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VALUE. Creating the illusion of depth. Value = the lightness or darkness of an area or object. The value scale goes from pure white to pure black. Color contains values…going from light to dark. Highlight (catch light) = the area on the object where the light hits directly…lightest value.

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Creating the illusion of depth

value the lightness or darkness of an area or object
Value = the lightness or darkness of an area or object
  • The value scale goes from pure white to pure black
contrast strong differences in value size shape etc
Contrast = strong differences in value, size, shape, etc
  • Value contrast is very important…it adds emphasis to areas and is used often to create a focal point (area of emphasis)

Value contrast is very important…placing lights against darks enhances contrast and adds interest and variety to your work.

Remember…heavy outlines flatten an image. Create edges through value changes…not dark lines.


Where is the light coming from in this image?

Value is used to create the illusion of depth…flat shapes (2-D) take on the appearance of form (3-D) and seem to come off the paper


Examples of value contrast and the illusion of form on a flat surface. Some images appear to have shallow depth and others seem deeper.


Its all about where the light is coming from…the dark side and cast shadows are on the opposite side.



Sketchbook for class – this is required…may be an actual artist sketchbook or a notebook with unlined AND lined paper. NO LOOSE SHEETS ACCEPTED!

Portfolio for class – this is made from a sheet of large posterboard folded in half…ALL WORK IS TO BE STORED IN THIS FOR THE YEAR…don’t take artwork home. YOU’LL NEED YOUR PIECES HERE FOR THE COMMON DISTRICT ASSESSMENTS we have to take.


ERASER…have extras…you’ll use this a lot