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Week 2 Response Questions:

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Week 2 Response Questions: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Week 2 Response Questions:

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Week 2 Response Questions:

Directions: Choose one question to answer. Please read the question carefully! Really think about what the question is asking. Make sure you answer all parts and follow all directions. Please restate the question in your answer. Answers should be in complete sentences and a minimum of one paragraph long. Make sure you include a topic sentence and concluding sentence. You should include specific examples and evidence from the text to support your ideas.


Option 1: Describe the setting (when and where) of the book. Use details and text evidence from the book in your description. Then, imagine you live there. Describe (give specific examples) of how your life would be different and how it would be the same.

Option 2: A famous talk show host asks you: “Based on the characters in this novel, are people basically good-hearted or basically selfish?” Thinking about the characters in this book, what would you answer? Give specific examples of how the characters’ actions in the book are either good-hearted or selfish.