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Ms. Ebert and Mrs. Toffel’s Class 2014-2015 Joseph M. Ferraina Early Childhood Learning Center Long Branch, New Jersey. Parents. Please make sure you have signed in. Guess Who?. Take a moment to walk around the room Try to guess which self-portrait belongs to your child. Daily Schedule.

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Ms. EbertandMrs. Toffel’s Class2014-2015Joseph M. FerrainaEarly Childhood Learning CenterLong Branch, New Jersey

  • Please make sure you have signed in.
guess who
Guess Who?

Take a moment to walk around the room

Try to guess which self-portrait belongs to your child

daily schedule
Daily Schedule

8:30-8:50 Breakfast

8:50-9:00 Mystery Question

9:00-9:15 Calendar Math

9:15-10:45 Reading

10:45-11:30 Math

11:30- 12:00 Lunch

12:00-12:40 Recess

12:40- 1:20 Writing

1:20-1:55 Special

1:55-2:40 Exploration Centers

2:40-2:55 Snack

2:55-3:15 Buddy Reading

3:15-3:30 Reflections/Dismissal

treasures overview
Treasures Overview

Treasures is aligned to the Common Core Standards

kindergarten 10 units
Kindergarten 10-Units
  • 10 Units – Unit Theme
  • 3 Weeks each (weekly skill focus)
  • 2 Weeks teach with –
  • weekly assessments-cold read
  • 1 week of review and assess-
  • Unit test

Daily Schedule

(120 min reading/writing block)

  • 15 min whole group (Oral Language, Vocabulary)
  • 15 min stations & small group
  • 15 min whole group (Comprehension/Vocabulary)
  • 15 min stations & small group
  • 15 min whole group (Phonics/Phonemic Awareness/High Frequency words )
  • 15 min stations & small group
  • 30 min Writing/Grammar/Conferencing
  • *Please note: times are approximate
whole group instruction
Whole Group Instruction
  • Whole-group instruction introduces tested skills and lets teachers identify areas of students weakness. It is scaffolded, progressing from easier to more complex content.
small group instruction
Small Group Instruction

All students receive quality instruction during whole-class participation. But, because not all students are on the same level at the same time, Treasures also provides differentiation options for every tested skill and strategy—small-group instructional options for students at varying skill levels.

components of treasures
Components of Treasures
  • Oral Language
  • Oral Vocabulary
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Phonics
  • Letter Recognition
  • Vocabulary
  • High Frequency Words
  • Grammar
  • Fluency
  • Shared Writing
treasures themes
Treasures Themes
  • Smart Start
  • Unit 1: Families
  • Unit 2: Friends
  • Unit 3: Transportation
  • Unit 4: Food
  • Unit 5: Animals
treasures themes1
Treasures Themes
  • Unit 6: Neighborhood
  • Unit 7: Weather
  • Unit 8: Plants
  • Unit 9: Amazing Creatures
  • Unit 10: I Know A Lot!
  • Develop correct pencil holding techniques
  • Practice tracing and forming letters correctly
in everyday math you can expect
In Everyday Math, you can expect:
  • A problem-solving approach based on everyday situations
  • An instructional approach that revisits concepts regularly
  • Frequent practice of basic skills, often through games
  • Lessons based on activities and discussion, not a textbook
  • Mathematical content that goes beyond basic arithmetic
parental involvement
Parental Involvement
  • Use Everyday Math Online to play online math games
  • Classroom Volunteering during Games Days or Explorations Days (parents will be given advance notice of these special days and will be asked to sign in at the office before entering a classroom).
  • Parent Letters
  • Assist with Home Links and Study Links
  • Play games at home
  • Practice facts
  • Read math literature books
everyday mathematics
Everyday Mathematics

Emphasizes the following skills and concepts:

*Counting, estimating; reading and writing numbers

*Exploring addition and subtraction

*Creating and analyzing tally charts, tables, and bar graphs

*Comparing length; identifying pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollar bills

*Geometry: Exploring 2 and 3 dimensional shapes and line symmetry

*Patterns; exploring visual, rhythmic, and movement patterns

concepts we will study
Concepts We Will Study

Number Recognition









reading homework
Reading Homework

The homework will highlight a targeted skill connected to an identified weekly reading standard.

Math Homework

The homework supports what was taught that day. There is not math homework for every lesson. There will be either Reading or Math homework every night, except Friday.

exploration stations
Exploration Stations

Centers reflect theme







Dramatic Play



  • Instrumental- Mr. Eschelbach
  • Art- Mrs. Kinley
  • Physical Education (SNEAKERS!)- Mr. Critelli
  • Health- Mrs. Ciambrone
  • Music- Mrs. Zwerin
  • Dance- Mrs. Heggie


report cards
Report Cards
  • Report cards are now on a 4 point rubric (no longer A’s, B’s, or C’s).
  • Report cards will be handed out in person on Parent-Teacher Conferences (Fall and Spring).
  • Now available in Spanish!
important information
Important Information
  • Absent Notes- please send in note explaining reason for absence
  • Tardiness- very important to arrive on time! If your child is eating breakfast with us in the morning, please have them in class by 8:30 am.
  • Dismissal changes- please put any changes in writing
  • Folders- please look at every night. Empty out papers, complete and return homework.
  • Uniformity of Dress- children should be dressed in white, green, or gray collared shirts, khaki shorts, pants, skirts, or jumpers.
  • Lunch Money/PTO Sales- please send your child’s money to school in a bag/envelope labeled with his/her name and what the money is for. Please keep inside of child’s daily take home folder. NO CASH will be accepted for PTO fundraisers.
important information1
Important Information
  • Snack- Please send a healthy snack every day for your child
  • Lunch- Check the lunch menu at home in case your child does not like school lunch that day and needs a lunch from home
  • Stay Informed- Visit my teacher page on the Long Branch School District website at: updated information
most importantly
Most Importantly…
  • We are always available. Please contact us if you have any questions
please take the time to leave a note for your child to find tomorrow at school
Please take the time to leave a note for your child to find tomorrow at school

Have a great night and looking forward to a wonderful year!!