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How to Parent Teenagers PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Parent Teenagers

How to Parent Teenagers

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How to Parent Teenagers

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  1. How to Parent Teenagers KAREN LYNNE

  2. About Karen Lynne • Karen Lynne strongly believes she has been training for her role as a Family Coach all of her life. • Karen initially worked with teenagers as a Teacher of Mathematics. She is a very gifted and natural teacher. • She had such a good rapport with the teenagers that she soon found they were talking to her about personal problems as well as mathematical problems. • Karen spent time studying life coaching with The Coaching Academy but then combined her coaching skills with her teaching ability and her incredible intuition to begin coaching in her own unique way. • Some of the words that clients use to describe Karen are positive, friendly, kind, patient and wise. • They say she has an incredible ability to see to the heart of any problem , to offer solutions without any form of judgement and to keep them motivated to make the required changes. • One client in particular kept referring to Karen as his families angel and hence she became The Family Angel.

  3. How to parent teenagers? • if you want to understand how to parent teenagers you must first :- • Accept that your child is growing up. • Know that you are not failing as a parent but that your role is changing. • See beyond the bad teenage behaviour and understand why this is normal teenage behaviour. • Stop the battle and learn how to communicate with your teenager. For more information visit:

  4. Other Service • Coaching: KAREN LYNNE combines her intuition with her experience of coaching and teaching to create a unique coaching style. • Mediation: KAREN LYNNE is a talented mediator. She combines her understanding of the art of communication with a non - judgemental approach to bring calm and understanding to the most difficult of situations. • Workshops: These one day workshops take parents through all 7 steps of Karen Lynne’s program. It is Karen’s intention that these workshops should be a lot of fun as well as very informative.

  5. How to Contact Website: Telephone: 01296 670584 Mobile:07818 418 818 OR

  6. Thank You