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Enterprise Firewalls Feature and Benefits

Cyberoam network security appliances offer next generation security features and deliver future-ready security to highly complex enterprise networks. The unique Layer 8 identity-based security gives enterprises complete visibility and control over user activity.

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Enterprise Firewalls Feature and Benefits

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  1. Enterprise Firewalls Feature and Benefits

  2. Enterprise Firewalls  The Network Enterprise Firewalls are defined as standalone purpose-built firewall appliances with IPSec VPN capabilities, capable of delivering extensive firewall and management capabilities for securing the perimeter access. Enterprise firewalls incorporate also IPS technologies, replacing perimeter IPS as well.  Further integration with more application and user awareness protection capabilities are also emerging on these firewalls. This combination is known as Next-Generation Firewalls.

  3. How Firewall Protects Enterprises  Firewall protects networks from potential security threats which attempt to infringe into the network protocol to gain access to remote PCs. It provides access to only specific data over enterprise network and restricts any other unknown source from getting access to the data.

  4. Types of Enterprise Firewall  Firewalls have been taking care of network security since 1980’s. Back then, they were simple packet filter systems that check the header of the incoming data for its details and accepted or rejected it based on the protocol.  Firewalls are categorized based on the network they are protecting, interception point and the data form that is being intercepted. Currently, there are three types that cover almost all kinds of network security threats.  Network Layer Firewall or Packet Filters : Network layer firewalls work on the network and filter data based on the packets they arrive in. They can be both state full and stateless based on the fact whether they maintain or don’t maintain a state table of the network activity.

  5. Types of Enterprise Firewall (Cont.)  Application Layer Firewall: Application firewalls work on the application layer stack of TCP/IP. Thus, they can be set to inspect data flow from a particular application and scrutinize the traffic for any threats. This is an efficient option for enterprise security, with the only constraint being that application level checking ads to data transfer time.  Proxy Firewall : Proxy Firewalls use proxy servers as gateways between networks. These can be either hardware or software and are considered to be the most efficient firewall systems. Existence of a proxy server between an external and internal network makes tampering difficult. The system is so compound that even if one application is hacked, it is almost impossible to use simple hack codes to reach other internal application through it.

  6. Benefits of Enterprise Firewalls Linear Performance and Scalability :  Chassis with blade systems offers linear performance and scalability on demand, as more blades are added to the chassis.  Chassis architecture offer also the possibility to add supplemental functionalities to NGFW (next generation firewalls), like IPS, web applications security, antivirus, antispam etc, with no performance degradation.

  7. Benefits of Enterprise Firewalls (Cont.) Deployment Advantages:  Single point of control at the edge / perimeter for access.  Application and user awareness for both inbound and outbound traffic.  IPSec VPN consolidation of all branch communication.  Physical separation of the DMZ, trust and untrust zones. Virtualization  Device virtualization (multi-tenancy, virtual systems, security contexts) for independent operation with individual security needs for different business divisions.  Separate administrators for each virtual system can tailor security and access policies for each group, thus offering a more granular level of control and security.

  8. Enterprise Security Tips Come in Handy in order to Protect the Digital Interests of Small Businesses  Be prepared : A common mistake that businesses make is not deploying significant security measures. The truth is that attackers launch a widespread attack and anyone may fall prey to it. Expecting the unexpected is half the battle won. This makes it all the more important to stay prepared for any kind of security threats that you may face.  Monitor Employees :Your employees may be loyal and may not deliberately sabotage your network’s security but even with the best of intentions, they might still (somehow) wind up clicking on a link which compromise with the security of your network. It is advisable to block access to questionable sites and keep a track the activities of your employees.  Use Centralized Visibility :Centralized visibility grants more authority to the right people, such as the IT team, the owners of the company and others who are intricately related to certain or all managerial aspects. You may leverage centralized visibility across your network by resorting to specific hardware tools that come with such capabilities.

  9. Enterprise Security Tips Come in Handy in order to Protect the Digital Interests of Small Businesses(Cont.)  Keep all security related software running : There are obviously quite a few systems in every network that are handled by several people. However, everyone doesn’t have the patience to go through notifications related to anti-virus, malware, spyware and firewall warnings. It’s sensible to limit the accessibility rights of all such software to the IT department, so they always remain functional.  Secured File Sharing : File sharing is one of the more prominent ways through which viruses and malware spread. Companies with sophisticated networks use file encryption to ensure their networks remain sophisticated. In addition to reducing chances of viral encroachments, secured file sharing also reduces the possibility of accidently sending files to a wrong recipient. Another benefit of secured file sharing is that you can track your files after sending them and authenticate users that can or can’t view them.

  10. Advantages of Enterprise Firewall  Enterprise firewall may be customized as per the business requirement.  There is no limit to the type of firewall that may be configured.  Within an enterprise network, firewall may be programmed in a manner that prevents access to certain websites.  Firewall may be easily configured to prevent employees from transmitting confidential data outside the enterprise network.  Connecting computers to the internet exposes them to numerous security risks, but having a firewall protection in place may effectively eliminate these risks. However, in order to achieve desired output, it is important to purchase a next generation firewall from a credible source. Make sure that you read online reviews before you invest in any firewall software.

  11. Disadvantages of Enterprise Firewall  Legitimate User Restriction  Diminished Performance  Vulnerabilities  Internal Attack  Cost

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