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Product created by ALS

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Product created by ALS. EDDILI: To ED ucate is to make possible the DI scovery of LI fe. SWOT ANALYSIS IN THE USE AND APPLICATION OF RMA as an educational approach in adult education. STRENGHTS Everybody speaks Everybody has the chance to speak Intergenerational and intercultural dialogue

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product created by als

Product created by ALS

EDDILI: To EDucate is to make possible the DIscovery of LIfe

swot analysis in the use and application of rma as an educational approach in adult education

SWOT ANALYSIS IN THE USE AND APPLICATION OF RMA as an educational approach in adult education



  • Everybody speaks
  • Everybody has the chance to speak
  • Intergenerational and intercultural dialogue
  • Express opinions
  • Profit from exchange
  • It opens up issues to dealt
  • Insight in issues
  • Relations
  • Increase self-esteem
  • More creative
  • Non judgmental
  • Everybody can participate
  • New wave of conflict resolutions
  • Generates communication
  • Wave effect: enthusiasm for maieutics
  • Coordinator doesn’t have to be specially qualified


  • You have to have common interests
  • Can generate dependence
  • Vulnerable, careful with specific target groups
  • It is a “utopia”
  • Get your hopes up to you
  • Takes time
  • Uncertain
  • Boring for some groups


  • Side effects
  • Opportunities in non formal education
  • Open for everybody
  • Mix of all kind of target group
  • Opportunity to solve problems
  • Low costs
  • Use it in every settings


  • Competences of the coordinator
  • No guarantee of success
  • Output uncertain
  • Time
  • Bad publicity if experience is not good
  • Commitment of each organization
  • You need experience to feel the effect
  • Manual does not appeal

- It should be more updated, more consisted- Public seminars of partners should be put into the network- Lack of emotions into the digital platform - Not only digital networks but also in presence meetings once a year: creating a community

Network can be improved. Things to change:


- Skype meetings with videoconference- Movies about successful stories- Chat sessions- More exchange of information in the network- Meetings more informal to do it more attractive- Team sessions


- Facebook and digital platforms: difficult to get the people involved, not very appeal, you have to moderate facebook and have time to do it. Information no consistently. More efficient use of facebook: successful stories about RMA, useful information, real needs

- Links in already established professional pages

- Simplify the network, link to facebook, twitter…

- All the document should be put together available for everybody

- Using a mail list

- Presence in mass media



. Coordinator have to be very motivated, passionate people have to get involved into the sustainability of the project in the large time.

. We have to improve the method with new ideas, keeping it fresh, updated.

. Make good results visible: success stories.

. To integrate it and implement it into formal education when possible.

. Online RMA sessions



  • Enormous potential of RMA
  • Europe needs this kind of methodologies
  • It should be proffesionalized
  • Believe in dialogue, in a better society, in power of the people = UTOPIA
  • Enrichment experience
eddili to ed ucate is to make possible the di scovery of li fe

EDDILI : ToEducate istomakepossible the DIscoveryofLife

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