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Concepts in professionalisim

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Concepts in professionalisim. Reem Alafari . MD, MeD Medical education department KAUH. Objectives:. Define Professionalism Concepts of professionalism from practical life. Exploring different scenarios How to promote a culture of professionalism?. 1 st Scenario:

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concepts in professionalisim

Concepts in professionalisim

ReemAlafari. MD, MeD

Medical education department



Define Professionalism

Concepts of professionalism

from practical life.Exploring different scenarios

How to promote a culture of professionalism?


1st Scenario:

A resident physician feels uncomfortable when she laughs at a joke her senior colleague makes regarding the appearance of one of the patients on the service.


2nd Scenario:

An attending physician on an inpatient service sees a student speak rudely to a nurse, because she had failed to draw a set of blood cultures prior to the patient’s first dose of antibiotics


Definition of professionalism:

Pellegrino defines the medical professional as one who: “ declares aloud” that he or she has special knowledge and skills, that he or she can heal or help, and that he or she will do so in the patient’s interest, not his or her own.


concepts of professionalism
Concepts of professionalism:
  • Fiduciary obligation: in offering their skills and expertise, physicians are expected to subordinate their own interests to

The interests of their patients

Responsiveness to societal needs:

Physicians are expected to understand and address society’s pressing health needs ,including access to care.


Swick2000,ABIM Foundation2004, Stern 2006, Epstien1999


Respect for others

Accountability: physicians are expected to demonstrate a deep respect for a patient’s culture, autonomy, and confidentiality. Physicians should also respect the contributions of other professionals in the care of patients

Commitment to quality and excellence: physicians are expected to maintain their knowledge and skills.

Ability to deal with ambiguity and complexity


Reflection: physicians must be open to critically examining their own practices , skills, and limits

Swick 2000, ABIM foundation

2004, Stern 2006, Epstien 1999

promoting a culture of professionalism
Promoting a culture of professionalism

Before promoting a culture of professionalism,

What do we need to do????


Potential threats to the teaching and learning of professionalism:

1.Lack of shared definition of professionalism

2.Lack of consequences for trainees and faculty who engage in unprofessional behaviors.

3. Lack of time between the trainee and the faculty .

4. The process for selecting candidates for medical school may not include explicit considerations of professionalism.


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