journey through redesign surveying the landscape n.
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Journey through Redesign Surveying the Landscape PowerPoint Presentation
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Journey through Redesign Surveying the Landscape

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Journey through Redesign Surveying the Landscape - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Journey through Redesign Surveying the Landscape. Wednesday, May 11, 2011. Surveying the Landscape: The Learner. Vision of Students Today [ video ] Beloit College Mindset List Class of 2014. Surveying the Landscape: The Instructor.

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Presentation Transcript
surveying the landscape the learner
Surveying the Landscape:The Learner
  • Vision of Students Today[video]
  • Beloit College Mindset List
    • Class of 2014
surveying the landscape the instructor
Surveying the Landscape: The Instructor
  • Social – Course culture; facilitate community and relationship development
  • Managerial – Day-to-day management of course (schedules, procedures, etc.)
  • Pedagogical – Educational facilitation; design and delivery of curriculum
  • Technical – Initial point of support of technologies used in a course



Berge, Model of Instructor’s Role, 1995 / 2008

surveying the landscape technology
Surveying the Landscape:Technology

Interactive / Engaging

Media-Rich Content

Web-Based or Web-Enabled

Mobile / Accessible

surveying the landscape higher education
Surveying the Landscape:Higher Education


Creative Solutions

The Tension of the “Cloud”

surveying the landscape the science of learning
Surveying the Landscape:The Science of Learning
  • Neurobiology of Learning
  • Unified Learning Model (2010) “Rules”
      • New learning requires attention
      • Learning requires repetition
      • Learning is about connections
      • Some learning is effortless, some requires effort
      • Learning is learning
surveying the landscape the science of learning1
Surveying the Landscape:The Science of Learning
  • The Power of Multimedia
    • Mayer’s Multimedia Principles
    • Sweller’s Cognitive Load Theory
  • Nintendo Over Logic
    • Learning through losing
    • Failure is an option
surveying the landscape moving forward
Surveying the Landscape:Moving Forward


  • Up Next…
    • Faculty Showcase
    • Preparing for the Journey:Pedagogical principles
    • Choosing Your Destination:Putting the principles to work through redesign

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faculty showcase
Faculty Showcase

Paul Van Vliet

Associate Professor, ISQA

Lynette Leonard

Assistant Professor, Communication