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Succession Planning Update PowerPoint Presentation
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Succession Planning Update

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Succession Planning Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Succession Planning Update. Monday April 7 th 2008 John O’Callaghan National Succession Consultant. Succession Planning Update. 4 th June - 1 Day Conference: Park Inn Hotel, York See attached registration document that should have been emailed to you last week by Ben Turner.

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Succession Planning Update

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    1. Succession Planning Update Monday April 7th 2008 John O’Callaghan National Succession Consultant

    2. Succession Planning Update 4th June - 1 Day Conference: Park Inn Hotel, York See attached registration document that should have been emailed to you last week by Ben Turner.

    3. Succession Planning Update • 4th June - 1 Day Conference – Learning Conversations: • Working on data and evidence • Developing a succession planning strategy • Establishing a culture of collaboration • Diversity issues in succession planning • Targeted support for NPQH graduates and recruiting schools • A diocesan approach to leadership succession • Integrating leadership succession within workforce development • Leadership development ‘centres’ • LA collaborations • Working with Governors on succession planning • New models of primary leadership • Lessons from internships

    4. Succession Planning Update Possible networking event: To provide a self-support opportunity for those current or recent Headteachers playing a significant role working with the LA in supporting school leadership development and succession planning, with the possibility of creating a network to further this work Names of possible participants to me please.

    5. Succession Planning Update New resource to support NPQH graduates: Applying for headship - practical guides.

    6. Succession Planning Update Governors: There is a new publication, Succession planning – key themes for school governors - that was sent to every chair of governors w/c 17 March.

    7. Succession Planning Update Funding: Last year’s funding – more detailed breakdown required (I have 5 out of 7 – thank you). Core fundingthis year – same as last year. Partnership Agreement Forms – 3 outstanding as of the 1st April. NPQH targeted support – Knowsley & Liverpool further £10k with Wirral, Halton (& Blackpool) now in phase 2.

    8. Succession Planning Update • Alan Sieber, NW NSC: • ( • Governors • Voluntary Aided • National Society Conference 13 June at Manchester. • Dioceses: Carlisle, Blackburn, Liverpool, Manchester and Chester • Diversity & Inclusion • Rosemary Campbell-Stephens (

    9. Succession Planning Update Diversity: Urgent collection of Diversity data needed. Data only needs to be for ethnicity and gender at this point, and data only for SLT is required. Where data may not be 100% reliable, this would be better than a nil return so it would be good to have whatever data or knowledge about the workforce that a LA has. The preferred method is to get as accurate picture as possible but at the same time we need to avoid nil returns.

    10. Succession Planning Update Message from Simon Patten about the data community: Just to encourage you to visit the data community as we have had a couple of interesting comments in the last few days. It is good to see a bit of a dialogue getting going and what we need now is for NSCs and LA colleagues to come in and visit. The quick link to the community is:

    11. Succession Planning Update New NPQH update: A pack with information on the redesigned NPQH has been sent out to all schools. A full recruitment marketing strategy is to start post Easter, to publicise the application round for the first intake (May/June 08). NCSL will lead on national marketing, with providers having a regional role. (Please note: the current and redesigned NPQH programmes will run alongside each other for another year or so, but there will be no further marketing for the current NPQH, as the final intake has already been recruited). NSCs to receive a copy of this pack, as will the named LA contacts.

    12. Succession Planning Update New NPQH update – placements: Verbal update.

    13. Succession Planning Update Women into headship: Recent series of seminars on women into headship and media relations to support the research. Research conducted by ICM, that was used at the seminars is available online, and there’s a keynote speech by Marianne Coleman about overcoming barriers to headship.

    14. Succession Planning Update Sharing data: NCSL are in a position to resume sharing NPQH data after the recent embargo. However, there may be problems in getting data through firewalls due to it needing to be encrypted. NCSL is still unable to provide LfTM data at this moment in time. We suggest that if LAs would like this data that they or NSCs should send in a request for it to as this will strengthen our case for accessing this data. Formal note on data sharing will be circulated to NSCs soon.

    15. Succession Planning Update Examples of best practice: Headline: Summary of activity (what, why, where, when?): Main participants: Outcomes (i.e. responses from participants and likely or actual impact): Key learning points (for NSCs, NCSL, others): Further case study or other follow up activity? Contact for further information:

    16. Succession Planning Update Summer term meetings: Please arrange with John before leaving today if possible.

    17. Succession Planning Update Leading Practice Seminars in June: Emerging models of leadership4 June 2008NCSL, Nottingham Developing solutions for succession planning 11 June 2008NCSL, Nottingham

    18. Succession Planning Update Previous Leading Practice Seminars: The future of primary leadership. Understanding the Leadership Recruitment Market.

    19. The 10 questions What is the perceived overall scale of the challenge in your LA – modest, significant or very significant? (To what extent is this judgement based upon a strong data analysis or good local intelligence?) Which are your most significant areas of identified need? (To what extent is this judgement based upon a strong data analysis or good local intelligence?)

    20. The 10 questions What are your most significant areas of current activity to support succession planning? What are the most significant areas of activity to support succession planning that you have planned for the remainder of this school year?

    21. The 10 questions What is the level of engagement with schools – through representatives or directly with all? Is there a steering group in place that has a clear role in moving the LA forward strategically? Are you on course to be implementing an agreed new/revised strategic plan by the summer term?

    22. The 10 questions What do you consider to be the most significant challenges (not needs) you face in supporting/delivering this agenda? Are there any areas of the succession planning agenda you feel are unclear and you need to know more about?

    23. The 10 questions How would you describe the impact to date of being involved in this programme?

    24. Existing NPQH graduates Liverpool & Knowsley TS Phase 1 Halton TS Phase 2 Wirral TS Phase 2 Blackpool Phase 2 Sefton St Helens Warrington