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Performance Update. Eric L. Boyd Director of Performance Architecture and Technologies Internet2. Vision: Performance Information is …. Available People can find it (Discovery) “Community of trust” allows access across administrative domain boundaries (AA) Ubiquitous

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performance update

Performance Update

Eric L. Boyd

Director of Performance Architecture and Technologies


vision performance information is
Vision: Performance Information is …
  • Available
    • People can find it (Discovery)
    • “Community of trust” allows access across administrative domain boundaries (AA)
  • Ubiquitous
    • Widely deployed (Paths of interest covered)
    • Reliable (Consistently configured correctly)
  • Valuable
    • Actionable (Analysis suggests course of action)
    • Automatable (Applications act on data)
getting there build empower the community
Getting There: Build & Empower the Community

Decouple the Problem Space:

  • Analysis and Visualization
  • Performance Data Sharing
  • Performance Data Generation

Grow the Footprint:

  • Clean APIs between each layer
  • Widespread deployment of measurement infrastructure
  • Widespread deployment of common performance measurement tools
result no more mystery
Result: No more mystery …
  • Increase network awareness
    • Set user expectations accurately
  • Reduce diagnostic costs
    • Performance problems noticed early
    • Performance problems addressed efficiently
    • Network engineers can see & act outside their turf
  • Transform application design
    • Incorporate network intuition into application behavior
bwctl bandwidth controller
BWCTL (Bandwidth Controller)
  • What is it?

A resource allocation and scheduling daemon for arbitration of iperf tests

  • Typical Solution
    • Run “iperf” or similar tool on two endpoints and hosts on intermediate paths
  • Typical road blocks
    • Need permissions on all systems involved
    • Need to coordinate testing with others
    • Need to run software on both sides with specified test parameters
ndt network diagnostic tool
NDT: Network Diagnostic Tool
  • Web100 enhanced server handles testing and diagnostic services
  • Java based and command line clients allows testing from any client (local or remote)
  • Performance and configuration faults reported back to client
  • Drill-down functions provide more details & error reporting capabilities
  • Grant from NIH/NLM to explore duplex mismatch detection
ndt flow diagram

Well Known

NDT Server

Web Request

NDT - Server


Redirect msg





Web Page Request

Web page response





Test Request

Control Channel

Spawn child


Test Engine

Specific test channels

NDT Flow Diagram
owamp one way active measurement protocol
OWAMP: One-Way Active Measurement Protocol
  • What is it?
    • Measures one-way latency: 1-way ping
    • Control connection used to broker test request based upon policy restrictions and available resources. (Bandwidth/disk limits)
  • Specification
thrulay overview
Thrulay Overview
  • Network capacity and delay tester
  • Same class of tools as iperf, netperf, nettest, nuttcp, ttcp, etc.
  • Unique features not found in other tools:
    • TCP: measures round-trip delay along with goodput
    • UDP: measures:
      • One-way delay, with quantiles
      • Packet loss
      • Packet duplication
      • Reordering
    • UDP: ability to send precisely positioned true Poisson streams (microsecond errors in sending times)
    • Human and machine-readable (ready to be fed to gnuplot)
thrulay update
Thrulay Update
  • New release v0.8
  • Tests with multiple TCP streams
  • Set DSCP (a.k.a. first 6 bits of the TOS byte)
  • Report MTU and/or MSS (whichever the OS makes available)
  • More UDP statistics: duplication, reordering, quantiles of delay
  • SPARC/Solaris support
  • Mac OS X support
  • IPv6 support
  • Non-busy-waiting UDP mode (less precise, but can run more concurrent tests)
  • Documentation: manual pages have been added
  • Basic client authorization based on IP address
  • Integration of TSC timekeeping projects for faster and more precise timestamping
bulk transport
Bulk Transport
  • Build a library / tool for bulk transport that does not require kernel level modifications yet achieves the performance of such
  • VFER library
    • Congestion control hooks
    • Implements loss-based congestion control
    • Working on delay-based version
  • File transfer utility
    • An initial version demoed
how can you use them
How can you use them?
  • Tools are open source, supported, well-documented
  • BWCTL/Iperf, OWAMP, NDT are deployed across Abilene backbone and at many partners
  • You can:
    • See ongoing measurement results at the Abilene Observatory
    • Test to/from the Abilene backbone
network performance measurement workshops
Network Performance Measurement Workshops
  • Example Course Materials:


  • Grow installed base of BWCTL/Iperf, OWAMP, and NDT at GigaPoP and regional campuses.
  • Begin integration into IT support processes.
  • Create an installed base for perfSONAR deployment.
  • Give each participant tool-specific cookbooks.
network performance measurement workshop locations and dates

SOX / GaTech (03/05)

CENIC / UCLA (06/05)

JT – Vancouver (07/05)

OARNet / OSU (09/05)

MAGPI / FMM (09/05)

MAX / College Park (12/05)

APAN (01/06)

JT - Albuquerque (02/06)

MERIT (02/06)

Columbia / NYSERNet (04/06)


University of Virginia (04/06)

Under Consideration

Wisconsin, Alaska, …

Network Performance MeasurementWorkshop Locations and Dates
additional outreach
Additional Outreach
  • National Library of Medicine
    • Presentation on end-user tools at NLM-centric Network Performance Monitoring Pilot-project Workshop (March 2006)
  • New World Symphony
    • Presentation on end-user tools at NWS Master Class Workshop (January 2006)
    • On-going dialog on end-user needs
  • Working Groups
    • Bulk Transport (
    • GGF Network Measurement (
    • perfSONAR (
  • Funded Research
    • “Bridging the Gap” (NSF)
    • Network Measurement for International Connections
  • Google Summer of Code
    • 2005 very successful
    • 2006 planned
perfsonar overview
perfSONAR Overview
  • What: Measurement infrastructure for exchanging data under development
  • How: Webservices network performance framework
    • Network measurement tools
    • Network measurement archives
    • Distributed scheduling/authorization
    • Multi-domain policy
    • Common language (GGF NMWG Schema)
  • Where: Deployed / to be deployed across:
    • Network Backbones (Abilene, ESNet, GÉANT)
    • Regional Networks (NRENs, RONs, Gigapops)
    • Universities
  • When: First product release early summer ‘06
perfsonar credits
perfSONAR is a joint effort:






Internet2 includes:

University of Delaware

Georgia Tech

Internet2 staff

GÉANT2 JRA1 includes:











Nordunet (Uninett)





perfSONAR Credits
how can you use it
How can you use it?
  • perfSONAR Link Utilization and Capacity data available from Abilene, ESnet, GÉANT (prototype)
  • Build your own components to integrate into open source framework
perfsonar project activity meter
perfSONAR: Project Activity Meter
  • 1-2 conf calls/week
  • 1 new service/month (accelerating)
  • 3-4 development workshops/year
  • 3-4 paper submissions/year
perfsonar system description
perfSONAR: System Description
  • Domains represented by a set of services
  • Each domain can deploy services important to the domain
  • Analysis clients interact with service across multiple domains
perfsonar services 1
perfSONAR: Services (1)
  • Lookup Service
    • Allows the client to discover the existing services and other LS services.
    • Dynamic: services registration themselves to the LS and mention their capabilities, they can also leave or be removed if a service gets down.
  • AuthN/Z Service
    • Internet2 MAT, GN2-JRA5 (eduGAIN)
    • Authorization functionality for the framework
    • Users can have several roles, the authorisation is done based on the user role.
    • Trust relationships defined between users affiliated with different administrative domains.
perfsonar services 2
perfSONAR Services (2)
  • Transformation Service
    • Transform the data (aggregation, concatenation, correlation, translation, etc).
  • Topology Service
    • Make the network topology information available to the framework.
    • Find the closest MP, provide topology information for visualisation tools
  • Resource protector
    • Arbitrate the consumption of limited resources between multiple services.
inter domain perfsonar example interaction
Inter-domain perfSonar example interaction

Useful graph


Token MA

Here is who I am, I’d like to access MA B

Here is who I am, I’d like to access MA A

Token MB

a,b,c : Network A, MA A, AA A

Where Link utilisation along - Path a,b,c?


Here you go

Get Link utilisation a,b,c

Get link utilisation c,d,e,f


Here you go

a,b,c: Network A – LS A,

c,d,e,f : Network B, MA B, AA B

Where Link utilisation along - Path a,b,c,d,e,f?











Network A

Network B

perfsonar status update
perfSONAR: Status Update
  • Production release of base package expected by June (code freeze next week)
  • Will include:
    • Single domain LS solution
    • RRD MA
    • (no AS)
  • Additional services and client applications supporting this version will soon follow:
    • BWCTL MP
    • perfSONAR UI
perfsonar hot topics
perfSONAR: Hot Topics
  • Multi-domain hierarchical LS
  • AuthN/Z development plan with JRA-5 (eduGAIN)
  • SSH MP (LookingGlass) service
  • Topology Services
  • L2 specific MA service
perfsonar current developments

SSH/Telnet (Looking Glass)

ABW (bandwidth packet capture cards)


NMS (SDH status)


Command line (OWAMP, Ping, Traceroute)






Hades (owd, jitter, owpl)

Flow replicator

Visualization Clients



Visual perfsonar

Looking glass

perfSONAR: Current Developments
perfsonar authn z plans
perfSONAR: authN/Z plans
  • perfSONAR(JRA-1)/JRA-5 sub-group
  • Group tasked with determining how to leverage JRA-5 authentication system (eduGAIN) in perfSONAR infrastructure
    • Jeff Boote (Internet2)
    • Diego Lopez (RedIRIS)
    • Maurizio Molina (Dante)
    • Andreas Solberg (Uninett)
perfsonar background
perfSONAR: Background
  • Designed with Federated authentication in mind
  • AS becomes a ‘proxy’ for Authorization requests
edugain background
eduGAIN: Background
  • JRA-5 provided authentication “interface”
  • Provides “bridging” to other authentication systems
    • Shibboleth
    • PAPI
    • Others…
  • Designed mostly with web-browser interaction in mind
current status
Current Status
  • Group has come to general consensus on how this should work
  • Paper is currently underway describing interaction of perfSONAR with eduGAIN API
perfsonar trust relationship entities
perfSONAR: Trust relationship entities
  • Client
  • idP (identity provider)
  • pSR (perfSONAR resource “service”)
  • AS (perfSONAR AS service)
  • HLS (Home Location Service)
implications for jra 5
Implications for JRA-5
  • Future extensibility for multiple X.509 root CA certificates
  • Non-web profile for authN attribute request
  • Current identity provider servers (attribute stores) may need to hold attributes for non-human clients
  • Others???
implications for jra 1
Implications for JRA-1
  • AS has slightly different role
    • Clients never directly interact with AS
    • AS is effectively a ‘proxy’ between services and the eduGAIN ‘bridging elements’
  • Attribute requests from services to RP’s and from RP’s to AS need to be made in a ‘boolean’ fashion to protect the privacy of clients
  • Automated clients MUST have X.509 client certificates
questions concerns
  • Let us know if you would like a copy of the ‘document’ when it is complete
  • Please feel free to send further questions/comments to Maurizio and Jeff

  • Network Performance Workshops
    • Hands-on tool deployment training
    • GigaPoP/campus involvement
    • 250+ participants/11 Workshops
  • Global Deployments
    • Infrastructure (GÉANT2, RNP, Internet2, & ESnet)
    • Individual Tools (
performance tools 1
Performance Tools (1)
  • OWAMP: One-Way Active Measurement Protocol
    • One-way Delay
  • BWCTL: Bandwidth Control
    • Wraps NLANR / DAST-created Iperf
    • Measures throughput
performance tools 2
Performance Tools (2)
  • NDT: Network Diagnostic Tool
    • Diagnoses common performance problems between a server and your laptop
    • Downloaded java applet from the web runs the tests
  • Thrulay
    • Network capacity and delay tester
    • TCP: measures round-trip delay along with goodput
    • UDP: measures: one-way delay, with quantiles; packet loss; packet duplication; reordering