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Introducing Refco ProTrader.

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Introducing Refco ProTrader

  • Refco ProTrader is an innovative trading front-end which incorporates the most advanced features of trade entry, market monitoring and risk management into a single smart trading front end. Take our guided tour to discover more about Refco ProTrader. Some featured highlights include:

  • Download and trade via the web or any network connection.

  • Monitor and trade multiple markets from a single screen.

  • View and trade market depth.

  • Fully customizable trading front end to meet trader preferences.

  • Advanced risk management features.

  • Backoffice integration provides real-time P&L of entire position.

  • Real-time audit trail of orders with easy access to order history.

  • Single click order entry and cancellation.

  • High speed trade execution and confirmation.

Order Ticket

When you select Stop Order in the Order Type box, the Stop Px box becomes active. Adjust the Stop Price if required (clicking the Up/Down buttons moves the price by the minimum price movement for the selected commodity), and submit the order.

Clicking the Pushpin button prevents the order ticket from disappearing. When you perform any action that would normally bring up an order ticket, it populates the push pinned ticket with the relevant details instead.

Click Price Up/Down by the minimum price movement for the selected commodity.

Drag the order ticket to the position you require and click the Anchor button. Whenever an order ticket is opened subsequently it will appear in the selected position on the screen.

Refco Famous 5 (Bid Size, Bid, Last (traded price), Offer, Ask Size).

Click to open the Advanced tab (see page 10)

Quantity box. Left-click to increase by the amount shown on the button. Right-click to decrease.

Select the account from the list

Click to change Buy to Sell order (and vice-versa).

Select Order Type from the list.

Selecting Full Size will fill the Quantity box with the volume of all orders on the opposite side of the order throughout the entire depth.

NOTE: This functionality is only enabled when a Depth window is open on the relevant instrument.

Click here to add the order to the Order Basket instead of sending it to the Exchange.

(This functionality is currently unavailable).

When the order details are correct, click Buy (or Sell) to place the order.

NOTE: The button is blue for a Buy Order and red for a Sell Order.

If you decide not to place the order, click Cancel. The Order Ticket disappears immediately

Watch Window

Bulk Loading Commodities into Watch Windows

You may also bulk load commodities into Watch Windows from the Commodities & Instruments pane as follows:

1. Double-click on the Commodity folder icon in the Profiles & Instruments pane. This will highlight the folder and display all instruments within it.

2. Right-click on the highlighted folder to display the menu (right).

3. Select to Watch > New Watch from the menu.

4. A Watch Window will open (below), containing all available instruments in the selected commodity.

As detailed on page 18, subsequent selection of the to Watch option will give the user the choice of either displaying and adding further Commodities to existing Watch Windows or opening a new one.

Locals Ticket

More button

Account list

Text Size button

Pull All Sell Orders button

Market button

Price column

Deep Hitting column

My size column

Order Volume buttons

Size column

Cancel button

Order Volume display

Additional Trading Methods grid

Limit Order button

Immediate Or Cancel Order button

Pull All (Buy and Sell) Orders button

Pull All Buy Orders button

Volume (VOL), Position (POS), Profit and Loss (PAL) and Round Trip (RTP) displays

Market Ticker

Copy to other applications

Display your latest trades

Start or stop the ticker

View all trades for the day

Alter font size

Clicking to Market Ticker on the Instrument Selection menu opens the Market Ticker (right). The Market Ticker informs traders of the latest trades in the market, in addition to providing an historical record of trades for the whole day.

Starting/Stopping the Ticker

Clicking the Traffic Lights button starts/stops the ticker.

When the ticker is running the traffic lights show green, when the ticker is stopped the traffic lights show red.


Clicking the Ticker button displays your latest trades.

The trades are displayed in chronological order, the latest being in row 1.


Clicking the History button displays all trades for the day. However, only the number you have inserted in the History Rows box in the Settings Window (see page 30), will be displayed, a scroll bar allows you to view the remainder.


The Copy button enables you to copy selected data from the Market Ticker into other applications e.g. Excel.

Graphical Ticker

The Graphical Ticker displays Price Movement and highs and lows in slices of time (candlestick graph shown).

The Volume graph is displayed in the lower portion of the Graphical Ticker window

The Status bar displays Instrument, Low, High, and Current Price information.

To Graphical Ticker

Clicking to Graphical Ticker opens the Graphical Ticker window. The Graphical Ticker displays Price Movement and highs and lows in slices of time.

You can configure the appearance of the Graphical Ticker from the Settings window (see page 33).

Order Book

The Order Book allows you to view, edit and pull orders that have been placed within RefcoTrader.

You can open multiple Order Books, allowing you to view different information according to the order details you set in each window.

To open an Order Book, click the Order Book button on the main toolbar. Using this option an Order Book opens which displays all orders (as shown, right).

Alternatively, to open an Order Book which displays a specific type of order, proceed as follows:

1. Click the down-arrow adjacent to the Order Book button on the main tool bar.

2. Select the types of order you wish to view from the drop-down menu (below right).

3. The Order Book opens, displaying the type of orders selected.

NOTE: The Basket Orders option is permanently inactive as Basket Orders functionality is currently unavailable

Risk Status

Initially, the window will display the Overall Risk Status for the selected account

Clicking on the + symbol adjacent to the Account Name column will ‘drill down’ to display the risk status for each instrument/contract month

Creating a Profile

NOTE: You may also include the Order Book, Order Tracker and Risk Status window from the main window Toolbar in your selection.

3. Drag the displayed options to the position you require in the main window (opposite).

4. Click Save in the main window Toolbar.

5. A new shortcut (New Profile) appears in the Profiles & Instruments pane (below).

6. Rename the profile as required. The new profile is now created.

7. Repeat steps 1 to 6 to create further profiles.

Creating a Profile

To create a Profile proceed as follows:

1. In the Profiles & Instruments pane, ‘drill down’ to the required instrument/contract month.

2. Using the Instrument Selection Menu, select the options you require for display in the main Refco ProTrader window (Watch Window, Market Ticker etc).

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