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The Walking Dead: Book 1

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The Walking Dead: Book 1

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  1. The Walking Dead: Book 1 By: Gus K.

  2. The Hospital As you can see they are relating the cartoon to the actor when he is in the hospital. This all happens when Rick (The main character) gets shot on his police duty while trying To stop a criminal at hand. This leads him to go into a coma and wake up into a zombie Apocalypse while he is in a coma.

  3. Run-Away As he ran away from the hospital he walked into a horrible sight of a suffering zombie with Nothing left but arms. As he walked away he was hit by a shovel and saved by a couple of His neighbors.

  4. People After he is released to be able to leave his neighbor’s house with only a head injury he Is told that everybody is located in the big city Atlanta were he would find his family And friends

  5. Atlanta Atlanta was supposed to be military protected but as you can see in this comic the City has been overrun with zombies and this is why I am scared to drive through or Spend the night in Atlanta.

  6. The Family While Rick was almost mauled by zombies he meets a friend named Glen (the one with The baseball hat in the picture) and is told that he would be led out of the city Of zombies and taken to a camp where he meets his wife and son once again and Shane isn’t too happy about that.

  7. The End • Read the book to find out what happened to Shane and how this will affect Rick and his wife Lori.