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The Family

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The Family. Courtney King And Zoe Holmes. Objective. Our objective is to explain the different types of families and how they are different from each other. . What is the Difference Between a Family and a Household?. Family Household. Different Types of Family. Western family

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the family

The Family

Courtney King


Zoe Holmes

  • Our objective is to explain the different types of families and how they are different from each other.
different types of family
Different Types of Family
  • Western family
  • Polygyny family
  • Polyandry family
  • Gay and lesbian family
types of families
Types of Families
  • Nuclear family
  • Extended family
  • Family of orientation
  • Family of procreation
  • Marriage
norms of mate selection
Norms of Mate Selection
  • Endogamy
  • Exogamy
  • Ex: Black and white marriages?
    • Informal norms
      • Not a law
patterns of decent
Patterns of Decent
  • System of decent
  • Bilateral
    • Example
  • Patrilineal
    • Example
  • Matrilineal
    • example
  • Patriarchy
  • Matriarchy?
  • U.S. families
    • egalitarian
why is family universal
Why is Family Universal?
  • Six needs that are basic to every society
    • 1.) Economic Production
    • 2.) Socialization of Children
    • 3.) Care of the sick and aged
    • 4.) Recreation
    • 5.) Sexual Control
    • 6.) Reproduction
      • Every family
functions of the incest taboo
Functions of the Incest Taboo

Relations With Father Daughter?

How should the mother act toward the daughter?

Type of household?

conflict perspective gender and power
Conflict Perspective: Gender and Power




Divorce or Supermom?

Hochschild’s “Strategies of resistance”

1.)Waiting it out

2.)Playing dumb

3.)Needs Reduction

4.) Substitution offerings

Men out of a job?

the family life cycle
The family Life Cycle

Love and Courtship in Global Perspective


Romantic love


How do people choose mates?



Marital satisfaction

Less free time, less money, and less sleep

Social Class

Working class

Middle Class

child rearing
Child Rearing

Who watches the children when women work?


Social Classes

Working Class

Middle Class

Birth Order

First child

Second Child

family in the later life
Family in the Later Life

Empty Nest

Children have left

Not so empty nest

Children have left and came back

Due to expenses

one parent familes
One Parent Familes

Increase in One Parent Families

Increase in divorce rate

Women having children before marriage


90% headed by mothers

Many uneducated

Children of One Parent Families

More likely to

Drop out

Get arrested

Emotional problems

Children at young age

families without children blended families and gay and lesbian families
Families Without Children, Blended Families, and Gay and Lesbian Families

Families without children

14% of families don’t have children


Strained relationship


More educated less likely to have children

Blended Families

Previously in other families

New family with divorced family

Parents each bring children

Gay and Lesbian Families

Same sex

Education, income and occupation

trends in u s families
Trends in U.S. Families

Postponing Marriages

Average ages of marriage


Living with eachother without being married

Sandwich Generation and Elder Care

Around 40-55 years old

Taking care of children and parents

divorce and remarriage
Divorce and Remarriage

Children of Divorce


Help Children with Divorce

both parents show affection for the child,

child lives with the parent who is making a good adjustment

Family routines are consistent

the family is adequate money for its needs

the child stays with the parent of the same sex.

the absent father and serial fatherhood
The Absent Father and Serial Fatherhood

Absent Father

Serial Fatherhood



Two years after divorce

More depended less likely


More likely to get remarried

two sides of family
Two Sides Of Family


When it comes to the effects of violence gender equality vanishes

Marital Abuse

Non battering rape: Husband forces wife to have sex but has no intentions of hurting her

Battering rape: Husband forces wife to have sex and intentionally inflicting physical pain

Perverted rape: Husbands force there wives to submit unusual sexual acts, anger and hostility can also motive this type of rape.

Child Abuse

Victimization of helpless children by there own parents

Each year around 3 million U.S children are reported to authorities as victims of abuse of neglect


Sexual relationships between relatives

Most likely to occur in families that are socially isolated


Do you think that “the 6 needs that are basic to every society” are necessary?

“Yes, they are necessary. That’s the way life is, and is suppose to be and that’s the way it should be”

Do you believe Hochschild’s “Strategies of Resistance” happens?

“I totally agree with this theory!!”

Which having, two children, do you think you were stricter with your first child or second?

“Neither, I don’t think I was any stricter with one child than the other”

Do you believe that having children puts a strain on marriage?

“I definitely agree that it does put a strain on marriage especially if a child and parent are so much alike that they don’t get along. Not only does the parent who is the go between hears about it from the child, they also hear about it from the parent they are having problems with.”

Do you believe in nannies?

No, because I think if your going to have children you should be there to raise them not have someone else raise them for you.”

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