leading with an anecdote n.
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Leading With An Anecdote

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Leading With An Anecdote. Directions & Models. What is an anecdote?. An anecdote is a short, personal story. It’s use is to captivate the reader by luring him/her into your paper. Speak from your experience (in other words, use what you know!)

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leading with an anecdote

Leading With An Anecdote

Directions & Models

what is an anecdote
What is an anecdote?
  • An anecdote is a short, personal story.
  • It’s use is to captivate the reader by luring him/her into your paper.
  • Speak from your experience (in other words, use what you know!)
  • Preface the anecdote – you must introduce your idea.
how do i preface an anecdote
How do I preface an anecdote?
  • To preface an anecdote, one must introduce the idea that you are telling a story.
  • Think about how you tell a story orally…
  • Think about how people get the attention of those they want to share with…
    • I remember a time when…
    • I’ll never forget…
    • Remembering….makes me…
    • The scent of….always reminds me of…
student model
Student model
  • Prompt:

Everyone has an activity he/she enjoys doing. It might be a hobby, a favorite sport, or playing an instrument.

Think about ONE activity you enjoy.

Write to explain what the activity is and WHY you enjoy it.

student model1
Student model…

I will never forget the adventures I had with Carter and Sadie while reading the book The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. We traveled from place to place, trying to stop the evil, mythical Egyptian god Set. We battled monsters and creatures and continued our journey to get to Set. Finally we reached Set, defeated him, and saved the world. This book is a perfect example of why I love reading. Reading is exciting, it helps you learn things, and it helps you become a more creative person.

student model2
Student model…

I will never forget the time when I crashed my bike into a brick mailbox. It was outside with the wind in my hair and the sun in my face. I was racing the kid down the block in the cul-de-sac. I did not see the brick mailbox come up. I didn’t turn in time and BAM! My bike crashed into it launching me over the mailbox and landing me roughly onto the concrete, scraping all the skin on my arm. Despite that painful accident, I love bike riding. I find it relaxing, great exercise, and it helps me unwind and focus on the more important things in life.

let s practice
Let’s Practice…


Everyone has had a disappointment sometime in his/her life.

Think about a time you were disappointed.

Write to explain what it was and why you were so disappointed.

let s practice more
Let’s practice more…


  • Everyone has an idea of what they would like to be when they “grow up.”
  • Now, think about a career you would NOT like to have when you finish school.
  • Write to explain what career you would NOT like to have and WHY this is the career you would not want.
student model3
Student model…

I can still picture the cold November day, sitting at the leather booth of a somewhat fancy restaurant. The waitress was just about to lean over and give me my spaghetti when, at the table right next to us, an old fat man threw up all over the table. The waitress rushed over where it began to drip off the corner of the table. She had to clean it up all by herself. I would NOT want to be a waiter because it is hard work, there is little pay, and I would have to deal with bad customers.

student model4
Student model…

I will always rememberthe time I told my dad I fed the dogs when I didn’t. “I’m going to give you one more chance to tell the truth,” he said. As I denied what he was saying, he already knew. I ended up grounded from everything for two weeks. I will never forget the life lesson of not lying. Honesty is the best policy because when you lie you feel bad, you get into trouble, and parents always know.



Most people have a game that is, or was, their favorite.

Before you write, think about a game that is, or was, your favorite.

Write to explain why that game is, or was, your favorite.


I will never forget the countless hours my family has spent playing Pictionary. We have the best time laughing at what one another draws and trying to decipher what certain shapes are. None of us are artists, so it makes the game all the more fun. Pictionary is my all-time favorite game. It holds a special place in my heart for the memories it brings back, the laughter it causes and the competition that arises between family members.