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Peace process

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Peace process
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Peace process

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  1. Oz Naor Israeli Emissary January 2011 Peace process

  2. The Middle East

  3. Movements & Organizations Operation Litany - 1978 Lebanon war - began on 6 June 1982. 1985 Israel withdrawals from Beirut and forms the security strip. Prier to 1995

  4. Movements & Organizations Amal Movement Palestine Liberation Organization Hezbollah

  5. PLO (expelled from Jordan 1970; led by Yasser Arafat) and Syrian forces launching raids and rockets into northern Israel from southern Lebanon during Lebanese civil war. Israel responded in 1978 by damaging attacks against PLO bases 1978 Operation ”Litany” The operation in South Lebanon included an invasion in Lebanon up to the Litany River carried out by the Israel Defense Forces . It was a military success as PLO forces were pushed north of the river. However, objections from the Lebanese government led to the creation of the UNIFIL peace keeping force and a partial Israeli withdrawal.

  6. UNIFIL force failed to keep rocket attacks from south Lebanon on civilian population in the Galil During 1981 Attacks – 29 Israelis killed and 300 injured. June 3, 1982 – Assassination attempt on Israeli ambassador to Great Britain. June 6, 1982– Operation Peace for the Galilee “ShlomHaGalil” led by Ariel Sharon as the Minster of Defense, is set up to stop the PLO establishment in Lebanon. 1982 “ShlomHaGalil”

  7. The security zone • 1985 PLO is chased out of Lebanon, IDF creates a scurity zone 20 mile north of the border. Hezbollah overcome AMAL and gains control over the Siha forces in south Lebanon. • Syria and Iran begin support for Hezbollah in Lebanon to continue fight against Israel

  8. 1993 - On July 25, 1993, Israeli forces launched a week-long attack against Lebanon named Operation Accountability in Israel and the Seven-Day War in Lebanon. Israel specified three purposes to the operation, to strike directly at Hezbollah, to make it difficult for Hezbollah to use southern Lebanon as a base for striking Israel, and to displace refugees in the hopes of pressuring the Lebanese government to intervene against Hezbollah. The affected civilian population included both Lebanese and Palestinian refugees. 1996 - Operation “Grapes of Wrath” ‎) is the Israeli Defense Forces code-name for a sixteen-day military blitz against Lebanon in 1996 in an attempt to end shelling of Northern Israel by Hezbollah. 1993 - 1996

  9. IDF disasters in Lebanon The shayetet 13 disaster in antzriya 1998 In February 1997, two Israeli military helicopters ferrying troops into the Security Zone collided, killing over 70 soldiers on board. Brigadier general Erez Gerstein

  10. Out of the helicopterstrauma, a number of women that their sons serving in Lebanon came together and drafted an open letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calling on him to bring the boys home. The women's letter would, over the coming weeks, evolve into The Four Mothers Movement. Four mothers movement

  11. IDF Withdrawal May 2000 Recognizing the shift in public sentiment, Ehud Barak, the Labor Party's candidate for Prime Minister, announced that if elected he would move to bring the IDF back to the blue line. Over the course of two days in May 2000, the IDF full withdrew from the Security Zone.

  12. Hezbollah attacks October 2000 7 Oct 2000 - Kidnapping:Three IDF soldiers: Adi Avitan, Omer Soued and Binyamin Avraham were kidnapped by the Hizballah from the Mt. Dov sector.

  13. January 29, 2004 Prisoner exchange Israel Lebanon The 3 kidnapped Israeli solders and one citizen are returned in exchange for 400 Palestinian terrorist and 36 minority prisoners.

  14. Udi Goldwasser EldadRegev Hezbollah attacks July 2006 In a meticulously-planned attack by the Hizbullah, terrorists infiltrated into Israel early Wednesday morning (12 july 2006) and fired anti-tank rockets at an IDF patrol along the western border near Zarit, killing three soldiers and abducting another two.

  15. Hezbollah attacks In a meticulously-planned attack by the Hizbullah, terrorists infiltrated into Israel early Wednesday morning (12 july 2006) and fired anti-tank rockets at an IDF patrol along the western border near Zarit, killing three soldiers and abducting another two. while firing rockets to civilian aims in northern Israel. Hedera

  16. The second Lebanon war

  17. Heroes Dr. Nimrod Adi Major Tomer Bohadana Major Roy Kline

  18. United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701 is a resolution that was intended to resolve the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict. The Resolution demands: Full cessation of hostilities Israel to withdraw all of its forces from Lebanon in parallel with Lebanese and UNIFIL soldiers deploying throughout the South Hezbollah to be disarmed Full control of Lebanon by the government of Lebanon No paramilitary forces, including (and implying) Hezbollah, will be south of the LitaniRiver The Resolution at the same time also emphasizes: The need to address urgently the unconditional release of the abducted Israeli soldiers, that have given rise to the current crisis. UN Resolution 1701

  19. Winograd Report The WinogradCommission-is an Israeli government-appointed commission of inquiry, chaired by retired judge EliyahuWinograd, which investigated and drew lessons from the Israel-Hezbollah War

  20. July 16, 2008 Prisoner exchange Israel Lebanon The 2 kidnapped Israeli solders returned in exchange for 5 Palestinian terrorist among them SamirKuntar and 195 terrorist bodies.

  21. Today in Lebanon

  22. July 2010 1. After receiving authorization from the U.N. peacekeeping forces (UNIFIL) Israel’s army operates a “cherry picker” to cut down a tree inside the Israeli border. 5. Israel soldier returns fire. 2. The ill-fated tree the IDF was cutting down when Lebanon attacked. 6. U.N. soldier waving to Israel to stop tree cutting. (The following day, Israel’s army personnel returned to finish cutting down the tree.) 3. & 4. U.N. peacekeeping troops stand watching as Lebanon shoots at Israeli soldiers.

  23. Oz Naor Israeli Emissary 330 316 5699 December 2010 Questions