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The Walking Dead .

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The walking dead

The Walking Dead

The walking dead is a television series by Frank Darabont based on a comic book series of the same name. The Universe it’s based in is one where the world has been overrun by flesh-eating zombies. It has spawned a number of series and was generally well received and has been nominated for many awards including a golden globe(1)

C ast


S tory

The story of the walking dead revolves around a small group of survivors struggling to survive in a zombie filled world and struggling to keep their humanity and the story follows the group through their varying adventureslooking for safety and somewhere to call home, the story is almost completely based on a comic book series with the same name, the comic book series had 20 volumes, each volume having a number of issues (3).

The zombie plague in the walking dead is also different from most zombie plagues in media in the way that every single person alive or dead has the zombie infection if they die (as long as they haven’t received a head wound prior to dying)

The walking dead has spawned a series of games – one being made in the image of the tv series with episodic content and a more cinematic approach and multiple choices, and two (survival instinct), following the early story of one of the series’s main characters ‘Daryl Dixon’.

Viewer figures the walking dead viewers per episode in thousands reference needed
Viewer figuresThe Walking Dead: Viewers per episode (in thousands) reference needed

Season 1 (2010): Viewers of the first airing on AMC in the U.S. on Sunday at 10:00 pm ET

Season 2 (2011–12): Viewers of the first airing on AMC in the U.S. on Sunday at 9:00 pm ET

Season 3 (2012–13): Viewers of the first airing on AMC in the U.S. on Sunday at 9:00 pm ET (4)


  • There was controversy revolving around the killing of children in the show, mostly around the killing of 3 little girls, one of which was a main character.(5)

  • There was also controversy around the killing of another of the main characters - “Glenn Rhee” but not because of the killing of the character himself, but because fans responded to it in such a bad way, they sent death threats to the walking dead executives and generally over reacted.(6)

  • There was also controversy around another killing, this time of a pregnant woman “Lori Grimes”. In the story she is killed when she goes into labor and one of the other main characters is forced to perform a caesarean section on her to save the baby.(7)

My own project
My own project

I think it would be possible to make my own zombie themed comedy in Ellesmere Port. It would be a story about a survivor, named Steve, who survived the zombie apocalypse but instead of being depressed about the loss of everyone he’s ever known decides that the newly empty town could be an entertaining playground and the story follows his random adventures through Ellesmere Port and his day to day. Through his adventures he would meet other survivors who’s quirks and personality has helped them survive the apocalypse.

Later into his adventures he finds the truth to the zombie apocalypse that the government where trying to clone various figures from throughout history resulting in insane mindless figures wearing the faces of them. That can be used to great comedy effect later in the story with evil zombie Napoleon's, Margaret Thatcher’s and other such people.