Some seo myths everyone should know
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Some SEO Myths Everyone Should Know - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Search Engine Optimization is a controversial as well as most discussed topic on the Internet. There are many myths associated with SEO which you should know. Please visit for more information.

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Some seo myths everyone should know

Some SEO Myths Everyone Should Know.

Presented By- Indian SEO Company

Overview of seo
Overview Of SEO.

- Search Engine Optimization is the most controversial as well as most discussed topic on the Internet.

- In addition, SEO is also the most misunderstood topic in the Industry and hence there are several myths associated with SEO.

Top rank matters
Top rank matters

- You would come across many theories from many Indian SEO company that ranking top on search results is of utmost priority.

- But survey have shown that people do check into the second page to view and find their desired results.

Domain names with keyword are ranked higher
Domain names with Keyword are ranked higher.

- During early days of the Internet era, URL with keywords within it used to be given importance.

- But now, the content of the pages are given importance in the indexing process and hence domain names have lost the value to some extent.

Submit the site url to search engines
Submit the site URL to search engines.

-The crawlers used by the search engines are sophistcated nowadays.

New sites are automatically found in a span of few days if not hours.

Only in some exceptional cases you would require to sumit your site URL.

Only the header of the page matters
Only the Header of the page matters.

-The structure of each site are designed differently.

-Search Engines do not rank the page only on the basis of header which enebles the user to see in a certain way.

-You should focus more onthe content too.

Only pagerank matters
Only PageRank Matters.

PageRank is the algorithm that is ised by Google to rank sites on the Internet.

Many Indian Seo Company have put forward the theory that the algorith follows a lot of other input to rank a page.

Recommendations by other from GooglePlus is an example of a valid input.

Good content is the only factor
Good content is the only factor.

-By building an engaging site with useful posts many not be the ultimate factor to be ranked higher.

- Branding along with proper SEO is also necessary for getting a ranked higher on the search results to help people find your content.

Google adwords will help in ranking
Google AdWords will help in Ranking.

- AdWords is recommended for any marketing campaign and helps to get recognition.

-However, you would find that organic results and paid advertisements are seperated from each other on a typical search result.

Ad Campaign does not rank you on the organic side in any way.

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