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Pitch. Originality of the Idea.

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originality of the idea
Originality of the Idea
  • Our idea is original as it is based in a completely normal school setting, even though things are not completely normal because there is a supernatural side to things, there are vampires. People who watch ‘Vampire Diaries’ may see similarities as they also have vampires in a school, however our aim is to show the characters in certain ways to show the difference between this TV Drama. It is also original as it shows some of the aspects of being a school child in this society, with slightly more drama and so the audience can sympathise with characters like Emily who we see loses her best friend in this TV Drama, so it shows the emotions someone can go through by losing someone close to them. Lastly our idea is unique because as a group we came up with different ideas to pull our TV Drama together, so there are a range of things that people individually came up with in a group so our TV Drama would not be a lot like other ones which are already on TV.


  • At the very start Felicity dies, killed by her so called ‘boyfriend’.
  • Felicity was alone coming back from doing school work when she got attacked by a thirsty vampire
  • The next day we see Emily, Annie’s old best friend grieving and Annie helping also becoming closer to Emily.
  • A new friendship group is formed including Emily, Annie, Zack and Elliot (being the fake friend).
  • Elliot and Zack are vampires, Zack being the good one and warning Elliot to stay away from the girls trying to protect them
  • The girls know nothing about the supernatural world
  • The bite marks on Felicity’s neck puzzles the two girls as they try to figure out what creature has killed her, Zack tries to keep them off the subject for he knows the true killer of Felicity.

Sub- Genre

The sub-genre we chose for our TV drama is fantasy.

Something we were/are interested in.

We chose this because…

Because we thought it would excite viewers imaginations

Something we believe people our target audience (12 to 18 year olds) would enjoy to see.


Our idea will be a success!

Because fantasy programmes are more popular now.

Our idea is original.

Because it will entertain people.

Because it is appropriate for our target audience (12 to 18 year olds)


Character List:


Elliot is moody, dark, tall and overpowering… He is secretly a vampire and frequently bites people… he is aggressive and scary and he is the character that kills his girlfriend Felicity – played by Bethan


Zack is a bright intelligent teenage boy; he is secretly a vampire, but a vegetarian one who doesn’t bite humans. He is dating Annie and knows it was Elliot that killed Felicity… He warns Elliot off after the attack to protect his girlfriend and their new friend Emily


Annie is Zack’s girlfriend and doesn’t know that him and Elliot are vampires... She is devastated by her best friend’s death and becomes close to Emily.


Emily is a sweet fun loving girl who is quiet and friendly… She makes friends with Annie and Zack after Felicity’s death. In our TV Drama, Emily will be shown as the ‘protoganist’ as well as Zack who in future episodes would try saving the girls constantly.


-Male teacher










  • Earphones (Felicity when walking from school)
  • Phone (Felicity when she’s checking her phone)
  • Heart locket (Annie)
  • Emily (Best friends necklace)
  • Phone (For teacher when calling the police)
  • School bags (For all the students – have own)
  • Fake blood (Felicity’s blood)
  • Weights (P.E. teacher who finds body)


Felicity: School uniform –trousers and white shirt, yellow and black tie, and black blazer. Worn perfectly (e.g. the tie clipped on, shirt tucked in), Wearing a couple of bracelets on her wrist.

Worn like this to show she is a good girl, but trousers to show Felicity is a bit of a tomboy, but a couple of bracelets to show a bit of a feminine side.

Elliot: (Scene 1) – School uniform, white shirt and black trousers, yellow tie off, wearing black jacket over the top.

Worn like this to show he is out of school times now so he doesn’t have to wear uniform as good.

(Scene 2) – School uniform worn badly, shirt hanging out, tie on the second button, blazer sleeves rolled up.

Worn like this to show he is not a motivated school kid and bad.

P.E. teacher: Blue tracksuit bottoms, white shirt, trainers, hair tied back, no jewellery.

Worn like this to show a typical P.E. teacher, with health and safety risks like no jewellery and her hair tied back.

Male Teacher: Suit; White shirt, tie, black blazer and trousers, Worn well, holding a folder of school work.

Worn like this to show a good teacher with a bit of a higher status than the P.E. teacher. He holds a folder to show the importance of his work.


Costumes continued:

Emily: School uniform, worn really well, shirt tucked in, skirt at a good length, tie in the right place, wearing little make-up, best friend necklace.

Worn like this to show she is good in school and she is innocent.

Annie: School uniform, skirts a bit higher than the others, shirts still tucked in and tie in the right place, wearing a grey cardigan with her school uniform, Wearing a bit more make-up than the other girls.

Wears her skirt a bit higher than the other girls to show she is a bit more careless but still she wears her tie and shirt tucked in to show she can be a good student, Wearing make-up to show her insecurities.

Zack: School uniform, trousers and the average school shoes, shirt rolled up with a bit hanging out, blazer sleeves down.

Worn like this to show he is a good student and he cares a bit more about the rules but doesn’t completely follow them because his shirt is rolled up.



  • I.T. room (where Felicity is leaving)
  • I.T. corridor and the stairs by it (whilst Felicity is walking out of school)
  • Outside around the shelter (whilst Felicity is running)
  • Gym (whilst Felicity’s running)
  • Fitness Suite and outside it (where Felicity’s body is found and montage)
  • Outside by the school sign (montage)
  • High window, I.T. room (montage)
  • English corridor (montage)
  • Sports Hall (montage)
  • Playground (montage)
  • Refectory (where Emily being comforted by Annie)
costs and resources needed
Costs and Resources needed:


For our TV Drama there is little we need to buy as we have most things ourselves already, we need to buy: -Fake blood (£1.00)

-We may buy Fangs (£2.00)


-Costumes: All own school uniform + Black jacket for Elliot


-Camera’s for filming

-The availability of certain locations around the school