, there are less chances that users may click on

it, if it shows up in their search results.

Length of content doesn't matter:

Longer contents are more in-depth than the shorter content and people

are much more likely to link to an in-depth content.

Social activity doesn’t matter:

Google takes into account social sites when determining the page

ranking. The content that is shared, liked or commented will be given

preference with higher page ranking

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