usage review chapter 10 n.
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Usage Review, Chapter 10

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Usage Review, Chapter 10 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Usage Review, Chapter 10. A, An. Donna was looking for (a, an) eraser. an Tamar is going to see (a, an) movie tonight. a. Accept, Except. Ms. Kopp said she would not (accept, except) any more late work. accept Everyone (accept, except) Jad arrived on time for class. except

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Presentation Transcript
A, An
  • Donna was looking for (a, an) eraser.
  • an
  • Tamar is going to see (a, an) movie tonight.
  • a
accept except
Accept, Except
  • Ms. Kopp said she would not (accept, except) any more late work.
  • accept
  • Everyone (accept, except) Jad arrived on time for class.
  • except
  • accept=to agree to/to take on
  • except=leave out, excluding
affect effect
  • Ms. Kopp talked to the students passionately about college to create an (affect, effect).
  • effect
  • The long practice did not seem to (affect, effect) Natalie.
  • affect
  • affect=influence
  • effect=result of some action
allusion illusion
  • Amy realized it was an (allusion, illusion) to think she could afford the Hybrid.
  • illusion
  • Liora made an (allusion, illusion) to being a Grey’s Anatomy fan.
  • allusion
  • allusion=reference to something
  • illusion=false, misleading idea
  • Where’s the Pantages located?
  • Where’s the Pantages located at?
  • Where’s the Pantages located?
  • No “at” after where.
being as being that since because
Being As/Being That/Since/Because
  • (Being that, Since) Sam had an AP exam the next day, he had to study.
  • Since
  • (Being as, Because) the nation is in an economic crisis, President Obama addressed the country.
  • Because
  • Do NOT uses the phrases “being as” or “being at.” Use since and because instead.
beside besides
  • Did anyone (beside, besides) Foujan watch The Soup this week?
  • besides
  • Jonny sits (beside, besides) Denna.
  • beside
  • besides=in addition to
  • beside=by the side of
between among
  • One of my favorite coffee shops in St. Louis is (between, among) a flower shop and a church.
  • between
  • In this classroom, you are (between, among) friends.
  • among
  • between=two people or things
  • among=more than two
bring take
  • (Bring, take) your grammar book on Friday.
  • Bring
  • (Bring, take) your trash with you before you leave.
  • Take
  • bring=to come carrying something
  • take=to go away carrying something
bust burst busted break
  • Schuyler (busted, broke) his foot a few months ago.
  • broke
  • I called my landlord when the pipes in the kitchen (busted, burst).
  • burst
  • bust/busted=NO
  • Use forms of burst or broke instead.
of have
  • I (could of, could have) stopped at Starbucks this morning, but I did not leave earlier enough.
  • could have
  • Molly (would of, would have) grabbed a table for two, but she did not know Mitchell would join her for lunch.
  • would have
  • Do not mistake “of” for “have.”
discover invent
  • Although the popular notion is that Columbus (discovered, invented) America, he actually landed in the Bahamas.
  • discovered
  • Thomas Edison (discovered, invented) a number of important devices, like the light bulb, and holds a total of 1,093 US patents.
  • invented
  • discovered=something that already exists
  • invented=to make something that didn’t exist before
emigrate immigrate
  • My family (emigrated, immigrated) from Germany in the early 1800s.
  • emigrated
  • It is more difficult now to (emigrate, immigrate) to the United States since 9/11.
  • immigrate
  • emigrate=E means to exit a country
  • immigrate=I means to go in to another country
fewer less
  • There are (fewer, less) Hershey Miniatures in the bag than there used to be this morning.
  • fewer
  • I should have bought (fewer, less) chocolate at the grocery store.
  • less
  • fewer=use before a plural noun
  • less=use before a singular noun
good well
  • That chili Amy made tastes really (good, well).
  • good
  • Amy cooks chili (good, well).
  • well
  • good=adjective
  • well=adverb
imply infer
  • Supreme Court Justice nominee Sonia Sotomayor has not (implied, inferred) that she is a liberal judge, but many have (implied, inferred) from her decisions that she does lean to the left.
  • imply=to suggest something
  • infer=to interpret