Edrd 7717 case study
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EDRD 7717 Case Study. Mary Kaish EDRD 7717 Dr. Coffey, Kennesaw State University. Introduction. “Ben” 5 years old Pre-K at private school English speaker Emerging reader Overall enjoys reading Motivated Bright Mature. Introduction. “Ben” Enjoys playing with his friends

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Edrd 7717 case study

EDRD 7717Case Study

Mary Kaish

EDRD 7717

Dr. Coffey, Kennesaw State University


  • “Ben”

    • 5 years old

    • Pre-K at private school

    • English speaker

    • Emerging reader

    • Overall enjoys reading

    • Motivated

    • Bright

    • Mature


  • “Ben”

    • Enjoys playing with his friends

    • Interacts well with others

    • Does not get in trouble often

    • Usually quiet in class

    • Hesitates to raise his hand in case he is wrong

    • Completes his work when asked

Parent conference
Parent Conference

  • Met with Ben’s mother in early fall

  • Expressed that Ben had been showing interest in reading at home

  • Wasn’t sure what next steps to take

  • Wanted to be able to give him skills and strategies to work with while reading

  • Agreeable and excited to see his progress

Informal assessment
Informal Assessment

  • QRI-5

    • Read Pre-Primer 1 Word List at

      Instructional Level

    • Read Pre-Primer 2/3 Word List at

      Frustration Level

    • Read Pre-Primer story “I Can” at

      Instructional Level

    • Read Pre-Primer story “I See” at

      Frustration Level

      Surprised at impressed at his results

      Ben never got discouraged

Informal assessment1
Informal Assessment

  • Determined that Ben had great background knowledge and familiarity with stories and words

  • Ben reads many words from memory

  • He is often reluctant to sound words out

  • Unsure how to decode

  • Despite knowledge of letter-sound correspondences he does not use them while reading words

So what next
So… What Next?

  • Decided I would work with Ben to help him use all that he has in his schema to read words

  • I would activate his prior and background knowledge before during and after reading

  • Give Ben skills and strategies that he can pull from during reading

  • Evaluated the 5 components of reading and how they applied to Ben

  • Made sure Ben’s mother was on board and willing to work together on this- she was 

Working together
Working Together

  • Able to pull Ben aside to work one-on-one a few times a week

  • Used results from QRI-5 as guide and planned briefly from there

  • Tried to make skills and strategies something he would use consistently while reading

  • Wanted him to be confident enough to read independently and able to comprehend

  • His mother also helped work with him at home

Formal assessment
Formal Assessment

  • K12 Placement Tests- Basic Phonics Assessment

    • Letter Recognition: 13/13

    • Letter Writing: 10/13

    • Rhyming Words: 3/3

    • Compound Words: 3/3

    • Syllables: 3/3

    • Sounds: 3/3

    • Phonemes: 2/3

    • Counting Sounds 0/2

      Assessment stopped

Formal assessment1
Formal Assessment

  • Showed that Ben still heavily relies on background knowledge to help him

  • Despite the skills and strategies we tried to instill in him, he still does not like to sound out or decode words

  • Proves that Ben is still an emerging reader, but is able to experience success

  • Shared the results with Ben’s mom again

What this taught me
What This Taught Me…

  • Working one-on-one with a child can present many challenges and struggles, especially when the child is reluctant to learn things

  • Allowed me to complete these types of informal and formal assessment firsthand and then apply it directly to a student

  • Gave me a chance to further break down the 5 components of reading and how they relate to the children in my classroom

  • To feel more confident as a reading educator going into the future