world war ii n.
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World War II

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World War II - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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World War II. War In The Pacific. Japanese Advances. Japanese empire dwarfs Hitler’s 3 rd Reich The Fall of the Philippines/March 1942 General MacArthur in command of Allied troops Japanese victorious MacArthur…”I Shall Return!”. Japanese Empire. Bataan Death March.

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World War II

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world war ii

World War II

War In The Pacific

japanese advances
Japanese Advances

Japanese empire dwarfs Hitler’s 3rd Reich

The Fall of the Philippines/March 1942

General MacArthur in command of Allied troops

Japanese victorious

MacArthur…”I Shall Return!”

bataan death march
Bataan Death March
  • Forced march of 75,000 American POWs to prison camps
  • 50,000 murdered
    • Kicked/beaten, starved, bayoneted
  • Treated same way as Native Americans during Trail of Tears
  • Later considered a Japanese war crime
doolittle s raid
Doolittle’s Raid
  • Spring 1942
  • Bombing raid on Tokyo and surrounding cities
  • Most daring campaign to date; some bombers killed or captured
  • Boosts American morale, lowers Japanese
battle of coral sea
Battle of Coral Sea
  • May 1942
  • American and Australian carriers vs. Japanese Imperial Navy
  • Successful at stopping Japanese advance to take Australia, eliminate 2 Japanese carriers
    • Damaged Japan’s naval capability at Midway
  • All-Air Battle
    • All planes launched from aircraft carriers
    • No shots fired from surface ships!
battle of midway
Battle of Midway
  • June 3, 1942
  • Strategic location NW of Hawaii
  • Allies stop the Japanese
  • Allies had broken Japan’s naval code
    • Anticipated the attack
  • Allies under command of Admiral Chester A. Nimitz
    • Helped to locate the Japanese fleet and dive bomb them

-- Bulk of Japanese fleet destroyed

-- Japanese forced to retreat and play defense

  • Result = Allies begin to “island hop”
allies on the offensive
Allies on the Offensive
  • Battle of Guadalcanal, 1944
    • 19,ooo Allied troops storm the island
    • Marks Japan’s first defeat on land
    • Secured Australia from Japanese occupation and protected American-Australian sea route
  • Battle of Leyte Gulf, 1944
    • Entire Japanese fleet involved
      • Largest naval battle of WWII
    • Appearance of Kamikaze
    • Japan defeated, complete disaster
    • Last major Japanese naval engagement of the war
battle of iwo jima
Battle of Iwo Jima
  • Japan to stop US advance to stop mainland invasion
  • Allies face fierce opposition
    • Fanatical fighting (Samurai mentality)
    • Fighters entrenched in tunnels and caves
  • Iwo Jima’s location critical to US
    • Heavy-loaded bombers could reach Tokyo
  • 6,000 US Marines killed
    • Most in any pacific battle to that point
  • US gains control of the island
  • Only 200 of 20,000 Japanese troops survive
battle of okinawa
Battle of Okinawa
  • April 1945
  • US Marines invade, challenge Japanese occupation of the island
  • Massive Kamikaze attacks
    • 1900 attacks kill 5000 U.S. sailors, sink 30 ships and damage 300 more
  • Fiercer opposition than Iwo Jima
  • 110,000 Japanese killed in action
  • Allies see this as premonition of invasion of Japan
    • Churchill estimates 1 Million US / 500,000 British deaths if allies invade Japan
the atom bombs
The Atom Bombs
  • The Manhattan Project
    • Over 600,000 Americans involved
    • Led by J. Robert Oppenheimer
  • Truman orders plans to use the bombs
    • Churchill warning of allied deaths if war continues
    • Japanese warned of super weapon
  • Enola Gay drops Little Boy over Hiroshima
    • Japan still won’t surrender
  • Three days later, drop Fat Man on Nagasaki
    • Macarthur accepts Japan’s official surrender on USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, September 2, 1945