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Succession Planning

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Succession Planning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Succession Planning. Presented by: Jim Stenger. Presentation Overview. What Is Succession Planning? Why Is It Important? How Does It Happen? What If It Doesn’t Happen?. What Is Succession Planning?. Succession: A Definition

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succession planning

Succession Planning

Presented by:

Jim Stenger

presentation overview
Presentation Overview
  • What Is Succession Planning?
  • Why Is It Important?
  • How Does It Happen?
  • What If It Doesn’t Happen?
what is succession planning
What Is Succession Planning?
  • Succession: A Definition
    • a number of persons or things following one another in order or sequence.
  • Success: Is It Related to Succession?
    • the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one's goals.
    • a performance or achievement that is marked by success
  • Succeed: Is It The Result of Succession?
    • to thrive, prosper, grow, or the like
success and ahu chapter structure
Success and AHU Chapter Structure
  • Why NAHU Is Set Up Like It Is:
chapter structure
Chapter Structure
  • Members
  • Committees
  • Elected Officers
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Vice President
    • President-Elect
    • President
    • Immediate Past President
leadership and succession
Leadership and Succession
  • Leaders Need to Develop Leaders and Manage Succession
    • “I can go on vacation for two weeks and no one calls me with questions”
    • Develop members into leaders
    • Empower members to succeed
    • Prepare the chapter to run in your absence
    • Prepare for no “leadership vacuum”
    • Develop others’ leadership skills
    • Ensure smooth succession transitions
identifying and developing emerging leaders
Identifying and Developing Emerging Leaders
  • Role of the Mentor
    • Empower others to lead based on their:
      • Skills
      • Experiences
      • Abilities
      • Passion
identifying and developing emerging leaders1
Identifying and Developing Emerging Leaders
  • Four Stages of Emerging Leader Development
    • Exploratory
      • Invite “Beginners Mind”
      • Mine Fresh Concepts
    • Foundational
      • Emphasize skills/knowledge as basis for higher level
    • Guided Autonomy
      • Encourage decisiveness
      • Task with frontline responsibilities
      • Walk through decision-making process
    • Autonomy
      • Make yourself available as a resource
effective leadership development through p o d e

Effective Leadership Development Through P.O.D.E.

  • What Is P. O. D. E.?
  • The Principles Behind P. O. D. E.
  • How P. O. D. E. Works
what is p o d e

What Is P.O.D.E.?

  • Plan
  • Organize
  • Delegate
  • Execute
the principles behind p o d e

The Principles Behind P.O.D.E.

  • Effective Time Management
  • Productive Team-Building
  • Efficient Operation
  • Repeatable Habit of Success


  • Set Objective
  • Outline Steps
  • Define Resources
  • Determine Timeframe
  • Begin Project


  • Pick Team
  • Confirm Commitment
  • Define Responsibilities
  • Set Budget
  • Obtain Resources


  • Assign Tasks
  • Schedule Follow-Ups
  • Determine Adjustments to Plan
  • Manage Process


  • Manage Team Performance
  • Monitor Progress
  • Reinforce Positive Performance
  • Fulfill Objective
if succession doesn t succeed
If Succession Doesn’t Succeed
  • Bad Consequences
      • Shallow Bench
    • Empty Positions
    • “Empty” Seats
    • Bad Morale
    • Leadership Burnout
    • “Death Spiral”
  • Don’t Let This Happen To You!
  • The Seven P’s

Prior Proper Planning Prevents……

Particularly* Poor Performance

* Substitute another “P” word here


“New Blood Is The Life Blood”

It’s up to leaders to continually build the chapter.