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Adzzup + joLEADo Chat: An Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Adzzup + joLEADo Chat: An Overview

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Adzzup + joLEADo Chat: An Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Adzzup + joLEADo Chat: An Overview. Oct , 201 3. Adzzup – What We Know. Big Idea: Build residual income by providing volume services at a low entry fee to customer. SEO/traffic services – leveraging skilled writers, web and research analysts . Audience: Small to medium size business

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adzzup joleado chat an overview

Adzzup + joLEADo Chat: An Overview

joLEADo Chat

Oct, 2013

adzzup what we know
Adzzup – What We Know
  • Big Idea: Build residual income by providing volume services at a low entry fee to customer. SEO/traffic services – leveraging skilled writers, web and research analysts.
  • Audience: Small to medium size business
  • Approach: Target lead sources that are near start-ups through targeted calling lists. Heavy call volume with a systematic approach. 1-call close. Close ratio between 30-40%. Motivated to provide quality service – as drop-off rates are month-to-month. Retention is key.
  • History: Online since June, 2010 – customer base in the thousands at $99-$500/mo per company. Business partner is a developer – and has built the Adzzup back-end engine.

joLEADo Chat

  • Big Idea: Enterprise development team – with robust back-end – joLEADo chat is first “beachhead” product sold and marketed as a stand-alone service for monthly fee.
  • Audience: Small to medium size business /departmental and supply chain.
  • Approach: Work with resellers/marketeers for go-to-market strategies. Our skills are best applied as a fulfillment resources, not a selling vehicle.
  • History: joLEADo leverages development since 2008. Chat live date October 1, 2013

joLEADo Chat

competitive advantage
Competitive Advantage
  • Product: Chat Services – emerging market – call to action is businesses desire recall
  • Approach: Tie our services together – Adzzup leverages their front-end marketing – joLEADo becomes development slave to the Adzzup enterprise. We compliment Adzzup team, bridge services as ghosts to the customer experience.
  • Options: joLEADo brand or Adzzup or some other brand.
  • Partnership: Help us! Run the software internally, +20 of your customers. Together, improve the tool through feedback/enhancements.
    • Attrition – roll-out strategy
    • Market the tool as you choose for a % of sale or straight fee + % over agreed amount.
    • Build enterprise – add products, repeat.

joLEADo Chat

why together
Why Together?
  • joLEADo Chat is production ready
  • Marketing campaign offers immediate opportunity
  • We can help approach new markets – supply chain, internal teams, etc.
  • We can compliment your existing development resources
  • Web Services team can focus on bridge into other applications
  • Q1 2014: Mobile app, gateway team, etc.

joLEADo Chat

current customers
Current Customers
  • Cascade Engineering, a $350 million injection molding company
  • AkzoNobela $20 billion chemical company
  • Buckeye Technologies, a $850 million Pulp & Paper company
  • The Glacier Group is a $12 million manufacturer rep company
  • Tahoe Accommodations is largest Property Manager in Tahoe
  • NOTE: SBP360 is our sustainability brand
  • ATB is our flagship – it powers RFQ360 and joLEADo brand

These are appliances – 2014 strategy is to market steady stream of beach-head products.


current customer s
Current Customer(s)
  • Company:
  • Company: Cascade EngineeringLocation: Grand Rapids, MIMarket Sector: Manufacturing (Including Automotive)Year Founded: 1973# of Suppliers: 400+, 89 Class ARevenue: 350 million
  • “SBP360 has demonstrated a professional understanding of our requirements, quick response times and a flexible, scalable and highly secure set of integration tools that many internal and external resources have influenced and built for the common purpose of bettering our system. “

Carl Miller ~ Director of Purchasing


current customer
Current Customer

Company: AkzoNobel, Michael Shesterkin ~ Manager, Sustainability and BPI www.akzonobel.comLocation: Dutch MultinationalIndustry: Chemical (Paint)Year Founded: 1955# of Employees: 55,000Revenue: Approx 20 Billion“The SBP360 platform itself offers a number of advantages that render the administration of the assessment, data management and feedback convenient and easy [integrated, web-based solution]”

joLEADo Chat

current customer1
Current Customer
  • Company: Buckeye Technologieswww.bkitech.comLocation:Memphis, TNIndustry:Pulp & PaperYear Founded:1920# of Locations: 8Revenue: Approx 850 million
  • “SBP360 is ahead of the game in streamlining, tracking, reporting and in providing management metrics. ...there are so many facets of sustainability and triple bottom line, the platform sets a pathway for moving forward at your own pace.“

Denise Broughton ~ Director of Sustainability

joLEADo Chat

keys to success
Keys to Success
  • Expand existing set of early adopters
  • Established multi-tiered sales channel (Direct, Referral, Integrator, Reseller)
  • Leverage Adzzup’s proven marketing strategy
  • Open book
  • Flexibility to adapt to market requirements

joLEADo Chat

the technology
The Technology
  • Java
  • Linux Server
  • MySQL Database
  • Apache Webserver
  • Tomcat Java/JSP Server
  • Secure XML Gateway

joLEADo Chat