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Blackpool Council Job Evaluation Briefing

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Blackpool Council Job Evaluation Briefing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Blackpool Council Job Evaluation Briefing. October 2009. What does Hay Group do?. Organisational Design & Development. Executive Coaching. Leadership & Management Development. Delivering Lean services. Consultancy. Reward Management and Job Evaluation.

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What does Hay Group do?


Design &


Executive Coaching

Leadership &



Delivering Lean




Management and

Job Evaluation

Performance Management

hay group experience
Hay Group Experience
  • Substantial experience of working with a wide range of private and public sector organisations.
  • A specialist team of consultants who can offer remuneration and HR expertise and experience both nationally and internationally.
  • A job evaluation method which is by far the most widely used and well proven approach to evaluation across all types of organisation in the UK and which has proved to be Equal Value compliant, robust, fair and defensible.
  • Processes which are supported by the largest UK and international database of pay, benefits and remuneration information.
  • Approaches to evaluation and remuneration which are complementary and provide a sound basis for an integrated approach to HR.
  • The resources, capability and track record to deliver

Local Authorities using Hay approach

  • Over 125 Authorities use Hay including:
    • Lancashire County Council
    • Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council
    • North Tyneside Council
    • North East Lincolnshire Council
    • Leeds City Council
    • Flintshire County Council
    • Blackburn with Darwen Council
    • Cumbria County Council
    • Staffordshire County Council
    • London Boroughs
job evaluation
Job Evaluation
  • Job evaluation is not a science!
  • It’s about the relative size of jobs. It looks at the contribution of jobs to an organisation;
  • It’s a process that involves the use of judgement in identifying and assessing differences between jobs;
  • It isn’t concerned with people, their performance, or pay – only with the size of jobs in relation to other jobs. The end results of evaluation is a rank order of jobs.

Rank Order






The Methodology supports.

It does not dictate.

The Nature of the Hay Method


The Concept of Accountability

Concept of Accountability

  • Lies at the heart of job definition – and provides clarity for managing and delivering performance
  • Primary source of organisational analysis and understanding
  • Systematic approach to understanding what is done to what / whom with what end result
  • “What are the main areas in which this job/group of jobs must get results in order to achieve its/their purpose?”
the underlying principle
The Underlying Principle




To achieve this endresult, job holders must address problems, create, analyse and apply judgement

Therefore, the job holder requires a level of knowledge and experience commensurate with the scale and complexity of the deliverables

Jobs exist to achieve an end result


Problem Solving

Problem Solving




elements of job size




Know How

Problem Solving


Total Job Size

Depth & Rangeof Technical Know-How




to Act

Management Breadth



Nature of


Area of


Human Relations Skills

Elements of Job Size
advantages of hay
Advantages of Hay
  • Provides an analytical method which, in principle, satisfies equal value law
  • Provides a rating of differences, not just ranking
  • Sensitive in measuring job differences
  • Enables comparison of dissimilar jobs
  • Flexible and able to cope with change
  • A ‘value-free’ framework in which to reflect your relativities
  • Recognises the critically to organisations of the concepts of accountability
  • Recognises and assesses both job content and context
guidelines in job analysis information gathering
Guidelines in job analysis information gathering

The Job & NOT the Person

Analysis not lists of


Fully acceptable Performance

Disregard current pay & status

The job as it is now

No understanding No Evaluation


Job Description – Supplementary Information Required

  • Who you report to
  • Who reports to you
  • Organisation Chart
  • Dimensions
  • Key challenges in your role
  • We have assumed that within your job description you have described the purpose of the role, key accountabilities, and knowledge, skills and experience required by the role.
organisational chart


Peer 1Job Title

Job Holder

Peer 1Job Title

EmployeeJob Title

EmployeeJob Title

Organisational chart
  • The ‘facts and figures of the role’ – Please use dimensions that are relevant to the job.
  • Some examples may include:
  • Operational
  • Range and type of services provided
  • Number of Contracts
  • Financial
  • Recurrent direct operational budget
  • Grants and Contracts (please state direct or indirect)
  • Earned-income
  • Partnership budgets
  • Staff
  • Total Number of Staff Managed
  • Remember the dimensions should be annual
key challenges
Key Challenges
  • Key Challenges – Can be anything – post holder will know immediately what it is!
    • Can include the irregular.
    • E.g. working across partnerships, delivering a service under increasing cost pressures
  • Three real life examples - demonstrating the types of tasks, and situations that the post holder will encounter in the course of their work.
    • Can illustrate the complexities, breadth and depth of role
additional information
Additional information
  • Having read through your job description, is there any aspect of the job that has not been included up to now?


Briefing Sessions with role holders

All job descriptions and supplementary information received

Evaluations take place

Quality Assurance

Pay analysis, pay line and grades determined

Outcomes announced