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  1. Middle of summer when Lea and her Mom visits her Dad who’s working for them out of town. She got to see him usually every summer, Christmas, and during fair time, of course.

  2. Everything was fine, when her Dad was out of work, they go out for a father-daughter bonding. He would took her on rides, let her have cotton candy, and would took pictures with masscots in malls or amusement parks.

  3. Otherwise, when her Dad had gone to work, she and her Mom would make girly-stuffs, eat tons of sweets, sang, danced and talked about random things about her school.

  4. Late 8:00 in the evening when Dad comes home. She and her Mom had been making mac n cheese, with the brownies in the oven, and everybody seems happy.

  5. Or so she’d thought. Then Mom had started talking about the two of them going home, and Dad protested. The argument had just gotten worse and worse, and louder and louder, and she’d started crying, which often happened whenever they fought.

  6. It comes to the point when her Dad had asked whether she wanted to go back with her Mom or stay with him. She don’t want this anymore. She’d finally ran to her room where she thinks she would be safe, away from the shouting and curses. But they followed.

  7. Lea stood near the bed, carefully folding her clothes and putting them to the suitcase. In the same, exact room, she heard the names they’d called each other, the way they’d spit the insults out. She don’t need to look at them to know the expressions on their faces. She knew it already by heart.

  8. Her parents doesn’t know that they’d already hurt her, their daughter. The one they said they “loved”. The scene that she is seeing now is far from what she always wanted. Her Mom and Dad hate each other, they could not even stand to be in one room for one hour, one minute, or rather she believe one second. How could they do this to her? She loved them both so much. The two most important and considered treasures in her life. But now here she was, sick and tires of getting tugged between two warring parents. All she’d wanted was to go home, she wants to scream it out, wanting to them to hear her, to listen to her. But it didn’t matter what she wanted, they just kept yelling and cursing.

  9. The finally glanced over, when she had to climb onto the bed to zip the oversized suitcase, and realized what was happening. They both shut up and calmed themselves. “Were leaving.” stated her Mom. With that, she walked and helped her pick-up the suitcase and carry it towards the door, while her Dad stood there in silence and watched them go.

  10. When they manage to make it to the parking lot, she glanced up at the window and wave to her Dad, who was standing there, just staring.

  11. She steered in towards their car and rested in the backseat while her Mom manifested the steering wheel. Before she knew she feel asleep. She reminisce the things happened back then, that was too painful to think.

  12. Upon remembering the scenes, it was interrupted by the flashing and sirens blaring. She heard different voices and unfamiliar screams. When she opened her eyes, the face of her Dad welcomed her. “wha-what happened Dad?” “You’ve met an accident.’’.”

  13. She looked around. God! This is far from what she expected,policecars, cops, ambulances, and rescuers are everywhere.

  14. All of a sudden, she broke down. Tears flooded her flawless cheeks. Emotions strikes her whole body. She feels like dying, lost and nowhere to go. Her most beloved mother was dead. The one who carried her four almost nine months, who cuddled her when she’s crying, who combs her hair when she’s too lazy to do it and who always there when her Dad wasn’t. Her Mom; her everything.

  15. White ceiling, white walls,white blanket and white pillowsall white. Heaven? No. Hospital? Yeah. She think so.

  16. She remembered that she’d been unconscious since she saw her Mom’s dead body , all in blood. Another tear ran down on the lid of her eyes. How she wished it was only a nightmare, that could never be reality. The door opened and entered a haggard faced man; her Dad. “Are you okay? “Is Mom really dead?” that was a stupid question when she knew the answer “Yes.” straight and frank answer from his Dad. She expected that though she never expected that she would be out of her control again. Crying and screaming.

  17. Her Dad hugged her. Comforting and trying his best to let her daughter calmed down. She felt weakness towards her whole body, no more tearsin her eyes, yet she felt pain is going to kill her. “Don’t leave me Dad.” Then she closed her eyes. “Dad will be here, I’ll never leave you...never.” Upon hearing those words, she felt it lightened her burden. At least she still have a father.

  18. It maybe the worst summer in her life, part of her was missing, perhaps had gone. Indeed a SUMMER HEARTBREAK.

  19. THE END

  20. GROUP TWO Members: Angelie Puhot Maruela Adorna Hyacinth Cerilo Allanie Lim Mariel Marcos

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