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Solo Travel Destinations in India PowerPoint Presentation
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Solo Travel Destinations in India

Solo Travel Destinations in India

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Solo Travel Destinations in India

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  1. Explore 3 Safest Solo Travel Destinations In India Indian travel tours are the all time favorite for many travelers, as this land not only brings you closer to the numerous beautiful things but also allows you to get familiar with the ancient royal history of this country. This is the only country where you can explore the end number of attractions and each city has its own culture, tradition, festivals, cuisines and lifestyle. If you are one of those who looking for the perfect and safest solo travel destinations in India, then this article helps you to guide the perfect locations to be visit. Ladakh - Ladakh is lying on the northern tip of India’s border, which offers majestic beauty with thrilling mountain passing thin air with magnetic feel. Here you can get the perfect picture background with the rocky effects. This place definitely gives you a different experience and can be visited by the local buses, rented motorbikes, shared taxi or chartered taxi.

  2. Things to remember:- As this destination is lies above 3000m, so many visitors suffer from mild acute mountain sickness, for avoiding this stress, for first 24 hours do not come out from your hotel and understand the nature of this place and drink plenty of water.

  3. Kerala - This is the most peaceful and calm place, where you can experience the village life in the backwaters. Solo travelers can spend a day by exploring tranquil tea, spice plantation and quiet palm studded beaches. This place is convenient to visit by air or by train and the local attractions can be explored by the local auto rickshaw. Things to remember:- Beware of pick-pocketers and avoid walking alone on the streets at night. Mumbai - Mumbai is the most crowded place, full of bustling restaurants, cafes, designer boutiques, traffic, local trains, etc. This place offers you bouncing nightlife and mixed crowded markets. Mumbai is the home of seafood joints, where you can have mouthwatering non-veg dishes. You can hire taxi or auto to run by meter, which is quite affordable and easy to hire. Things to Remember:- Avoid visiting uncrowded markets and keep an eye on your belongings while using public transport.

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