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Impact of internet of things / The rise of IOT Industry PowerPoint Presentation
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Impact of internet of things / The rise of IOT Industry

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Impact of internet of things / The rise of IOT Industry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How the IoT industry is impacting currently. Top IOT countries and IOT company products. Future Trend of IoT.
Are You Prepared For Internet Of Things (IoT)?
It comes 2020 and millions or even billions of smart electronic devices, linked through the Internet, would relate with each other independent of human intercession. This network of interacting electronic gadgets is named as the Internet of Things (IoT). Looking at it from our times (2013), one could expect the Internet of Things to consist of tablet computers, PCs, digital cameras, robots, mobile phones, e-Book readers, public and private computer networks and whatever innovative electronic devices that would be built between now and 2020.
Automation will have made such high levels as to reason an example shift in our lifestyles. One of the most significant changes, which we can expect to observe, is that our lives will become far easier than now. Actually, we would have to travel less. There will be even more time to offer to our primary occupations and of course, rest and relaxation.
Here some examples to assist one appreciate what life would be like in the Internet of Things age. You can, for case, suppose your PC to automatically sort groceries when their stocks fall under set levels. If you had a specialized robot at your home, you can set it and open the door to a guest after verifying his or her identity. So, if you’ve both a PC and robot at the home, when the grocery store's release person comes at the door and rings the bell (supposing that his or her identity info. (Information) has been saved in the robot), you can expect your robot to verify his or her identity info. And open the door, verify in your purchases, send an electronic notification to the store, say "Bye!" to the delivery being, shut the door and then put the purchases at a places you’ve taught it to. Gadget using high tech sensors can then be expected to inform your PC that new items have arrived (as well as their quantities) and the PC, in turn, will automatically update stock balances and pay off the store through issuing an order to your bank or credit card account.

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Impact of internet of things / The rise of IOT Industry

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    1. How the IoT sector is evolving currently. Top countries and IoT products. Future Trend of IoT. Srikanth (Author) Evolution of IoT Evolution of IoT Current & Future IoT Trend

    2. What is IoT? --------------------------------------------------------------------- 02 The size of IoT Industry ------------------------------------------------------- 05 Security & Threats for IOT Developers ----------------------------------- 08 In which Sector IOT is Evolving Rapidly? --------------------------------- 13 Top 10 countries in IOT -------------------------------------------------------- 28 TOP 10 Countries & their IoT products ------------------------------------ 30 How is IOT benefiting normal audiences? -------------------------------- 40 Best Companies working on IOT --------------------------------------------- 45 Future of IOT by 2020 ----------------------------------------------------------- 48 1 |

    3. The internet of things, also called the internet of objects, refers to a wireless network between objects. By embedding short-range mobile transceivers into a wide array of additional gadgets and everyday items to connect and communicate within social, environment and the users. History of IoT: The concept of the internet of things 1st became popular in 1999, through Auto- ID and MIT. Radio frequency identification was the pre requisite for the IOT at that point. Besides using RFID the tagging of things may be achieved through such technologies as near field communication, barcode, QR codes, Bluetooth. From the year 2016 the IoT has a wide range of covering in multiple technologies such as wireless sensor networks, control systems, automation including home and building automation. 2 |

    4. How IOT works: IOT is not the result of a single novel technology instead several complementary technical developments provide capabilities Few such capabilities are addressability, identification, sensing, localization, embedded information processing, and user interfaces. 3 |

    5. Technologies: 1.Wi-Fi 2.Zigbee IEEE 3.Sensors and smart phones. Internet of things has made the mode of payments so easy that there is no direct access to the customer at the time of purchase. Applications: Medical and Healthcare systems Daily life and transport Media 4 |

    6. Advantages: Data: the more the information, the easier it is to make the right decision Tracking: The computers keep a track both on the quality and the viability of the things at home. Money: The financial aspect is the best advantage. The technology could replace humans who are in charge of monitoring. Disadvantages: Privacy: privacy is a big issue with IOT. Safety: There is a chance that the software can be hacked and your personal information misused. Internet of things or IOT is now deemed to be the next big thing of the upcoming years. The idea of IOT is overwhelming the industry and can be said as the next industrial revolution. 5 |

    7. What is IOT at its simplest? To explain simply, Internet of things or IOT is the digital ecosystem. To make thing more simple IOT is nothing else but smart devices. It is any device that has ability to collect or transfer data without manual help. Smartphone can be taken as an example of an IOT device. However the IOT is not limited to just smart phones. From cars to home appliances like refrigerator and air conditioners to business devices, use of IOT is becoming more and more popular 6 |

    8. Origin of IOT Industry Let’s take a look at the history of the IOT industry. The concept is said to be 35 years old when a coke machine at Carniegie Meltion University became the first internet connected appliance. The future model of the IOT was proposed in 2004. Within the last 2 years, world has seen a boom in the IOT industry. Current Size of IOT Industry and Future From last 2 year, world have observed a boom in the IOT industry. Use of IOT is growing in the every industry around the world. A misconception about the IOT is that it is mostly used in technological sector. The facts however tell a different story. The IOT is now used in different industrial sector all around the world. From NPO, NGO to a profit making organization, Use of IOT is growing all around the world. Two years ago it was said that by 2020 the size of IOT industry will exceed to 30.7Billion IOT devices. 7 |

    9. As of 2016, there are approximately 20.35 Billion IOT devices. In 2015 the total of market size of IOT was up to $900 Million which is said to be increased to $3.7 Billion. More growth in IOT industry is expected in the future. There are many threats for the IOT developers and we can overcome these threats by providing security to the IOT developers. The data which is generated by the sensors or by the smart objects can be collected, analysed and processed to monitor and control the environment physically in a pervasive manner. 8 |

    10. Protecting the personal information is the primary key for the consumers in the private sector. Several aspects can be covered when we use IOT in the private sector. In today’s world the IOT plays a vital role towards the digital global transformation. Security for the IOT developers: The IOT is evolving constantly to meet the customer needs and also the needs of every individual. It is really very challenging to find develop a framework for the security using the technology. The security can be developed once we take lessons from the experiences of the past. It is very hard to provide the rules for security in a quick manner as they resemble working to know about a creature biologically. There are many problems that are arising from the IOT in the areas of security. So many giants in tech and some start-ups are developing solution for those security problems. There are many vulnerabilities in the security for IOT devices and some IOT devices are attacked due to vulnerability. Even though there are a plenty of opportunities to offer growth there is no security for the IOT. During the 90’s internet did not deal with different types of the hardware. 9 |

    11. By using Exotic material and different production techniques the manufacturers can reduce the bulk. They also require expensive batteries which are bigger and heavier as they more power. Starting from the individual developers to tech giants everyone needs to play a crucial in order to make the internet secure. The basic points which you need to consider when you need to improve the security of IOT are as follows: The security needs to be emphasized from first day. Both the private and personal information of the customers need to be protected. Have a look on the updates which can be used as the proofs for the future and also on the life cycle. Make sure that the device is authenticated properly and having control when it is accessed. Always have a quick eye to know about your enemy. It is also the responsibility of the developers to get the security breaches prepared. So, if you follow the above instructions for the IOT then you can make your IOT secure. The performance of your IOT can also improve if it has proper security. 10 |

    12. Threats of IOT: The IOT has threats but we are not sure that every threat can be solved with the help of security. We need to analyse the threat at first and then try to solve the threat in a proper procedure. In case if you have a threat in your IOT then you need to understand how that threat is affecting your IOT. If there is a big threat in your IOT then you need to split that into small parts and solve in a step by step manner. You can develop different strategies to solve your threat and implement the best one as required. Smart devices are considered to be vulnerable to many individuals. Connected cars can also be hacked so many people are worried about problem. 11 |

    13. Many cyber security incidents that took place recently should be considered as the teaching lessons for the professionals in security. The DNC (democratic national committee) hacking has leaked many emails and also published them online which can be said a teachable lesson. If you increase the check on staffers and the volunteers on their background then the security can be improved. IOT is not a lost cause together as whole. As the technology is emerging from day to day the developers also need to notice the bugs present in the products and overcome those bugs by providing security. You need to postpone your purchases if IOT is not working and security services are not evolved. There is a chance for a threat to occur if there are insecure protocols as the creation of all the devices is not equal. So you need to disable the insecure protocols in your IOT. If you never change your password and keep your IOT device enabled then that can also be a threat for your IOT. We can ensure that security will be provided by the developers in the future. 12 |

    14. The Internet of things is evolving rapidly in different sectors. Now we are going to discuss about IOT in different sectors. 1.HealthCare: There is a major change in healthcare sector with the Internet of things. To maintain the records of the patient information in earlier days only pen and paper are used. Now-a-days there are many healthcare applications which will allow the patients to schedule their appointments without calling to the doctor’s office or waiting near the reception. The doctors can carry information with wherever they go through the applications in their smartphones. The connectivity is increasing day to day and there is no chance to slow down. The patients can take an active role for their own health and well-being through the portal technology. The portal technology will allow users to login to the website of the healthcare provider. 13 |

    15. The website will allow the patients to access their medical records, download the forms and prepare for the appointments. The home monitoring systems will allow the patients and doctors to keep the track record of health for an individual. Using this system you can avoid the costly and unnecessary trips to sit with the physician when the doctor is not in the office. For both the patient and doctor fronts the IOT is starting slowly to weave into the healthcare. To allow the patients track their health the ultrasounds, electrocardiograms, thermometers, glucose monitors and many more are starting to get connected. 14 |

    16. These technologies will be required in crucial situations when the patient has the follow-up appointments with the doctors. Smart beds have been implemented in many hospitals where the presence of the patient can be sensed and adjust itself automatically. It will adjust to the exact angle and pressure which provides proper support to the patient without the help of nurse. Patient care at home can be transformed with the help of IOT. Some patients do not take appropriate doses and proper medication at the correct time. If you have smart medication dispensers in your home they will upload the information automatically to the cloud. When the patients don’t take the medicine the doctors will get an alert through these smart medical dispensers. Many reputed companies are leading the pack about the IOT and the healthcare. A report has been released by the grand view research recently on the healthcare sector. It noticed that the industry is dominated by a handful of key players. 15 |

    17. Many companies are trying to gain a major part by developing specific products for the medical applications and increasing the research collaboratively. 2.Market Places: The Evolution of IOT in market places plays a key role for the growth of opportunities. Most of the industries recognize that the telecommunication providers and different enterprises of the next decade can avail opportunities through IOT. Home automation and control is the first phase related to IOT. For example by using mobile you can control a home appliance. A normal device like mobile phone is required during this phase and there is no need of special device. Industry automation is the next phase through which the IOT is expended. This phase also includes the applications which can monitor the health and video surveillance. The machine type of communication is defined as a phase in which the data is collected by the sensors. The data is transformed over the network through the remote server and then it is processed. 16 |

    18. Internet of everything is the current phase of IOT where everything is being connected to everything. Special networks and devices are required in order to support that connectivity. The indoor coverage needs to be strong as many of the devices will be placed in the indoor. There should be a large capacity in the network as there may be billions of devices. There is no requirement of high data for the internet devices but they need a long battery life. In the coming future to expect a trillion dollar market an aggressive growth is set by the IOT. By the year 2025 the IOT is estimating to connect nearly 30 billion devices. The significant part of the IOT communications is fixed and short range of networks. As a choice of technology the cellular technology is also forecasted to grow for applications of IOT. To cover the market of health, retail, transportation and other sectors the billion connected devices are required. There is a rapid growth in the adoption of IOT for different industries. Telecom operators will have significant opportunities in the market. The connectivity revenue in IOT is expected to increase from 6 billon US$ to nearly 50 billion US$ during 2011 to 2021. 17 |

    19. A new revenue stream is generated through the larger enterprises and telecom developers in the market. For operating the solutions of IOT there need to be an increase in operational efficiencies. Tremendous devices with volumes need to be deployed. The physical and financial assets need to be utilized for optimizing the adoption of the IOT through business perspective. 3.Consumer Electronics: The consumer electronics are evolving rapidly with differentiated and unique products under immense pressure. A successful product attracts the consumer market quickly than the copycat product which is launched by the competitors. If the products are enhanced and the emerging technologies are supported by the manufacturers then they can stay ahead from the competition. 18 |

    20. There are some reasons why the life cycle of consumer products has a dramatic reduction. It is because many of the manufacturers are putting their total eggs in the same basket. They are trying to produce a complete line of the products in different categories. Many of the manufacturers are often very anxious that they must be the first in the world to make a new product, technology or service. They should not expose their hot products in the early stage and they need to be careful. The makers should be ready to bring the product quickly to the market once the product is revealed to the media or public. 19 |

    21. If the product is not released then other manufacturers will develop a similar product to beat you in the market. You need to get your dealers and salespeople early on board as the timing is critical. You can launch your new product successfully if you have proper marketing material. An advertising agency is required to promote your product as there is a high competition in the market. Some staff members in the electronic industry are well versed with the emerging trends. The way we live, work and play is completely changed completely due to the new technologies. In the human history many new technologies are emerging. The IPhone alone has reached 57 million units in the entire world. When the telecommunications power is combined with the power of computers it will be useful to consumers and it is realized by the CE industry. 4.Smart Homes: As a next step towards the evolution of technology many people are having a long dream in their heart about the smart homes. There are some latest developments in the smart home technology which include cooking through the voice commands, controlling the light and 20 |

    22. heat from your home. It will make you interact with your home and carry the tasks in your home. When we look in to history of the smart home technology there is betterment in the present as compared to the past. Improvements will be done on the existing services and new functions and services will be offered. To our surprise we can predict the accuracy of present and future with the improvements in technology. For the next couple of years it is clear that your old home will do many wonders which you have never imagined before. In 1932 a robot named alpha was designed as a personal assistant. There was an exhibition at Dome in Brighton. The robot is programmed in order to answer the voice commands in a sequence. 21 |

    23. It also includes firing a gun. The creator had apparently thought that there would be no mistake in teaching a prototype robot how to shoot with a gun. The live audience are explained about how to demonstrate this feature. It is still an under development issue about using the robots as assistants. A bright mechanical engineer named Emil Mathias has first created and used a fully automated functional house. He is a workman who handed his tools in a great way. To perform almost every task of the day with a simple push button, a unique abode was created by Mathias. Even there are a few impracticalities; the end product was very impressive. The house is no for sale and also not sponsored by any company. The IOT is the main force for the evolution of the smart homes. You cannot imagine how technology integrates into the common items and automated with IOT which is a technological trend. In future the devices will work in harmony and also communicate with each other. 22 |

    24. Your TV screens and windows can sense movements done by you in your house and can tune accordingly. There is a broad range for independent household applications in IOT for the current trends. A simple and smooth process will happen when the smart devices are integrated in the future. You can have new breath for your life at home. 5.Smart Cities: From the last few decades the number of people living in cities has increased substantially. The percentage of people living in the rural areas will gradually decrease by the year 2050. As per the projections made by WHO and the United Nations the urban population will be nearly 66 percent. The communication networks will have great demand and there will be intense population on roads which will create traffic congestion. 23 |

    25. There will be a considerable strain on limited resources available due to the high population density. The local environment is also impacted due to the population density. The municipal governance, service providers and then utility companies need to take serious challenges. There are 28 smart cities which are recognized currently around the globe. More than 10 cities are expected to qualify as smart cities by the year 2030. The IOT becomes inevitable now due to its applications. The multitude of issues faced by urban people in the modern society can be solved with the help of IOT. 24 |

    26. Every metropolitan city will have sensors connected to the cloud. Different types of data can be accessed and monitored continuously which is acquired by the cloud. New services or functions will be developed and improvements will be done on the existing services. The cities in the future will be enabled to cope up people with a better quality of life as per their aspirations. It will considerably take some time for the older cities to exploit with the smart technology. Consider an example, the wireless communication can be used to make things easier than the wire line approach. This can reduce the expense and the inconvenience of laying cables which is a considerable factor. To allow the commuters to find their cars the smart parking systems are used. Many applications could be responsible to generate revenue and push the smart cities to a new agenda. 6.Automobiles: The IOT has lead a connectivity to touch every industry in the world without leaving any sector. 25 |

    27. There is a substantial impact on every sector of the IOT and now it started to influence the automobile sector. It includes how we handle the automobiles, drive them and purchase them. The world gets smarter when smart phones are used as connection between one devices to the other device. There is an emotional turmoil among the customers due to the inefficiency of the car dealers. The customers can save a lot of money if they go through the news of the online car deals. No mediator will be required if the buyers and sellers don’t have trust on the dealer. The customers can save a lot of money which is nearly about 1000$ in a one deal if there is no mediator. Earlier, people used to research about the car if they want to but now they can research and buy from the online services. It is in fact becoming a popular idea these days. 26 |

    28. In the auto industry service the revolutionary changes in finance and IOT are making a great change. With the help of IOT the insurance companies can monitor the speed, habits, driving time of the auto drivers. Through IOT we can expect a plenty of drivers who are cautious about Driving. Because the drivers know that their insurance premiums will be lowered so that they will drive carefully. This can potentially reduce the threat to the property and people due to the incentivizing customers. The customers can be helped to be better on road by predicting the habits of drivers through IOT analysis. Driverless cars will be developed and evolved through IOT. Without the involvement of driver the car will be connected with the help of software and it is in process. 27 |

    29. Many companies in the world are trying to create new products as the technology is emerging in our day-to-day life. There is a huge competition among the countries in the world to take the Interne of things to the next level. Some countries are specialized in developing specific products. The IOT has different sectors in which the products can be developed. These sectors include healthcare, hospitality, automobiles, consumer electronics, smart cities and smart homes. Top Countries: As per the Hawaii Global Connectivity Index, the United States is considered as the most connected country in the world. This includes factors like investments in the networks, storage, computing and e-commerce with other economic variables. 28 |

    30. Apart from the United States the top 10 connected nations in order are Sweden, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Denmark, South Korea, the Netherlands, Japan and Norway. The US is dominating with a robust strength in the supply and demand of the ICT services. The data centres, cloud services, broadband, big data and IOT are enabled with the help of digital transformation. The stakeholders are represented with a target by the technologies and they should keep a focus on their investments. To transform their economies to the digital age efficiently the investments must be focused. According to the survey at the Hawaii the report says the least connected countries are Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Digitalization is done in all the economies but the GCI will provide a guide only on the countries which are ahead and which are beyond on the digitalization. In order to identify the enterprise leaders with the policymakers this is a platform. A new digital economy can be created in order to build a better connected world. 29 |

    31. The research and development facilities can be improved which provides more opportunities to the people around the globe. IOT (Internet of Things) is changing the way of living. IoT is influencing the industries with the advancement in new methods and connecting industries. IOT is now transforming to every walk of life including your home, office, city or anywhere. The IoT products offer insights to product consumption and having great control over products. It is successful in connecting people, communities, systems and environments better and shaping our lives. 30 |

    32. Everyone needs the best products to shape their lives and IOT has solved this problem by ranking the top products, from the smart devices to software, enterprise platforms, and tools for connecting to different products etc. Let address the top ten countries and their IoT products or companies that are working in those countries. The list of them is given below: 31 |

    33. Korea Samsung Electronics in Korea is known as the best semiconductor manufacturers which are the top rated company in the world for communicating many devices. MagnaChip is another top-rated semiconductor designer company that works for single to high volume applications for consumers and build a semiconductor platform for the users. LG is offering wonderful home appliances to live life happier and easier. The innovative products of appliances and electronics like LED lighting, AC, Fridge, etc., are already working and now LG is offering the robust products for consumers. Comizoa is the leader famous for as an innovative network motion controller working in Korea. It can capable for acquisitions the data systems, AllNet, Ether Cat and EtherNet IP. DUALi Inc. is working as a solution provider for the smartcards including, e- Passports, and e-Payment, e-ID and NFC advance solutions for both software and hardware. 32 |

    34. Denmark Secomea is a company that is owned privately by the Danish company. It's the top market leader in the network security for offices working in Denmark. This company has worked and built the line of Firewall and provides the device Mgt solution by remotes. Seluxit is another international company working with its team in Aalborg, in the Denmark. This company works with its team of experts to set the wireless communication protocols, including the rooted hardware and the software development that works as a gateway for the user interface integration for the users to connect their devices as an IoT solution. Which will enable the communication through devices over the internet. Switzerland ABB is also known as a global leader due to automation and the power technologies, to improve the productivity, quality and provide solutions for customer operations in an environment. Bastila is working is Switzerland that is offering the management system for vehicles known as ecosystem A complete system for the fleet mgt 33 |

    35. software, or the smartphone applications as a solution for the smart, a system for travelers for a smart transportation to manage many vehicles at the same time. Bastila is also working for offering vehicles solution to operate them as a fleet for public transportation. It offers the software for the real-time fleets of vehicles optimization. The purpose is to make the supply chain easier globally. USA ThingWorx is the enterprise that is offering the standing by technology platform only. That may enable the developers to develop for the rapid solutions for their smart devices over the internet. It provides the fastest technology solutions than anyone else that can meet the large enterprise's needs. Bright Wolf is another trusted technology supplier in U.S that is offering its services to 1000 companies for their product solutions. The Intel designs are the manufactures in U.S and they sell the integrated digital platforms of technology to the worldwide which may use various 34 |

    36. applications for computing. The microprocessor system of data can control multiple devices in any system. Cisco is another well-known manufacturer that design and offers their broad lines of many products for selling to connect networks worldwide. Netherlands The name Zenodys is very popular in Netherlands for setting the complex environments for businesses, for connectivity automation. Its IOT platform allocates the industry to connect more devices without writing the codes by using a visual interface. 35 |

    37. Lumileds is well known as a global leader for light, that is delivering the high- quality and innovative LEDs for to creating the next generation infiltrate products. NXP is known as a market leader offering the semiconductor that enables the Internet of use in Tomorrow. Being a global leader it is processing and intellect more solutions, with innovative to connect the world for future. Gemalto is known as a security provider across different segments including machines, mobile, security transactions etc. It will offer the more suitable digital interactions for secure transactions in future. Germany The sap is the well-known enterprise resource planning (ERP), software leading provider that may use to incorporate the back-office functions. The most valuable products of SAP are the CRM software and ERP that is forefront by its business suite. Siemens is known as the leading engineering enterprise in Europe with its electrification value chain. Siemens Technology is offering the advanced algorithms to businesses with high computing power and flood of data to facilitate the smart systems. 36 |

    38. Sweden HMS the Industrial Networks is the top supplier of communication products that offers independently. It has three brands including IXXAT, Anybus, and eWON that enable the devices of industries to connect different networks. Its headquarters is in Swede, whereas the development centers are in Belgium and Germany. It manufactures all the communication products and markets than to connect the industrial devices their networks. Ericsson is also working as a service provider in the field of software and communications in mobility. That enables the infrastructures in industries and some other sectors for increasing the business efficiency and to gain new opportunities for future. Spain Libelium is Spain designs and produces the hardware technology for the wireless sensor networks, for the purpose of system integrators. They develop the smart city solutions within the minimum time period. 37 |

    39. UrbIoTica is also the smart city solution provider working in Spain. It provides the solutions like the Smart Parking, Monitoring the noise and Traffic in the urban areas of worldwide for service mgt. Telefónica is an offering its services to facilitate the communication among peoples is a secure art of the technology for the better living. Carrots are an also offering a cloud platform for connecting objects throughout the Internet by making applications on CarrIoTs. France France is central to the digital transformation. HiKoB is one of the leading wireless service providers in France that may create the strategic data on the physical resources for feeding in the information system. Schneider Electric is global equipment manufacturer for the electrical distribution of power and control. It helps in the distribution of electricity and designs the automation systems for your automobile and the industries of water treatment. Atos is a service to facilities the management, and consults for e-commerce, for designing the systems to integration. 38 |

    40. Portugal Prodsmart is working in Portugal as a real-time tracking system for the production lines that turn them to a smart digital factory. Here the Manufacturing Execution System may revolve all the smart phones devices into a process data form. By removing the paper and providing the synchronized analytics allow the waste reduction and cause for the improvements in efficiency. It also provides quick decisions ability for the independent software- implementation processes. India Infosys is working as a global leader in India for consulting, outsourcing, providing technology, and services for the next-generation services. Stellapps is offering the top technology solutions that work independently in India. It may produce the inclusive farm monitoring and optimization support, to help the cooperatives and farmers for maximizing their profits. 39 |

    41. Prodapt is the top software engineering and service provider in Indian in the ICT industry. Which is the partner with 500 companies for establishing the domain for strong leadership. Altiux is also working in India known for its innovations as an engineering product designating company. It designs and provides the products and offer solutions for connecting throughout the world. There are many benefits for the normal audience through IOT. As the technology is changing form day to day the audiences need to have knowledge on the emerging technology. 40 |

    42. They can understand how to use the technology and can also estimate the advantages and disadvantages of using the technology. In the coming future there is no need remember and turn off the oven when the cake is ready. When you enter a room it not necessary to switch on the lights or use the clothes dryer when there are lower electricity rates. Everything will be done by your home automatically due to the smart technology. All the products are evolved from the IOT and their aim is to make life in an automatic way by connecting the smart devices to your home appliances. The efficiency can be improved if everything works right but you can compromise on privacy if it does not work. The behaviour of the devices can be monitored with the motion of the sensors, facial recognition technology and the Bluetooth technology. These IoT gadgets are used to identify our presence in the home and make corresponding responses to the room temperature. Companies like Samsung, LG and other start-ups are working to meet the industry standards. 41 |

    43. Benefits: We will have an idea on the different innovations with the help of IOT. A research firm called Next Market Insights will keep a track on the technologies that are emerging from day to day. Consumers may get confused with the different products and they don’t know that which product will work better. They can choose the correct product if they see the specifications of the product. Compatibility is the biggest challenge in the IOT industry. As there is no protocol or universal coding language all products cannot communicate with each other. Dominance in the market lays an elbow for the tech behemoths. In order to connect the home appliances to the smart phones, Apple has launched the Home Kit App. Smart things which is a maker of things is acquired by Samsung. Smart things can be used to control and coordinate the devices which are made by different firms. If the products will not work with each other, then the consumer might be frustrated so the companies are trying to create a new language. 42 |

    44. Even though it is going to take some time it will be a great moment when it is done. Thread group is aiming to develop a new communication standard so that all the devices can use. The companies must collaborate in order to get the work connected. The potential of IOT can transform our economy, society and life style. We need to pull together in order to deliver the promise. The consumer’s money can be saved by reducing the load on the power grid. With the help of the august smart lock we can unlock or lock the door automatically. It will put in a home or away mode with the nest thermostat. If you will not be in home for some hours then thermostat will give an indication. 43 |

    45. That indicates a whirlpool clothes dryer to lower the heat setting, use a shower when there are low rates in the electricity. There is a big challenge for our privacy with the IOT. Apart from the benefits of IOT there may be some privacy concerns. Most of the aspects in the everyday lives will be digitally stored and observed in the coming future. A complete picture of the individual will be portrayed with all the personal information. But the smart home makers are telling that privacy will be primary factor to the customers. They will protect the information which they collect. Smart devices offer the convenience but for the privacy a new facial recognition camera is used which will help you keep track of your family members in your home. It will not store that information online but it will store on the memory card of the device. In every year out of five homes in US with broadband access will buy at least one smart home device. According to a survey most of the smart-home device buyers are under the age of 35 years. The supply chain will have a great opportunity to play a critical leadership role which defines the overall business strategy. 44 |

    46. The supply chain organizations must be able to cope up with growing supply, demand and disruption in the product. Skill set and leadership qualities should be acquired by the organization of the supply chain to define the direction in the strategic technology. You need to focus traditionally in order to support functions in the supply chain. There may be some uncertainty in the state of art technology. The IOT will create new challenges for the enterprises and also new opportunities. Big organizations were known for the rooting of Internet of Things, but recently many businesses are also trying IoT. Some businesses in the market with smaller brand names are even trying out their luck. Check out the following top companies working on IoT; what they are known for in technology innovation and how they contribute to making life more comfortable. 1.Microsoft It is famous for producing the best operating system used across in a personal computer, smartphone (windows smartphone) and tablet. In 2017 Microsoft is 45 |

    47. rated among the top ten as a company working on the internet of things. Its prime focus is on the progress of azure offering their computing services in creating, analyzing, organizing, and running applications through a global network of their data server centers. Many companies use azure IoT because of their best services. Also, voice-controlled virtual assistant known as Cortana (ranked second best after Siri) is also their internet of things. It helps in virtual evaluation of technologies through reporting ordinary programmes. 2.Intel The company is famous due being the second largest producer of semiconductor chips and microchips after Samsung company. It has ventured in working of the internet of things. Since it declared to venture in IoT, it will now compete with Microsoft Company despite being its leading producer of their computers. Intel Company has started producing IoT hardware and unique software with an aim to overtake the giant Microsoft Company in IoT. 3.Google It is famous because of the mobile phone operating system Android. Also, recently has started producing computer operating system similar to that of 46 |

    48. mobile phones due to the market demand. It has partnered with various companies even in IoT platform. It has lately invested heavily almost $3.2 B through smart-home system confidently to serve the needs of IoT. 4.Amazon web Amazon web services launched in 2016 is well known for hosting online business through its Amazon cloud. It is making its foot forward through the focus on working on the internet of things in the digital media. Its emphasis on IoT is to help automaker BMW it tracking of drivers and case efficiently. More so, help J. Deere agriculture machines manufacturer to track seeds fast with less struggle. 5.AT & T AT & T is the leading company it providing of wireless international and regional calls to the USA. It is making its high progressive steps towards providing internet of things and create their network security through collaboration with Cisco. It launched a cloud-based storage named M2X. Right now that already it has 6 million vehicles connected to its internet of things network. 6.Dell 47 |

    49. It is well established computer hardware manufacturing company. In 2014 it launched its internet of things laboratories in Silicon Valley. It is now a host of components of IoT with friendly and relaxed customer access and usability. If you want best in the internet of things, consider the above performing companies on your top list for the best services in your business. As there is a decline in the cost and size of the sensors and the communication technologies the IOT will grow with leaps. There will no bounds for ‘Internet of Things’ by 2020. Nearly 30 billion people will be connected to the internet by 2020. As the technology is also evolving the governments and businesses are also struggling to integrate the IOT. To improve the model of delivery in different fields like health care, security, transportation, defence and the other areas there is a need to analyze the data. The government is forced to keep pace with the technology that is changing from day to day. It is a big headache for IOT due to the exponential growth. 48 |

    50. IoT in 2020: To protect the data and make the consumers to have control over their data a new model called pay for privacy will be emerge. As privacy will become the centre stage and sources of data will have things in multitude. As an advent for advanced analytics and smart sensors the IOT applications can be enabled to move beyond instead of just monitoring. They are materialized by the intervention applications. The objects, systems, sensors and the processes will begin as the large players due to the standardization in IOT. The industrial market place is converged to evolve the standards of the industry. 49 |