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Product created by ALS. EDDILI: To ED ucate is to make possible the DI scovery of LI fe. What have I learned?.

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Product created by ALS

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  1. Product created by ALS EDDILI: To EDucate is to make possible the DIscovery of LIfe

  2. What have I learned? • I learned the specific idea of RMA and the method. The first day of the seminar this was unclear to me. The second day the pieces of the puzzle folded in to eachother and I got a clearer image of what the EDDILI group wants for RMA. • Communication problems make it difficult to • really understand eachother. • It is possible to communicate in different • ways; like reading or making metafors during • the sessions • At the end everyone has the same intentions • I learned that the themes/topics are important • and not every topic is useful for every group • I learned that the RMA-method has to develop • more in order to use this as a real method for • adultlearning • I learned you can network in different ways, I • liked the netword session on tuesdaymorning. • To tell freely what I believe • To talk about my experience • To communicate more easily with people from other countries • To share my ideas • I learned to respect the views of others even if I disagree • Social work in other countries • (different method, needs, assesment..) • International and European dimensions • Listeningtoothers • Take the reflection considering the free time, without concrete targets • Consider the opinion of the other as an element in whole, to deal with • An element that could resist my arguments and live with my beliefs • My opinion-your opinion is as important as the opinion of the others. • People can teach me more than I thought. • We live in community, so it is a good idea to learn in community too. • There are a lot of wisdom inside each person.

  3. Characteristics, attitudes and qualities of RMA • Is a process of collective exploration.. • RMA is a process that aims to bring change in social, political, economic, educational and individual spheres.. • RMA is an open method and suitable for everyone • RMA is an international method and can bring people together • RMA has the chance to develop more • RMA brings the opportunity to give people a safe feeling • RMA is showing that everyone’s opinion valuable and no one is right or wrong! • RMA connects people • RMA is instructive and you learn different views and ways of thinking • RMA is a program that helps people cooperate and communicate each other, even if they come from another country. • It also tries to show how communication and reciprocal maieutic approach give solution to political, social, economical and other problems of a country • It shows how people from different countries communicate, exchange ideas and agree to disagree.. • RMA can be used to give solutions to different problems. • RMA creates a safe context for people to express themselves • RMA offers a democratic way to stay together • RMA try to offer a possibilty to reflect and build shared meaning. • RMA improve motivation of partecipant • RMA in adult education can improve creativity, conflict trasformations and new strategy to improve quality of lifelong learning. • RMA activity is reflexive, then detached from the concrete objectives and functional to a project (This does not alter the fact that RMA can be integrated in other ways more extensive and concrete targets) • RMA requires a clear agreement in principle • Agreement that can be traded, encouraging greater awareness on the work of trainer • RMA is based on different approachesExperiences that trigger, personal and group readings, personal reflections • RMA differs from an approach to problem solving or discussion of explicit • This is a profound process of self-exploration and then a collective put in common. • RESPECT is the most important starting point. • RMA is an innovative process that can be applied in many fields, giving a new way to face any problem. • People participating in RMA must be very motivated, very open-minded, as every opinion is valuable, even if you do not agree with it.

  4. Strength points of RMA • RMA promotes and develops intercultural dialogue • RMA is a new method and has the opportunity to develop more • RMA is a nonviolent way of learning • RMA can be used by everyone as long as you are creative • RMA promotes understanding • RMA promotes unity • RMA raises awareness • RMA promote the intercultural dialogue and also develop this type of dialogue • People from different countries have the chance to communicate and share their ideas • Different ideas are presented and people learn new things from each other • It helps people to express theirselves easily and talk about various subjects • Trueanalysisof reality • Understandquestion and findsolutionfastly • Learnanequal way totalkingwith • Developmentofcuriosityofknowledge • Improveself-esteem • RMA is a way to take time to reflect on issues central to our profession and this before making any decisions or make plans • RMA serves to reflect and discuss exchanging opinions. Only if deemed necessary by the parties involved requires arguments and defend positions • Promotes succession of reflections without the need for direct connections between themIt supports a process of linguistic and conceptual clarification • Encourages the witness to events and factsAvoid overlapping voices • Asks everyone to express themselves, while not placing an obligation of expression • Consider the existence of irresolvable dilemmas, for now • Positioned as an element of construction, between relativism and absolutism • RMA promotes dialogue between different people, from different countries, cultures, ages, etc. • RMA increases self-esteem, every opinion has a place to be discussed. • RMA is a way to discover our own personal knowledge. • RMA is a way to put in the place of the others.

  5. Weak points of RMA • It is not really structured as a method, it is just an approach • The key-competences required for adult-learning are not clear to me. They should be more fixed. • You need a strong group leader in order to succeed. • Do we need a new method like RMA for adult learning, or are there enough methods already? • it is just an approach • It takes time (multiple sessions) • People who entered the program must be motivated • It needs work to become an integrated program and get an official character • More people should be involved to the program • It should be applied in more countries so that the experience is more • People who entered the program must give new ideas for the implementation of RMA • Lotoftheorybutnotenoughtpractice • Sometimesisnotclearifwe can applie RMA in allcontext Knowresults • It is not really structured as a method, RMA is just an approach. • There are no fixed objectives, you do not know where do you have to arrive to. • There are people for whom it is very difficult to exchange opinions, it depends on the character of each person. • The methodology is to be built

  6. Opportunities for the future • To set up a network at European level… • To be deeply structured as a method of non-violent education… • A new way of promoting intercultural dialogue • To be structured in parental guidance through schools, social partners and the police • To be structured within companies and organizations to create a comfortable and safe climate • To become an official and reliable program • To be applied to a larger number of countries • To be used in various forms of education, in political programs of a country, even as a way to find solution to a problem • Makenewnetworks • Increaseknowledge • Meetother trainer • Thinkdifferent • Stay together • Develop project • To set up a network at European level. • To be deeply structured as a method of Non-violent education. • To study new ways to teach people, to acquire new knowledge. • To improve the approach of the RMA to better adapt to each collective. • The association PerCorsoGenitori of Canton Ticino - Switzerland is willing to apply the methodology in contexts parenting • Transfer Labor is willing to experiment RMA nlla continuous training of its employees

  7. Potential threats • To lose energies, our experiences with RMA get lost and/or are scattered across various countries instead of creating synergy between the countries’ experiences • This method is not structured and we might lose interest from our target group or potential clients. • Will we be taken serious? • To lose too much time talking and thinking and not acting! • Some people may not trust this program • There is a danger using the same method that people will get tired • Maybe it will be not very effective • Not network usefull • Not project • Notcontact • RMA applications are different in alldifferentcontext so sometimesit’s difficultunderstandmethod • To lose energies, to disperse our work within EDDILI. • To lose interest in the methodology, as there is no objectives to reach. • It could not be applied in every target groups. For some of them can be difficult to put in the place of the others. • Some people can not understand this approach, so partners have to be able to clarify any questions of doubts to general public. Time to reflect

  8. EDDILI : To Educate is to make possible the DIscovery of LifeThank you for your answers and feedback !! This project has been funded with support from the European commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained there in.

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