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Storyboard REBUILD globally

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Storyboard REBUILD globally . TITLE: IT TAKES A COMMUNITY TO MAKE A SANDAL . Story behind how Stride Sandals evolved Time: 1 min 40 seconds. BRETT LIEB. Inciting incident.

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storyboard rebuild globally

StoryboardREBUILD globally


Story behind how Stride Sandals evolved

Time: 1 min 40 seconds


inciting incident
Inciting incident

Flashing newspaper clippings about the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Including death counts, infrastructure issues and poverty problems in the headlines. Emphasis will be done by zooming in then out from one headline to the next.

Fades out to back..

(white) COPY:

Disaster relief only provided a Band-Aid for a much bigger problem…

Music: slower

Seconds: 20

  • One on one interview with Julie outside with Haiti in the background: In addition a small about of copy in the lower left corner with her full name and “Founder and CEO of REBUILD globally.”
  • “I had this great idea about making sandals out of readily available materials that others deemed as trash, but I didn't’t know anything about sandals. I was determined and knew people would want to help. But if the product looked like this (show original sandal) I knew we wouldn't’t get very far.”
  • Fade out..
  • Music: tempo picks up
  • Seconds: 20
trial and error
Trial and error
  • How it took a community to keep working on it
  • Some had to be taken apart because they weren’t right or weren’t even.
  • Going to local people, such as leather shops or sowing shops (things of that nature).
  • Recreate Skype session where Julie got tips from a person at Nike on how to build in arch support.
  • The sandal kept failing and there was not enough money to do research or hire an outside sandal contractor.
  • Fading transition (copy):
  • After three years..

Music: Tempo speeds up

Seconds: 40

  • Footage of the array of styles, sizes, men’s and women’s shoes. Make sure to include this coming season’s spring line (I think it’s the best one).
  • Music: Fastest part of the tempo.
  • Seconds: 15
call to action
Call To Action
  • See what trial and error looks like:
  • Show logo and have “Purchase Stride sandals online toayor donate at” fade in underneath it.
  • Music: slows to the same pace as the Julie interview.
  • Seconds: 5