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  1. play

  2. Your little brother gets picked for the hunger games peter Volunteer as tribute Stay and help feed your mom

  3. when hunger games starts Your brother runs into another tribute Your brother dies your mother is devastated

  4. You volunteer for your brother which surprises your audience I think we have a volunteer Wait I volunteer!!! Now they bring you to the capitol

  5. You arrive at the capitol you don’t know what to do you need to start training ,but you see a open gate. Wow so fancy! Stay and start training Try to run away

  6. You start training in the arena you are now ready for the games Go to hunger games

  7. When you tried to run away in the woods and the capitol hunted you down and cut you tongue out You died

  8. The games start you see a bow and a backpack full of supplies Go for it Play safe and run far in the woods

  9. You successfully grab the things Stay and hide out and wait for someone to cross Run deep in the woods

  10. You run far in the woods but a arrow shoots you You died

  11. You kill a guy Umm ok I'm going to kill you Move on Try to get an alliance

  12. You kill a guy I'm hungry I will go fishing No fishing today! Move on Try to get alliance

  13. You run into the dumbest alliance so they must let you in! But you get shot in da arm! Hey can I be in your team? No. Go run away

  14. The end

  15. You find your partner Piza in a cave eating a pig ok Hey I'm so hungry can I join your party Start eating

  16. You run into the woods, find a tree and climb up it. Someone sponsored you , and gave you medicine so you got better . Oww my arm really hurts Try to kill more people Try to find your district partner

  17. You and your district partner have a feast Try to kill more people with Piza

  18. you try to kill more people with pizza he gets shot and you leave him Forget this!! OK HERES THE PLAN GO IN AND KILL THIS GUY! I hear you!!!! Back to cave Help piza

  19. You fall asleep and piza comes back he is mad for you leaving him there he tries to kill you But you wake up! “I'm going to kill you” Try to kill Piza before he kills you Try Run away

  20. “That’s what you get for leaving me” “No NoNo” YOU DIED

  21. You try to help Piza but he shoots you in da neck! You Died

  22. You kick Piza in the gut and run to your bow and backpack and shoot him just in time! Look for food Try to kill more people

  23. When you try to run away piza throws a knife in your face! You died

  24. You start hunting and Its getting dark and you realized there is only you and 2 other tributes its time for the finally! Start your hunting

  25. you look over and see a herd of killer cats chasing you and you see the playground in the open and climb on the monkey bars Then………..

  26. Then you see the 2 other tributes on the teeter-totter the other tributes start shooting arrows at you start running in to the woods Or try shooting back at them

  27. You try shooting at them you cant get a good shot being on the monkey bars Run away into forest Or keep trying to shoot them

  28. You're shooting at them its no use then you realize that you still have bacon in your backpack ….. Try to get in better position to shoot Or throw bacon at them

  29. You throw bacon at them and they die You won the games

  30. You try to run away but the killer cats eat you You died

  31. Congrats You won the games you won the lottery as well as a life time supply of food! The end

  32. You get in a position to shoot but you slip and then the killer cats eat you burp You died