merlin beamline rixs refocusing mirror system
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MERLIN BEAMLINE RIXS refocusing mirror system

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MERLIN BEAMLINE RIXS refocusing mirror system - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MERLIN BEAMLINE RIXS refocusing mirror system. D. Yegian 12-19-08. The MERLIN beamline 4-0-3. The endstations area. Mirrors to be reviewed. The mirror system. Beam. Beam. View from an inboard downstream position. View from an outboard upstream position.

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the merlin beamline 4 0 3
The MERLIN beamline 4-0-3

4-0-3 RIXS KB mirror review

the endstations area
The endstations area

Mirrors to be reviewed

4-0-3 RIXS KB mirror review

the mirror system
The mirror system



View from an inboard downstream position

View from an outboard upstream position

4-0-3 RIXS KB mirror review

the mirrors on the mounting plate
The mirrors on the mounting plate

M323 Silicon Flat (Ellipse) Spec. 10272, Dwg. 26F168 Vertical deflection 6 degree

M322 Silicon Spherical (R=38.1M) Spec. 10273, Dwg. 26F239 Horizontal deflection 6 degree


4-0-3 RIXS KB mirror review

the stand
The stand

The 4 posts are ASTM A500B rectangular tubing 6” x 8” x .25”

Cross members are 2” x 6” x .25”

Floor plate 1” thick

Hole in the center is for grouting with Chockfast Red

Not Zanite-filled




4-0-3 RIXS KB mirror review

stability of the stand
Stability of the stand

Shear plates, no Zanite First mode at 77Hz

Zanite, no shear plates First mode at 82Hz

Without Shear Plates or Zanite - first mode at 61Hz

Engineering note number M7629 written by Will Thur recommends to have the first mode above 20Hz. As there is a cryocompressor nearby and the ARPES stand was designed to be above 60Hz, this stand meets the same goal without zanite or shear plates.

4-0-3 RIXS KB mirror review

earthquake safety
Earthquake safety
  • Total mass: 1435lb
  • Pull out load per anchor :

F=(1435*.7*(32.5/31.5))/2 =518 lbs

  • Shear load :

F=1435*.7/4=251 lbs

=> Safety factor from seismic calculations is 2.8 or greater



4-0-3 RIXS KB mirror review

vacuum vessel ports
Vacuum vessel ports

Downstream diagnostic

Roll Mechanism

Upstream diagnostic

Future diagnostic

Diagnostic port


Access Ports

4-0-3 RIXS KB mirror review

phosphor coated surfaces
Phosphor coated surfaces

Downstream Bender clamp


Upstream Bender clamp

Variable width vertical aperture

4-0-3 RIXS KB mirror review

m322 description and specifications
M322: description and specifications

Table II: alignment and stability requirement for M322

Ref: RIXS_refocus_101607.doc in eRoom

4-0-3 RIXS KB mirror review

flexure design stress
Flexure Design / Stress

Flexure: 6061-T6 Aluminum

Moment on flexure face of 1375 N-mm (12.2 in-lb) will bottom out flexure on integral hardstop

If bottomed out: 106 MPa

Max Stress allowed: 276 MPa

Safety factor: 2.6 for yielding

Will place shim in .012” (.3 mm) in gap to reduce handling issues

4-0-3 RIXS KB mirror review

leaf spring mechanism
Leaf Spring Mechanism

Leaf Spring: 17-4 PH, .031 thick, 6” long

Travel: 25mm max (doesn’t bottom out)

Deformation in vertical: ~1.8mm at max

Nominal location: 12.5mm, set optic parallel to gravity at this position

Step size: 25 um (.001”) give 4.6 urad (goal) (if greater resolution desired, use .020” for the leaf spring which will give ~4x the resolution), use tilt sensor for “home” position

Stress levels: ~500 MPa, (1000 MPa yield for 17-4 PH H900 )

4-0-3 RIXS KB mirror review

m323 elliptical bender mechanism
M323 Elliptical Bender Mechanism

Table III: alignment and stability requirement for M323.

Note: Can roll M322 if Y or Z offset too large.

m323 elliptical bender mechanism1
M323 Elliptical Bender Mechanism


S Spring

Leaf Spring

Bender Beam 10:1 lever

Hard stops


Silicon flat, 8mm thick, side shaping to achieve ellipse when bent

Upstream couple: 3.66 N-m (2.7 ft-lb), Downstream couple: 6.11 N-m (4.5 ft-lb)

Leaf spring thickness (up: 2.0mm, down: 2.5mm) set for 10mm displacement

Leaf spring material: 17-4 PH H900

LVDT to correlate (absolute) with bend set on LTP: resolution .05um for 1.0 mm travel

glue block details
Glue Block Details

Mask captures mirror

“Washer” bars to minimize torsion upon tightening

Hysol 9309.3NA

Chamfers at top and end of shelf to allow for epoxy fillet and to reduce stress at edges

Tapered shelf to reduce stress

fea of bending mechanism
FEA of bending mechanism
  • Stresses in bending mechanism parts are well below yield strength for Stainless 17-4 PH. Max stress 25 MPa.
fea of glue block
FEA of glue block

Bond shear stresses are below shear strength of epoxy: 32 MPa for Hysol 9309.3 NA. Max downstream is 15 MPa, max upstream is 10 MPa.


Clamp nut (2x)

Hard stop to limit leaf spring (set .5mm above 10mm nominal bend)

Washer (2x)

Precision ball (2x)

Threaded rod

LVDT: 050- HR

Resolution: .05 um (20x min. step size)


4-0-3 RIXS KB mirror review


m323 parameter table
M323 Parameter Table

Rotary motion of screw

Linear motion of screw

4-0-3 RIXS KB mirror review

additional components
Additional Components

Upstream assembly has pumping for vessel, diagnostic paddle (wire, mesh, photodiode), and shutter

Within vessel, variable vertical defining aperture for selecting illumination location on optic