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Edward John Eyre

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Edward John Eyre. RECREATING THE JOURNEY OF AN AUSTRALIAN EXPLORER. By Joshua Hull, Logan Pemberton and Zac Annsel . Edward John Eyre .

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edward john eyre

Edward John Eyre


By Joshua Hull, Logan Pemberton and Zac Annsel

edward john eyre1
Edward John Eyre
  • The journey that Edward John Eyre is best remembered is for the truly remarkable crossing of The Great Australian Bight and the Nullarbor Plain. In the heat of summer and the depths of winter, Edward John Eyre explored the rugged and unforgiving coastline between Streaky Bay on South Australia’s west coast, and King George’s Sound – which is present day Albany – in Western Australia.

Edward John Eyre

Was an English explorer of the Australian Continent.

South Australia’s Lake Eyre, Eyre Peninsula, Eyre Creek, Eyre Highway (the main highway from South Australia to Western Australia), and Eyre Hotel in Whyalla are named in his honour.

He was born 5 August 1815 and died 30 November 1901.

In 1970 he was honoured on a postage stamp bearing his portrait issued by Australia Post.




Camping Gear

Blow up Mattress



Pots and pans




Phone charger


Puncher Kit

National Park Permit

Medical Kit


Broad band stick



Fuel Jerry Cans



Fishing gear


  • Our journey will begin in Streaky Bay, South Australia. We have decided to make our trip in the Month of March which will avoid the extreme hot weather of summer and the depths of an Australian Winter in the Nullabor.
  • We will travel by 4wd and camp overnight in the Nullabor National Park and other camping grounds.
day 1 march 2011
Day 1 March 2011
  • We start our journey from Streaky Bay to the township of Ceduna. The journey takes us 1 hour and 6 minutes and a total of 109.3km along the Flinders Highway. We stop at a service station and continue our journey to Fowler Bay along the Eyre Highway. It was along this way that Edward John Eyre learnt from the aboriginals to dig for water in the sandhills and how you could live off the land, gathering food sources such as snakes, lizards, goanna, bandicoots, wallabies and a variety of native fruits.
  • We continue through to Fowlers Bay which takes us almost 3 hours and 250.7km. We stop here for the day. This was the next staging point in Eyre’s journey. We check over our car and set up camp in the local caravan park.
day 2 march 2011
Day 2 March 2011
  • We make our way to Eucla. It will takes us almost 4 hours and 371.4km. During this trip we stop for lunch along the side of the longest stretch of straight road 146.6km! We fuel up along the way. During the trip we see where Eyre camped and where aboriginals showed him native waterholes in huge white sandhills. To the west you can see the Bunda Cliffs. This was an obstacle for Eyre to get to the water so he could fish for food.
day 3 march 2011
Day 3 March, 2011
  • It was such a long trip that we decide to make camp for the night. We had travelled over the Nullarbor and had our National Park Permit.
  • We used our sponges in the morning to wipe the dew off the grass and shrubs and used squeezed it into containers for added water.
day 5 march 2011
We continue our trip to Esperance, Western Australia. It will take us up to Norseman as the Number 1 Highway doesn’t follow the coast. It is a total of almost 9 hours driving and 912.4km. We camp over night as it is too long to drive in one day.Day 5, March 2011

Days 4 & 5,March 2010

day 6 7 march 2011
Day 6 & 7, March 2011
  • We wake up and continue our trip to the final destination of Albany. This takes us 2 days and a total driving time of 9 and a half hours and 961.4km.
  • We arrive safely and are happy we retraced the footsteps of Edward John Eyre. Luckily we were in a 4wd and on major rodes and not on foot finding our own food and water for the whole trip!
  • We covered a total of 2,605.2 kilometres!
  • Fatigue – take turns in driving
  • Running out of fuel – Jerry cans filled with fuel
  • Running out of money
  • Running out of food and water – carry extra
  • Car breaking down – Car fully serviced
  • Blow a tyre – puncture kit and spare tyre
  • An animal could run out in front of you – bumper bar
  • Somebody getting badly hurt – first aid kit
  • Have a petrol leak – fuel leak bandage
  • Road Trains – pull over and let them pass!!
  • Nullabor National park costs = $58.00 which includes entry into the park and camping fees for 2 months on a holiday pass.
  • Fuel costs = $1,100.00
  • Souvenirs = $400.00
  • Food and water costs = $850.00
  • All equal up to $2,408.00