7 Creative Ways to Use Hashtags(#)
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7 Creative Ways to Use Hashtags(#) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hashtags are generally used to categorize social media feeds and posts so that they can be easily searched on the internet. Here are 7 creative way to use hashtags in your social media strategy:

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7 Creative Ways to Use Hashtags(#)

Nowadays it’s hard to deny the power of social media and how integral it is in

the digital marketing strategy. If you are going to create a social media

strategy, then there are a number of components to be considered and these

basically includes content that you choose to share. Another important

component to be considered is the hashtag. Hashtags are generally used to

categorize social media feeds and posts so that they can be easily searched on

the internet. However, hashtags can even go far beyond this function as they

are wonderfully confusing, amusing and incredibly useful if used properly. If

you think that hashtags are very important then you are absolutely right.

Here are 7 creative way to use hashtags in your social media


Customize it:

On Instagram, you can also use hashtags to organize your images like photo

album. Using this tool, you can easily upload several consecutive photos on

Instagram and include a clear and distinguishable hashtags to categorize all of

your photos to a predetermined event.

Host a Twitter Chats:

As we know that Twitter chats are the live interactions that mainly focus on a

specific topic and they occur on a specific date and time and can be monitored

with the hashtag. If you want to host your own Twitter chat, then it is essential

to create a unique hashtag that would correspond to your Twitter chat.

Participate in Events:

In various events, Hashtags are essential to promote event before as well as

during the event. As hashtags are easy to follow and can help attendees to

connect with each other in the event.

Instant reviews:

In the similar same way as the users find topical conversations through

hashtags, you can also use them to get reviews on products and services, as

well as movie or even music reviews. Dissatisfied customers often take to

social media about their bad experience in a tweet or a status update using


Monitor Prospects and Competition:

If you are using a social media management tool to monitor SEO Services for

your social accounts, then you may have the ability to save your hashtag

searches. With the capability, you can create streams with hashtags pertaining

to either prospects you are trying to connect with or competition you’d like to


Take them Offline:

Hashtags are universally recognized so much that even you can also use them

offline. For example, in your marketing or promotional material once consider

including a branded hashtag as a part of your content. This may also encourage

your prospects and clients to continue your conversation online. This is

beneficial to you because it can help you to monitor your brand’s

conversations much easier online.

Use Hashtags Across Platforms:

Although hashtags are used primarily used on Twitter and Instagram, we now

see them being incorporated across a number of other social media platforms.

Hashtags are currently supported by the following sites:

1) Twitter

2) Facebook

3) Instagram

4) Google+

5) Tumblr

6) Pinterest – they are not searchable, but help for keyword searches in


7) YouTube – in the comments

8) Vine

9) Flickr


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