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SAP Remote consulting:- Are people doing it?

In this presentation,we will discuss about concerns regarding SAP outsourcing services and its resolutions. For More Information, Please visit:- http://www.architectsap.com/blog/sap-outsourcing/sap-remote-consulting-practical-are-customers-doing-it/

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SAP Remote consulting:- Are people doing it?

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  1. SAP Remote Consulting Are Customers Doing It?

  2. Introduction • SAP remote consulting or SAP offsite consulting is progressively adopted by clients globally. • There are real profits for SAP clients, for example, access to amazing SAP consulting services, access to great SAP talent, access to SAP consultants for partial necessities, lessened consulting rates compared to local rates and numerous others. • SAP outsourcing and SAP remote consulting services is embraced as a central strategy by many large customers globally.

  3. Concerns of Customers • Naturally, clients have hesitation and absence of clarity on the best way to work with their service provider for remote SAP consulting services. • Clients would have a tendency to pay higher to get local SAP consultants rather than “try” this new method of getting SAP development and support services. • There are challenges of time zone, language and the absence of physical face-to-face meetings which are the prompt concerns of any client.

  4. Resolving Concerns… • Many Outsourcing service providers are located in India, and they are a few hours ahead of the clients in Europe and the Americas. • The consultants are familiar with spoken and written English, and have knowledge about major European languages. • SAP Support Companies like ArchitectSAP Solutions addresses previously mentioned difficulties through procuring of local consultants that communicate with the clients locally. • Our teams work on adaptable hours to match the working hours of the client. • We utilize coordinated tools like moment messenger, screen sharing and video conferencing.

  5. Answering The Question • So are companies really opting for SAP Remote Consulting? • YES. • Many large clients have been working internally across their distributed global offices, and they are comfortable working across languages and time zones. • SAP AG, for example, has the development teams distributed over Walldorf, Germany and the development centers in India and different areas. • Numerous mid size SAP clients in the USA and Europe are now seriously considering the alternative of remote consulting and remote support development because of access to expert SAP skills and convincing cost advantages. • These SAP clients are the mid-size organizations that have traditionally used the local SAP consultants

  6. Conclusion • SAP remote consulting has challenges however it is a practical and cost effective choice for getting viable and dependable SAP services. • Numerous SAP clients can create a profound accomplice association with their service providers. SAP clients should attempt to make use of this remote consulting service to complement their existing SAP service processes. For More Information, Please visit:- http://www.architectsap.com/blog/sap-outsourcing/sap-remote-consulting-practical-are-customers-doing-it/

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