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Get great info about Laser Cladding Technology

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Get great info about Laser Cladding Technology

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  1. get great info about Laser Cladding Technology laser cladding services

  2. laser cladding services • Laser Claddingis the method wherein the metal (powder/wire) is deposited on to another metal using a laser as heat supply. It's an alternative to traditional welding and thermal spray. • This technology is the same as thermal spray in that it has an energy supply to soften the feed stock that's being applied to a substrate. Where it differs is that it uses a focused laser beam as the warmth supply and it melts the substrate that the feed stock is being applied to. This leads to a metallurgical bond that has superior bond strength over thermal spray. Additionally the ensuing coating is one hundred percent dense with no voids or porosity. • Working of Laser Cladding: • The basic system is created up of a laser to get the beam, a group of optics to direct and focus the beam, a powder feeder, and a part manipulator. The laser and optics keep stationary and also the half is moved in relationship to the laser. The laser cladding systems are fully automated providing precise management of the coating (cladding) method.

  3. laser cladding services

  4. laser cladding services • Advantages: • One among the advantages of the laser cladding process is that the focused beam of energy from the laser. It can be centered and targeted to a terribly small space and keeps the warmth effected zone of the substrate very shallow. This minimizes the possibility of cracking, distorting, or changing the metallurgy of the substrate. Additionally the lower total heat minimizes the dilution of the coating with material from the substrate. • Coating thicknesses can reach .125" (3.1mm) with carbides in one pass and can attend any thickness with other materials and multiple passes.

  5. laser cladding services

  6. laser cladding services • Because the feed stock may be a powder, therefore there's a massive selection of materials obtainable including pure metals, alloys, or carbides. Further the event extensively with Inconel and Satellite alloys on a wide assortment of oil field applications. Know more about the laser cladding technology so visit our site and get more info…

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