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Choosing the Best Pricing 1 Option. Transactional Pricing vs. Hourly Pricing. 1 Prices as of 1/15/2004. Choosing Transactional or Hourly Pricing. More. Location& Pricing. Options. Billing Methods. Choose Options from the More drop-down list on the toolbar.

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Choosing the Best Pricing1 Option

Transactional Pricing vs. Hourly Pricing

1Prices as of 1/15/2004

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Choosing Transactional or Hourly Pricing


Location& Pricing


Billing Methods

  • Choose Options from the More drop-down list on the toolbar.

  • Click Location & Pricing in the left frame.

  • Select your choice of billing methods.

  • Sign off then back on Westlaw for the change to take effect.

  • Choose Ask at Sign On if your pricing choice will change often.

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Transactional Pricing

  • With transactional pricing you incur a charge for each transaction that you complete.

  • Transactions include

    • running a search in a database

    • retrieving a document using find

    • retrieving a document using a hypertext link

    • using KeyCite®

  • The following are free when you use transactional billing

    • Locate requests

    • Documents in Sequence

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  • A Find request is $5.50.

  • Each KeyCite transaction is $4.25.

  • Transaction costs for searches vary by database. For example, in the Minnesota Cases database (MN-CS), a search is $44.

  • Usetransactional pricing if you

    • plan to run only a few searches

    • will retrieve many documents

    • will spend time reading documents online

    • want to spend more than a minute or two in

      • SUBSCRIBER or IDEN databases

      • the Westlaw Directory

      • the Options Directory

      • Scope

Advantages of transactional pricing l.jpg
Advantages of Transactional Pricing

  • Predictable

  • Browse search results online for as long as you like

  • Multitask without worrying about time spent online; for example, you can switch between word-processing documents and Westlaw, copying and pasting as needed

  • Some services and databases are free in transactional pricing:

    • SUBSCRIBER and IDEN databases

    • the Westlaw Directory and Options Directory

    • Scope

Hourly pricing l.jpg
Hourly Pricing

  • With hourly pricing you are charged by how much time you spend searching or browsing a database.

  • Pricing includes

    • database charges, which depend on the database and your Westlaw subscription plan. Most databases fall within the $15 to $75 a minute range.

    • connect time charges

    • communication charges

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Hourly Pricing

  • Use hourly pricing when you plan to

    • run multiple searches

    • check a number of citations in KeyCite

    • retrieve many documents using Find

    • not spend a lot of time reading online

    • spend only a short time on Westlaw

    • run your search in multiple databases.